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Unlock even greater functionality from your Entire OnHire system by pairing it with our game-changing growth modules

These features are designed as paid add-ons to customise your system to the unique needs of your business. Many of our pricing packages include growth modules as part of the subscription fee. The below videos and descriptions can help you ensure you are choosing the best one for your staffing agency. Designed to suit an assortment of business sizes and industries, these growth modules can be turned on for you at any time. Whether you’re just getting started with Entire OnHire, or you’re a long-standing loyal customer, simply contact our team today to demo or switch on these features.



Supercharge your Entire OnHire solution with the “Client Compliances” growth module, a precision tool to align your workforce with diverse client needs. Set up tailored rules to sift through talent and match client criteria flawlessly. Only qualified members can accept shifts, and approvals require set conditions being met. Effortlessly duplicate rules across locations, saving time. It cross-checks member data and offers customisable workflows for specific clients. Elevate your operations and try out Client Compliances today.

Unmanaged Job

Roster Management

Unlock even more functionality from Entire OnHire with “Unmanaged Jobs.” Ideal for agencies handling dynamic roles like rural nurses and fly-in-fly-out contracts, this feature allows you to place candidates into longer-term or undefined contracts. Empower your clients to communicate and approve shift details while you focus on placing more workers. Check it out today for flexible, efficient, and stress-free staffing.


Infection Control

Unleash the power of the “Advanced Infection Control” growth module! Improve infection management with unparalleled precision across all locations. Flag up to five infections per site and tailor restrictions by days and hours. Edit or apply infections to existing and future shifts. Notify and/or restrict affected members for safer operations. A game-changer for healthcare and childcare agencies. Contact us now to elevate your health and safety strategy and further delight your clients.

Client NDIS Details, Case Notes & Forms


Notes & Forms

Boost your Entire OnHire capabilities with the “Case Notes and Forms” module. Our forms feature allows you to customise your incident reports or checklists. The Notes Engine keeps you organised. Each notes category you create will include form templates that can be set as an in-built Form or external form. Notes categories can be set as public, protected, private, and custom for even greater functionality within your team. Included alongside the NDIS Client Details feature, Case Notes and Forms can be used across any industry. Start using it today!


Client Details

Discover our NDIS Client Details growth module—the tool for elevated NDIS client management. This module empowers you to oversee personal details, navigate registration, and enhance client goals. Track tangible achievements, social milestones and independence of your participants. Ideal for agencies bolstering NDIS support, fostering independence, and elevating client journeys. This feature comes as a 2 for 1 package deal with the Case Notes and Forms.

Fatigue & Shift

Overtime Management

Effortlessly combat member fatigue in your workforce. Set rules for breaks between shifts and manage work hours per shift, week, and fortnight. Especially useful for industries like hospitality and healthcare where VISA restrictions may be at play. Allocate shifts and have members accept them with alerts to ensure rule adherence. Contact our support team to seamlessly integrate this module into the Entire OnHire platform. Unleash operational excellence today!



Discover enhanced efficiency with XeopleSign, the perfect documentation companion to Entire OnHire. XeopleSign elevates your document workflow. Easily create, submit, and e-sign documents across different user types while automation takes care of the rest. Enjoy real-time tracking of document statuses and secure storage for swift retrieval. Integrate your document management experience with XeopleSign. Talk to our support team or sales rep to learn more.



Expand your business horizons effortlessly with the Multiple Australian Business Number (ABNs) growth module, seamlessly integrated into the Entire OnHire platform. Effortlessly establish and manage multiple entities under your parent company, opening doors to flexible growth across industries. No more rigid boundaries – just pure potential. Diversify your portfolio, enter new markets, and optimise distinct entities with ease. Uncover the capabilities of Multiple ABNs today and seize new opportunities you might be missing!


Shift Daily Program

Discover the Unfilled Shift Daily Program for Entire OnHire—designed to clean up your data as you work. Say goodbye to sifting through unfilled shifts manually. This module aggregates all unfilled shifts from the past 24-48 hours on a regular cadence. Don’t get bogged down by obsolete shifts, and ensure your team are actively working on the most time-sensitive opportunities. Contact your account manager or our support team today.



Enhance staff management with the ShiftMatch API for Entire OnHire. Formerly known as Cascom, this application supercharges the allocations process for external members and internal teams. Boost shift-filling efficiency by 90%. Directly map ShiftMatch shifts into the Entire OnHire platform. Enjoy heightened member satisfaction as they control availability, driving retention. For swift shift transfer, acceptance, and notifications, contact support today.

Broadbean and Seek


Elevate your hiring efficiency with our Broadbean and SEEK integrations. Without having to leave your Entire OnHire recruitment screen, you can create a job and post it to your job board of choice for maximum reach. An active account with your selected job board is required for this integration. Best of all, any applications entered through the integrated job board will automatically populate into your Entire OnHire system meaning you can see all applications on the one screen. Get started today!



Advance your Entire OnHire operations with “Smart Shifts”, the cutting-edge add-on that marks the first steps towards personalised AI in the workforce app. Lead by feedback from our users, your members can now effortlessly customise their search of released shifts, resulting in faster job placement. An array of filters and sort options are available so your workers can see shifts that accurately match their needs, skills, and availabilities. Elevate the Entire OnHire experience for your members with “Smart Shifts” and watch your shift fill speed sky rocket!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Growth Module is a paid feature add-on designed to help you customise Entire OnHire’s core functionalities to suit your unique business requirements. Some growth modules can be easily turned on or off, while others may require a longer rollout period due to custom design.

The best way to purchase our growth modules is to contact the support team or your dedicated account manager (if applicable). They can provide you with a demo of the feature if you want to see it in action prior to purchase. Otherwise they will organise the rollout of the feature and provide you with the rollout timeframe.

Yes, you can choose the growth modules that are most relevant to your business. We offer a variety of modules to suit different industries and business sizes, so you can be sure to find the ones that will help you achieve your growth goals.

Some of our pricing packages include specific growth modules as part of the subscription fee. However, it’s recommended to review the pricing details for each module to understand which ones are included in your subscription. Specific pricing details can be provided to you by the support desk upon request.

Yes, you can easily add growth modules to your subscription at any time. Simply contact our team to request a demo or activate the desired modules based on your business requirements.

These growth modules are designed to cater to a wide range of industries and business sizes. In line with our focus industries, these add-ons are best suited to healthcare, education and childcare, hospitality, the NDIS, and community care.

To get started with Entire OnHire and explore the Growth Modules, you can schedule a free demo with our team. They will walk you through the features and demonstrate how these modules can benefit your staffing agency.

Yes. If your software needs evolve, we encourage you to reach out to the support team. We are committed to providing you with the perfect solution for your business.

Our pricing is based on concurrent licences (same-time logins). There are no additional charges based on client, shift, or member numbers. There is a one-time setup cost which covers your system implementation and first 3 months. Subsequent subscription fees are dependent upon desired payment cadence and pricing package.

Yes, Entire OnHire offers two mobile apps –the workforce app and the professional app –that enable your clients and workforces to take ownership of their staffing needs. Both apps are completely integrated into the Entire OnHire platform, providing a true end-to-end staffing experience. These native apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Entire OnHire is specifically tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare, hospitality, education, and NDIS community-care industries, offering features like automated scheduling, compliance-based allocations,  payroll and invoicing, as well as cutting-edge workforce mobile apps. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support ensure a smooth experience for growing agencies of all sizes.

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