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It's never been so fast to get paid! With GPS check-in & check-out functionality. On hire hr software improves efficiency and peace of mind. Your clients will appreciate it. But your staff will love it.

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Education Staffing Software

It’s never been so fast to get paid! With GPS check-in & check-out functionality. On hire hr software improves efficiency and peace of mind. Easy to use and user friendly shift scheduling software for the Education sector. Increase productivity and efficiency of faculty members and managers! Build on the cloud based technology EntireHR meets the most innovative needs of education industry. It’s time for education leaders to invest in effective and modern approach to hiring, onboarding, and retaining the very best educators and staff. EntireHR helps streamlining scheduling process and delivers unified talent management technology and services for education organisations. Constant refining our software to meet needs for real business. Our simple and straightforward software makes booking easy and single touch feature to accept/reject shift makes it easily to assign shifts to educator.



Personal touch

Rediscover your personal touch

Keep yourself at front of your business. Eliminate paperwork and the admins headache. Focus on your clients and your relationships. Finally, a way to scale to your business. Through new business technology, you can provide a personalised service to twice as many clients. Education institution face scheduling challenges everyday specifically at higher education level. Student require highly qualified and professional faculty/teachers. EntireHR simplifies the process of scheduling shifts and constantly manages staff for full-time and part-time jobs. Scheduling can get challenging when it comes to large workforce. Scheduling software streamlines shifts, provides staff available according to location and qualification and makes the entire process smooth.

Instant shift allocation

Accurate availability, to the millisecond.

Stop calling around! Allocation software that can sync your staff’s availability with your open bookings automatically. Live availability means instant updating into your own cloud database through any device. Fully functional software for you and educators. Scheduling software that automates time tracking and attendance. EntireHR specifically designed to assist in organising scheduling shifts, allocating shifts for education industry. Our software that automatically generates shifts and send push notifications to staff that is best suited according to the criteria set in system. Educators can accept/reject shift according to there availability. This system provides flexibility into the system and increases transparency.

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Total Visibility

Total Workforce Visibility

No bouncing between multiple software’s to run your business. No more frustrated schools wondering who’s coming. No more annoyed teachers sitting idle.Roll your recruitment, scheduling, payroll and invoicing all into one package. Easily manage daily, weekly and monthly schedules of faculty. Management can easily view everyone’s shifts, tasks, breaks and locations. Everything at in place. Empower your educators to view, self-schedule shifts according to availability, put request for time off and sick days. Powered by cloud based software and mobile app’s, instant push notifications alerts teachers and management regarding shifts booked. Software that quickly and easily understands the geographical locations, highly qualified faculty available for a particular shift and sends push notification for shift availability.Easily find shifts anytime and anywhere. Manage your staff through mobile apps and web browser. Experience freedom and success with professional software.

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