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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pricing for Entire OnHire depends on the size and needs of your business. For a personalised quote, you can visit our website at and fill out the contact form, or reach out to our sales team directly.

    Entire OnHire software has helped many staffing agencies in Australia improve their bottom line by increasing efficiency, reducing administrative overheads, and improving client satisfaction. The software streamlines the entire recruitment and placement process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding, and automates key tasks such as timesheet management, invoicing, and compliance checks. By eliminating manual processes and reducing errors, staffing agencies can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, leading to increased profitability and growth.

    Yes, Entire OnHire software can help staffing agencies in Australia comply with local labour laws and regulations. The software includes features for managing payroll, calculating leave entitlements, and ensuring compliance with relevant employment legislation. The software can also generate customised reports and alerts to keep agencies up-to-date with any changes to labour laws that may affect their operations.

    Entire OnHire software is designed to be highly secure, with data encryption, role-based access control, and regular backups. The software is hosted on secure cloud servers and is regularly audited and updated to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. In addition, the software has built-in features for tracking and monitoring data access and usage to detect and prevent unauthorised access.

    Entire OnHire software is best suited for staffing agencies in Australia that deal with high volumes of temporary, contract, or contingent workforce placements, such as healthcare, hospitality, education, industrial, and construction staffing agencies. These agencies often have complex requirements around timesheet management, compliance, and billing, which can be streamlined and automated with the help of our software.

    Entire OnHire offers comprehensive customer support, including implementation assistance, training, and ongoing technical support. We provide resources such as user guides, video tutorials, and webinars to help staffing agencies get the most out of our software.

    Results from using Entire OnHire software may vary depending on the size and complexity of the staffing agency. However, agencies typically start to see improvements in efficiency, productivity, and cost savings within 4-6 weeks of implementation.

    Entire OnHire streamlines and automates the processes involved in managing an on-hire workforce. This includes recruiting, onboarding, rostering, timesheet management, invoicing and reporting. By centralising these functions and providing real-time data, Entire OnHire helps staffing agencies improve communication, reduce manual tasks, and optimise resources, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

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