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George Richard

Managing Director Tradewind Australia

That combination of a great cost and the most powerful system that we came across. What impressed me beyond belief was I was used to such a constricted system, but with Entire Recruit the simplicity of it… then there’s the hidden power.

Louise Thomson

CEO Caring For You Nursing Agency.

Entire Recruit is what’s given us an edge on growth. The people in my business love this technology. It’s the ease of using it.

We know Entire Recruit is special, but don't take our word for it...

Hear what your labour hire staff could be saying about your own mobile Apps with your Logos on the front of them. These reviews have been taken directly from the Apple & Android Stores.

Dominic O’Hearn by Dominic O'Hearn May 10 2019

Push Notification is awesome, I thought it was a handy but didn’t realise just how much, we were spending $2,000 a month just on SMS, confirming and notifying staff. Now it’s less than $300

Sophisticated, Intelligent + Customer Focused Software by Grace Thomson

Entire Recruit continues to strive for excellence, despite remaining well above any other software available on the market. Entire Recruit is unconventional in that unlike most other software companies, they are truly passionate about the software they produce. They remain committed to producing software that is not only a business tool but a true asset to any company that invests. The system shifts the paradigm away from countless hours of document uploads, cross-referencing for compliance requirements, and enables staff to dedicate more time to the core processes of their business – ultimately generating higher sales and producing greater client satisfaction. So many features can be customised to suit your preferences, the system adjusts to how your company operates – unlike so many other systems which you have to adjust your processes to comply with the software limitations.

Brilliant to say the least by C. Aru

This is honestly the smartest app for a medical locum agency! The developers who worked on this are so talented! Genius to say the least! It has made picking up shifts and life so easy. Not to mention, the money it brings in for the agency. I have picked up shifts through medic on call even though the same shift is offered through another locum agency, just because this app is so easy to use!

You can keep a track of your shifts, time sheets, you get constant updates on jobs available without spamming your email. Other locum agencies just need to learn from this and invest in an app!

I of course give credit to the staff who work with at the agency too who are just on top of everything.

Great by Butterfly 14

Really good way to get in touch with agency nurses for shifts. Very tempting and you get to choose where you want to go and time to think whether you want to accept the shifts or not.

Daniel Hackett by Daniel Hackett December 08, 2016

Huge potential! This app works fantastic. When I ring to discuss shift options, the information provided in the ‘available shifts’ function makes for a more professional exchange. The idea that I can adjust payment details and options is outstanding. The app showing my upcoming shifts has been very useful in working out miscommunications over shift coverage, completely minimising the anxiety that comes with shift coverage confusion. A brilliant app!

Steve Hunterby Steve Hunter July 11, 2017

Great app, being able to flexibly change availability ‘on-the-fly’ is fantastic – the future of work I think !

Lima Rose D’souza August 30, 2015

New Agency New member. Fantastic app & very simple. Loved it and loved the pop ups. Makes it very convenient.

Lovemore Chikadza August 30, 2015

The Best Nursing Agency EVER and it’s getting BETTER I love the shift release pup up on notification

Chelsea Perrett December 08, 2015

I love this app! So user friendly. So easy to enter your availability etc and I love the upload time sheet function.

Anne Fay January 24, 2016

Very handy way to manage my shifts!

Peter Downie August 11, 2016

Amazing! I’ve worked for many agencies over the years and this makes life so much easier! Being able to change my availability by only a couple clicks in a few seconds is great!

I have been working with Entire Recruit for just over 6 months and love the system.by Glenn Bardon

Entire Recruit does a fantastic job of managing our agency staffing all the way from recruitment to payroll and billing the client. I mainly use the system from an allocations perspective, and the ability to easily view outstanding shifts, sort them however necessary, and search the shifts using employee’s expertise makes life so much easier. I can easily view what my colleges have already done to try to fill the shift, I can see how far my employees are from the job. Everything has been thought of. When a shift is filled it’s easy to make necessary changes to it and to contact members with changes, etc.

It is the engine room of our business and give us a competitive edge.by Anne Howells

The built in controls and workflow management are excellent. It is a truly 21st Century solution linking my team, our clients and our Members seamlessly and instantaneously.

  March 23, 2015

Awesome Takes the stress out of getting those time sheets in!

Tanya Bergin January 07, 2015

Very user friendly, greater for putting availabilities in and expecting shifts on the go.

Cynthia Mahwendepi June 09, 2015

RN This app is easy to use and you can quickly write your availability.

Emily Farrell November 23, 2014

So simple, easy and quick.

Chinu Rajput December 26, 2014

This agency! I love working with them and I loved this app because it made life easier. Moreover, moving with technology described you the taste of company. Proud to be part of this organisation.

Brittnee John January 30, 2015

It is amazing!! All businesses should have this!! Makes life so much easier and eliminates stress!! Hats off to the creator!!

Excellent appby Locum101

Really useful app with shifts tailored to your level. Easy to find the shifts that works for you 🙂

Great appby raiyk

Makes it easy for me to book shifts, send dockets and enter my availability.

Using this software on a daily basis. Has improved business productivity significantlyby Kelly Lewindon

Functionality and features has improved productivity within our business. The ability to tailor this software specifically to our organisations needs has been a god send, especially in areas of quality and compliance. The speed in which we are now able to reach out to our staff with this software and therefore meet our clients expectations is wonderful. The extensive functionality has allowed us to meet our clients needs in all areas of regulatory compliance, shift fill rates and speed and quality management. Extracting data and reporting with ease is also a fantastic feature of this software, enabling us to ensure we meet our clients KPI’s and being able to illustrate this by simple but informative reporting functionality.

Monique Gilbert November 13, 2018

This App is extremely convenient. As a shift worker with other commitments it’s great to be able to enter my availability and have a selection of shifts up for grabs, convenient to chose shift time and location. Excellent system thank you

Sue Johnson February 21, 2016

Very easy and efficient to use!!

Janus Lui June 05, 2016

Easy to use and efficient.

Lisa Houareau August 23, 2016

Such a breeze to use, simple, easy and always a great availability of shifts all across Melbourne 🙂

Peter Maughan June 20, 2016

Great app Makes booking shifts and changing availability so easy.

Jay Michaels June 25, 2016

Fast It’s beautiful, easy to operate and fast to open.

Heqing Mi May 28, 2016

Flexibility Great app, easy to use.

Dianne King May 23, 2016

Love it Great app user friendly

Intuitive by Stuart 1969

Easy and quick to use, a solid reliable app.

Always get back to you in a timely manner by Monique Costanzo

It is created in a way that displays a timeline of events so that it is easy to track the applicants and members within it.

Working with a fast paced Nursing Agency, where time is of the essence – Entire Recruit is it. by Tamara Barclay

It’s easy and efficient to use and I like that the system just gets better and better. It’s full of surprises!

Hear about the Success from other On-Hire Staffing Managers and Owners

“ The Financial Processing is TRULY FANTASTIC “

“ I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback, as I think people don’t do this enough! A lot of the staff here have commented on different new functions of the new release and how much they like it. So a big well done to you all at Entire Recruit! “

“ The Daylight Savings & Public holidays automation is awesome. “

“ It has saved SO much time! “

“ I don’t know how we would have managed the workload in our busy Term 3 if we were still using the old database. Entire Recruit really has helped us so much in terms of the amount of shifts we are able to finalize, and in such a quicker timeframe so thank you very much. “

“ We are thoroughly impressed with the Entire Software Team. “

“ There was an irony that last Weds when the power disappeared the ONLY app available to the entire company was Entire (via battery laptop and tethered phone) – they were even able to send emails/sms/push to the field workers despite nothing being available at the offices here. Not sure anyone mentioned that to you guys yet but it did demonstrate the beauty of working in the cloud!

Go Cloud :) “

“ Thank you for everything you have done for us. There are no problems, only solutions, which you quickly find. “