Onboarding Entire OnHire: Processes and Timelines

Onboarding Entire OnHire: Processes and Timelines

What should you expect when implementing Entire OnHire and how can you prepare for a smooth experience?

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Entire OnHire

is a deep, powerful and complete system

There’s a reason its mascot is a tank. We offer a system that facilitates the core business operations of staffing agencies and service providers across Australia. From recruitment, through to onboarding and rostering, from our beloved mobile apps to backend payroll and invoicing – it can all be managed in one complete end-to-end system. Setting up such a comprehensive system to run effectively takes time.

Our dedicated team of system experts work with each new client to configure individual platforms in accordance with industry requirements and where possible business preferences. Working with closely with client data extractions, we input existing data into the new system and map it to Entire’s features and modules. With all of that done, we work with your team to ensure your departments are ready to jump in and use it.

The great news is that our onboarding process has been finessed and perfected over the years and we now have a team and implementation procedure that runs like a well-oiled machine so you can be up and running with your new all-in-one workforce management system much faster than with a comparable provider.

For a more detailed explanation of what’s involved and how much time you’d likely need to onboard your brand new growth engine, keep scrolling.

If you’ve got any additional questions or for a more tailored estimate, be sure to book in a chat with our team today!

Discovery sessions
System configuration
Training sessions
Priority support

System implementation at a glance system

Pricing package Meet the team Operations Finance discovery Training sessions Priority support
Bronze 30 mins – 1 hr 1 hr N/A
  • 1 x 1hr system handover and masters training
  • 2 x 2hr recruitment training
  • 2 x 2hr allocations training
3 weeks
Silver 30 mins – 1 hr 1-2 hrs 2 hrs
  • 1 x 1hr system handover and masters training
  • 2 x 2hr recruitment training
  • 2 x 2hr allocations training
  • 2 x 2hr finance training
4 weeks
Gold 30 mins – 1 hr 1-2 hrs 2 hrs
  • 1 x 1hr system handover and masters training
  • 3 x 2hr recruitment training
  • 3 x 2hr allocations training
  • 3 x 2hr finance training
6 weeks
Platinum 30 mins – 1 hr 1-2 hrs 2 hrs
  • 1 x 1hr system handover and masters training
  • 4 x 2hr recruitment training
  • 4 x 2hr allocations training
  • 4 x 2hr finance training
8 weeks

Estimated onboarding timelines

*the below estimates are entirely dependent upon the cooperation of the client. These timelines presume that end users are made available for training sessions and all data is provided upon request.

Bronze package
3-4 weeks
Silver package
5-7 weeks
Gold package
8-12 weeks
Platinum package
26 + weeks

To learn more about which package is best suited to your business,

visit the pricing page

How best to prepare

How best to prepare

Our team works very hard to ensure your Entire OnHire system is ready to use as quickly as possible. Depending on your pricing package and the age of your business, there may be many team members to train and lots of information to transfer over. For this reason, we encourage new customers to prepare their data as best as possible to avoid delays. Listed below is a summary of the crucial information you’ll be asked to provide at various stages of the implementation process.

  • Key project champion
  • Standard business details
    • High resolution company logo
    • Trading name
    • ABN
    • ABN registration date
    • Domain host account name
    • Default super provider
    • Gmail/ google account details to set up google geo-locations or SMS functions.
    • Credit card details to link to google account

  • Members’ first and surname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Hire date
  • Primary qualification
  • Tax file number *
  • Superannuation provider*
  • Bank details*
  • Pay level ID*

  • Customer name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Postal address (if applicable)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Are they part of a group? which group?

Team to involve

Project Champion

Project champion

Recruitment Expert

Recruitment expert

Allocations Expert

Allocations expert

Finance / Payroll - Invoicing

Finance / payroll – invoicing

Priority support

Priority support begins once scheduled systems training has been completed. Around this time, Entire’s project lead will set up a priority support session in which you’ll be introduced to the customer support squad, and/or your account manager if your package includes one. Your team will have the opportunity to flag any queries or request additional training as required. While our implementation project includes a thorough training schedule, we provide you with a bit of extra hand-holding as you first get started. The extent of the priority support is tied to the complexity of your Entire OnHire system. To find out how much priority support you can anticipate with your pricing package, specific breakdowns are listed above and on the pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The onboarding process involves configuring the system, migrating data, and training sessions for all relevant system users.

Estimated timelines are package dependent and presume a high level of customer preparation and engagement.

Bronze: 3-4 weeks

Silver: 5-7 weeks

Gold: 8–12 weeks

Platinum: 26 weeks

As a new Entire OnHire client, you can streamline the implementation process by proactively compiling all required data and enabling the active participation of all relevant system users during scheduled training sessions.

The specific training sessions offered will be package dependent. Training will include an overview and hands-on learning for any of the purchased modules. Additional priority support will be provided at go-live for a set period of time.

No. Entire OnHire is a deep and tailored system designed to provide Enterprise functionality to businesses of any size. The onboarding process is a collaboration between your team and ours. You will receive a dedicated implementation team that will build your system, migrate your existing data and train your team.

With some of the starter packages, such as bronze and silver, the onboarding process is relatively fast. All new clients of Entire OnHire are receiving a brand new platform, with many functionalities tailored to their business requirements. The bigger and more established your staffing business, the more data and processing there is to map into the new system. Each onboarding project is managed by a dedicated team to build your system and your team’s knowledge so you can go live in your new platform with confidence. Engaged and prepared clients can streamline the implementation process and make a real difference in the estimated timeframes.

We have an extensive knowledge base available to all Entire OnHire clients. This knowledge base includes help articles and videos on everything from best practice advice to specific feature “how-to” guides. Depending on your selected package, dedicated client success coaching is available on top of our standard free product support desk. We also offer priority support with a dedicated team member during the initial period of your new system going live.

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