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Workforce Management System

Seamless | Smart | Synergistic

Entire Recruit is an end-to-end ERP workforce management system that handles all the complexities of a recruitment and labour hire business with seamless precision. Gone are the days of siloed data in multiple systems and places. With Entire Recruit everything you need to efficiently manage your business is streamlined and automated.

Manual and time-consuming tasks such as availability, communication and credentialing are all automatically handled behind the scenes, freeing up your staff to focus on growing your company and providing better service to your clients.

More than meets the eye

Similar to knowing there are a multitude of complexities and moving parts under the hood of your car, but only watching your speedometer and pressing on the gas. Entire Recruit provides a powerful and easy to use interface that consolidates, automates and streamlines all of the “back-end” complexities of running your business, empowering you to successfully drive your business by watching the dashboard and efficiently managing from a high level.

With Entire Recruit, all modules share a single database, combining recruitment, allocation, compliance, marketing, payroll and invoicing in one user-friendly system. This allows your labour hire business to get more done with less and even more important: Increase your bottom line.

Workforce Management System
Workforce Management Software

The Entire Recruit compounding effect

By combining all of your modules and systems into one efficient platform, your firm will experience a synergistic effect that comes from all aspects of your business effortlessly communicating, coordinating, and synchronising together.

As you link each function of your business with Entire Recruit, wasted time and effort disappear and efficiency grows exponentially. Many labour hire companies experience this “compounding effect” as they streamline their business with Entire Recruit and are able to 2-3X their profits with the same staff!.

Reach out today to schedule a demo and see how powerful Entire Recruit can be for growing your labour hire business!

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WFM Software Features

Reporting Dashboard
Australian government body reporting
Job / Shift Fill Percentages & Speed
Job / Shift Financial Aspects Reporting
Job / Shift Margins & Profitability
Onboarding process performance
Manage KPIs of sales, recruitment, operations & finance
Sales, Gross margins, commissions and taxes
Candidate live availability reports
Internal Staff placements & performance
Sales activity reports per rep and client
HPV reporting & exporting
NDIS reporting & exporting
Client feedback, complaints and appraisals
Timesheets overdue, submitted, approved and disputed
Candidate compliances and expiry reporting
Payroll reporting per client, state, industry & more
Invoice reporting per client, state, industry & more
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