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Entire OnHire has streamlined the entire recruitment process and placed the most valuable information and data right at your fingertips with a powerful, easy to use dashboard. We help workforce management and labour hire companies reduce manual inputs and repetitive data entry by over 75%! That frees up your staff to focus on higher value tasks that grow your business and bottom line

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One dashboard for everything

No more flipping back and forth between multiple programs and systems. Entire OnHire allows you to manage the entire recruitment process from a single screen.

The dashboard provides an instant overview of how all applications are progressing and where urgent action is required, both at the micro and macro level.

Easily track follow ups, scheduled interviews, reference statuses and compliances that are still pending. Customise job boards according to your specific requirements and configure your recruitment process to focus on what’s important to you.

One dashboard for everything

We made Onboarding easy

The process starts with one touch data entry filled out by the candidate and is never added, manually input, or re-entered again. This reduces errors, time and effort on the part of your staff and ensures your data is clean, accurate and updated.

Not only does this automatic and streamlined process benefit your staff, it makes the onboarding process much easier and more enjoyable for the candidates. The easy to use, mobile friendly portal empowers new applicants to login and enter their employment details, financial details, answer questions, sign online policies and even upload important documents. Your recruiters can proactively verify this information and holistically evaluate the candidate instead of doing time-wasting data entry.

Move to the cloud

Stop storing documents and information in multiple platforms. Instead, use the Entire OnHire cloud-based recruitment software to centralise all information storage at one place which is easily accessible anywhere and anytime. It’s a better, more secure way to manage a variety of documents you need to run your business such as police checks, online documents, timesheets, payroll, online document signing and much more.

The Entire OnHire mobile app also improves the efficiency of your business by allowing both internal and external employees to upload documents, and record document details like expiry dates from any device.

Recruitment agencies can easily track follow-ups, scheduled interviews, reference statuses, and pending compliances. Configure your recruitment process to focus on what’s important to you by customising job boards to meet your individual needs.

Recruitment Agency Software
Recruitment Software

Compliance doesn’t have to be difficult

With Entire OnHire, you’ll never have to worry about compliance again. It’s all automated and handled for you.

Entire OnHire simplifies, streamlines and strengthens your regulation compliance and industry accreditation verification process. Whether it’s policy checks, white cards, Visa’s or any unique customised compliances you create, Entire OnHire can record, track notify and eventually suspend staff when these documents are expired. Upon suspension your internal team will be notified, and the casual staff member will be removed from the available temp staffing pool. 

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ATS / Recruitment Features

Job Advertising & Posting
Complete job lifecycle management
Create job advertisements & job templates
Create unique candidate application pages
Easily link application pages with your website
Post jobs directly to SEEK & Broadbean Multi-post (2 way)
Post jobs directly to internal candidate pool (2 way)
Inbuilt Indeed Job board integration
Receive candidates directly from SEEK & Job Boards
Track, search & match candidates against applied jobs
Integrate with Recruitment marketing like JXT; Volcanic etc.
Integrate with other Multi-Posters
Candidate source analytics & channel tracking
Bulk job contact via SMS & Email
ATS / Recruitment
Complete applicant tracking system
Automatic Candidate Resume/CV Parsing
Automatic candidate profile creation by applying
Automatic duplicate profile checking & protection
Live ATS dashboard view of your candidate pipeline
Configure your ATS dashboard view & stages per recruiter
Easily configurable screening process with tasks
Search & filter candidates via skills, jobs, location & more
Screen candidates, view Resume/CVs, record notes and log calls
Search Resume/CV keywords, experience, skills and employment history
Bulk contact candidates immediately via SMS & Email
Personalise your SMS & Email marketing templates with merge fields
Schedule candidate interviews & Onboarding
Quickly view, manage and adjust live interview calendar
Configurable interview & evaluation checklists
Track follow-up dates, upcoming interviews and overdue referees
Report on KPIs of recruiter activity including calls and profile updates
Automatically logs all your SMS & email communications
Manager App to recruit "on the go"
Onboarding & Compliance
Complete paperless candidate Onboarding
Easily configure the Onboarding process for your business
Includes a branded mobile self-service portal for your candidates
Tailor self-service portal specifically for your industry and roles
Automatically personalises the new candidate experience
Candidates enter skills, documents, compliances & more
Upload documents immediately from any device
Record & track Police Checks, Visas, WWC checks & more
Inbuilt Integration to VEVO database for live Visa checks
Record & track critical compliance information and expiry dates
Referee form automation dashboard with & SMS/Email alerts
Provide candidate induction packs & videos
Capture candidate e-signatures for company polices
Create digital test questions & inductions quizzes
Inbuilt ATO integration for digital TFN & ABN declarations by candidates
Inbuilt Australian Banks & Supers for quick selection
Capture candidate photos for ID Cards
In-built ID card printer template
Build safety nets to ensure critical processes are followed
Automatically warn & suspend candidates with expired compliances
Live sync Onboarding status back to recruiters
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