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One of the most powerful tools Entire OnHire provides for your business is integrated mobile apps for your clients, workers and internal employees. Our native Apple and Android apps make every process and procedure more fun and efficient for both your workforce and your clients.

Entire OnHire Workforce App

We help you attract and retain a better workforce by improving the user experience for your workers. 

Our workforce app provides flexibility and freedom to your workforce while making the whole process on filling shifts, paying staff and invoicing clients faster and more accurate.

Packed with features and functionality, your workforce has the ability to do everything on the go.


Update temporary and permanent availability in seconds.
Easily view job schedules right from their phone.
Instantly notify of any changes to their schedule and with GPS check-in/checkout times.

One Touch Shift Acceptance

Accept or reject shifts at the touch of a button.
Check upcoming shifts and accept/reject shifts according to their availability.
Workforce Benefits

E-Sign Policies

Read, accept and sign digital policies.
Complete required compliance and always ensure they are up to date with new regulations.
If you update any policy a worker must accept it before they can self-serve any new job.

GPS Check-in

Manage work hours by tracking check-ins and check-outs with facial recognition. 
GPS check-in and check-out ensures more accurate and accountable payroll and billing for your workers and clients.
Easily include travel claiming from location to location, and automatically calculate exact pay and billing rates as per your custom settings.
Managers can track and manage activities of workers at many different locations.
Google map integration gives worker directions to jobs with live driving times.

Digital/Paper time sheets

Easily submit timesheets straight from the app.
Time spent on each job is automatically calculated and populated on timesheets.
Automatically record any discrepancies from the original shift for client approval.
Managers can instantly review time logged by workers and approve billable hours.
If you are still using paper timesheets you can upload these through the app as well.
All these settings are configurable on a per client basis, so each of your clients still receives a beautifully tailored service that is as automated as possible for your internal team.

Push Notifications

Communicate available shifts and other information to individuals, groups, or your entire database instantly and for free.
Internal Staff Benefits

Workforce Apps Features

Native iOS & Android Apps
Daily dashboard with instant push notifications
Instantly update live availability through App
Automatic job alerts when matching profile
"One tap" accept or reject of offered placements
View job information through app automatically
Show pay rates, important warnings & compliances
Bid on open shifts matching candidate profile
Instant notifications of relevant opportunities
View job placement details including location
Live Google distance & mapping from shifts
Upload photos onsite for patients or site documents
Automatic reminders to clock-in/out of shifts
Simple timesheet submission both digital & paper
Log GPS travel, shift changes and completed tasks
Timsheets Approvals / Disapprovals from Clients
E-signing of new company polices
Store, view & download payslips
Upload candidate documents with expiry dates
Receive reminders on compliance expires
Automatic visa expiry and hours warnings
Integration to Wearable apps. (smart watches)
Update personal notes, contact preferences & more

Entire OnHire Client App

The Entire OnHire client app helps you attract and keep more clients with better and faster service. 

Our client app takes the hassle and stress out of getting casual staff for your clients and makes the process surprisingly easy for them – and that means they keep coming back to you.

The Entire OnHire client app is packed with features and functionality for the companies your serve.

Online Booking

No more phone calls! With the client app, your customers can easily schedule appointments and contact management.
Client can have the authority to request, manage, and approve their own shifts.

Client Friendly Roster Management

The Entire OnHire client app makes rostering simple and eases your client’s internal management workload.
Rosters are live so clients always know with the live status of their request, reducing repeat phone calls to you for check-ups.
Eliminates the difficultly related to building rosters, shift availability and allocating shifts to the most qualified staff.
Workforce Benefits

Digitalise Your Feedback Process

After bookings, clients can complete a performance rating of your staff, based on the KPI’s you create.
Automated feedback and alerts immediately open an HR appraisal ticket which can be managed entirely through the system, including documentation and further communication.

Live Invoice Tracking and Reporting

Customisable invoices help you stand out from the competition.
Easily track time and bill against timesheets submitted and shifts clients have booked.
Track hours you have already billed, for efficient follow up and timely collections.
360-degree accountability for all parties reduces debtor days.

Full Log of All Shift History

Clients have access to a basic shift log history that tracks records all shift requests and their end point.
Shift history shows when the shift was created, who created the shift, who approved the shift, who was assigned to the shift and the clocked-in shift timings.

Express Timesheet Approval:

After successfully completing the assigned job, employees update clock-in and clock-out time. This automatically updates their timesheets and sends notifications to managers for instant one-click approval.
Clients can also view notes, alterations of shifts and the exact clock-in/clock-out logs created by staff and even raise queries against a timesheet for electronic dispute.
Pre-approved timesheets are forwarded to your financial team, ready for instant payroll verification.
This creates a full electronic paper trail, giving your clients confidence in your service delivery, and is a powerful tool for winning larger tenders and contracts.
Internal Staff Benefits

Client Apps Features

Custom branded portal for your clients
Custom branded App for your clients
Create new Job Orders
Search and select preferred candidates
View / Cancel / Change Bookings
View full booking history
Rate candidate preference
Digital candidates appraisals
Customised client access levels
View candidate compliance & induction readiness
Manage own profile details
View performance reports
Access to Personnel submitted Timesheets
Approvals / Disapprovals of Timesheets
Match timesheets against invoices
View acrued payments

Entire OnHire Staff App

Your employees and staff are no longer tied to their desk and can manage your business anywhere and anytime. Everything your workforce and clients input and update on their specific apps is directly flowed to your team for their approval, review, and action.

With the Entire OnHire staff app, your team will be empowered to better run your business.


Easy to use recruitment dashboard.
Job / shift posting on external job boards.
Job / shift posting on internal job board.
Job order quoting estimations - Enterprise Only.
Talent Search across Database - Enterprise Only.
Referees dashboard - Enterprise Only.
Set reapply and duplicate applications restrictions.


Print ID cards.
Bulk free shift push notifications to the matched profiles.
360 Degree onboarding process.

Push Notifications

Broadcast shifts to multiple personnel.
Mass messaging applicants, personnel and clients.
Dynamic email templates - Enterprise Only.
Workforce Benefits

Easy Credentialing and Compliance

Automatic registrations, Police, VISA, Blue Card alerts.
Integration to BUYLINK (CASCOM - HEALTHCARE Only).
Integration to VEVO (VISA Check) - Enterprise Only.

Allocation Management

CRM Module for better management - Enterprise Only.
Log of every action performed on allocations.
Live allocations.
20+ Algorithms to find the best match for a Job.

And Much More:

Create Professionals for personalised access (Client's Staff).
Fully paperless Document Management.
Tax File Number declaration review as PAYER.

The Entire OnHire mobile app makes accepting and working jobs easier for your workforce, finding great candidates to fill positions easier for your clients, and managing your business easier for your employees. We’ve put the latest technologies in everyone’s hands to improve the user experience and more importantly improve their opinion of your company. Happy clients, workers and staff means more business and more bottom-line profits.

Staff Apps Features

Recruit on the go by uploading documents via App
Meet candidates onsite & upload their timesheets
Create new clients as leads or update existing contacts
Create, edit, update clients from the Mobile App
Automatically Log visits on-site via GPS clock-in
Easily log meeting notes with in-built "voice-to-text" App
Perform site visits & even OHS meetings via App
Automatically track tasks, visits & activities
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