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Boost Your Security Staffing Operations with Entire OnHire

Streamline your security staffing with Entire OnHire

Streamline your security staffing with Entire OnHire

In the fast-paced security staffing sector, Australian labour hire agencies face challenges like rising costs, wage inconsistencies, and tough competition. To stand out, you need efficient software to manage them. The solution? Entire OnHire’s security guard management software is designed to ensure you have the country’s best security guards on your payroll so you can wow your clients and sustainably grow your business.


Entire OnHire:

Tailored for security staffing

Benefit from the advanced technology and insights of Entire OnHire. Built with precision from a grounded understanding of security staffing, our platform addresses industry requirements. In an evolving landscape of security needs, your agency requires a powerful solution to charge ahead of your competitors. As the industry’s demand grows, so does the need for advanced tools and efficient processes. Learn how Entire OnHire provides the answers – offering unparalleled support and innovative solutions tailored for security staffing agencies just like yours.

Maximise efficiency with Entire OnHire's hospitality staffing software

Why choose Entire OnHire?

Entire OnHire stands out as the premier workforce management solution specifically tailored for staffing agencies in Australia. Recognising the unique challenges of the events and hospitality industry, it offers an all-encompassing security guard management system, streamlining everything from recruitment to shift allocation. Entire OnHire places a significant emphasis on compliance, providing a solution that navigates complex wage and labour laws seamlessly. Our industry-leading workforce app allows your guards to manage their availability, check-in to a shift and even submit their timesheets from anywhere. Event or venue managers can even input their staffing requirements directly via their mobile-friendly client portal, saving your team hours of data entry every week. As your agency grows, Entire OnHire’s scalable solution can grow with you, with an assortment of add-on features to suit your unique needs.

Hire and Retain Quality Security Personnel

Hire and Retain

Quality Security Personnel

Don’t let employee turnover hamper your operations. Our integrated solutions for security guard recruitment and engagement ensure you efficiently find, hire, train, place and retain your security staff.

Centralise Data and Analytics


Data and Analytics

Centralise your data with our security guard scheduling system. Paired with powerful analytics features, discover cost-saving and revenue-boosting opportunities.

Empower Your Guards with Flexible Scheduling

Empower Your Guards

with Flexible Scheduling

Enable your security personnel to take control of their work schedules. With our security guard attendance software, guards can easily accept shifts on-the-go, aligning their work commitments with their personal lives. This not only enhances job satisfaction but also ensures a more committed and responsive workforce.

Outperform with Exceptional Service Delivery

Outperform with

Exceptional Service Delivery

Reach your guards where they are: in the field. By empowering them with mobile tools to manage their work schedule, you can rely on availability accuracy and fill shifts faster. Win and retain clients by outpacing your competitors ten-fold.

Experience Our Best Security Guard Scheduling Software

Why wait?

Experience our best security guard scheduling software

See how our solutions can evolve your operations.

Streamline and grow your security business

Streamline and
Grow your security business

With Entire OnHire, security guard staffing agencies can efficiently manage their workforce, ensuring security guards are always properly scheduled and kept in the loop if any changes arise. Unlock unmatched accountability with the GPS-linked shift check-in/check-out feature and make missed patrols a thing of the past. Additionally, Entire OnHire seamlessly integrates field operations with back-end tasks, providing a comprehensive view of your business and simplifying onboarding, placement and payroll processes. With Entire OnHire, you get far more than just security guard scheduling software but a platform crafted for the unique challenges of the security industry.

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Ready to see for yourself? Security companies across the nation are seeing the Entire OnHire difference – make yourself the first point of call for staffing events, carparks, construction sites and so much more! Speak to an expert today to find out how Entire OnHire can elevate your security staffing processes to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entire OnHire is a cloud-based temp staffing software designed specifically for security guard agencies to streamline and automate from recruitment to shift allocation and management of temporary staff such as in the Australian security industry.

Entire OnHire is specifically tailored for Australian staffing agencies across 5 key industries, understanding the unique challenges. It offers an all-encompassing security guard management system, directly optimised for your compliance requirements.

Entire OnHire’s security guard scheduling system empowers guards to manage their availability and accept shifts on-the-go. This flexible scheduling not only speeds up shift fill time but also creates a committed and productive workforce to service your growing client base.

Booking a demo of Entire OnHire is easy. Simply click on the book a demo button anywhere on our website. Our experts will provide a tailored demonstration of our system so you can see how it would work for your business. See for yourself how Entire OnHire can be your secret weapon to outpace your competitors.

Yes, we provide live and local customer support to all of our Entire OnHire clients. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth experience for our users. Account management is also included in some of our larger pricing plans for dedicate business growth support.

Yes, Entire OnHire has 2 mobile apps, including a workforce app that empowers your clients and security guards. Clients can enter shift details and staff preferences, while your guards can keep their availability and documentation up to date for ease of placement. Both apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Pricing for Entire OnHire depends on the size and needs of your business. For a personalised quote, you can visit Entire OnHire’s pricing page to select your plan and reach out to our sales team directly for more information.

Entire OnHire is specifically tailored to the unique needs of the Australian healthcare, security, hospitality, education, and NDIS community-care industries. Due to this targeted expertise, Entire OnHire offers truly game-changing features like candidate-led recruitment and onboarding, compliance-based allocation, payroll, and invoicing all with your unique business needs in mind.

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