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With Entire OnHire, you’ll immediately notice the competitive advantage you have when it comes to allocations and bookings. Clients and workers will gravitate to your business because you can accurately fill bookings with the right people faster than any of your competitors.

Simplify your
staff management process

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Say goodbye to repeat data entry

Our multi bookings allow enormous shift flexibility, from recurring openings or instantly duplicating block bookings. Even create multiple bookings at once with different job statuses and shift requirements from one screen.

Custom searches make it effortless

Quickly search and filter to find exactly who you need. From instant fill, quick search options to custom search filters you can always find the right employee for the job with Entire OnHire's staff roster app. And with a full booking history for each client and worker, you’ll have everything you need to make the best decision at your fingertips.

Shift scheduling software
Scheduling software

Automate your credentialing

Entire OnHire guarantees you’re always sending only appropriately qualified and licenced workers to jobs, meaning your staff doesn’t have to spend excessive time validating and qualifying candidates for bookings. Entire OnHire automates the entire credentialing process. Qualifications, registrations, inductions, and event other client-specific requirements are recorded, linked, and tracked for every shift

Autofill shifts even when you’re busy

Entire OnHire lets you release jobs out to pre-qualified staff for immediate acceptance. Staff will be automatically notified via free push notification (No more SMS costs!) when shifts match their skill sets, availability, and pre-set conditions you have on their profile.

All Client information in one place

All client data is live and can be viewed at the click of a button. Information is easily separated by location, sub-location or even by the specific contact person. Importantly, if any internal staff updates client details whilst out on-site with clients it will immediately flow through the entire system for everyone to see.

Free notifications with our workforce App

Are you tired of huge SMS costs from sending out push notifications? Now, with the Entire OnHire workforce app, push notifications are basically a free SMS that has your logo on it!.

When candidates open the notification, they will go straight to the shift confirm/decline screen and their decision will be instantly updated in your system. The app allows you to customize and create your own branded and unique notification templates. Say goodbye to phone tag and hours wasted explaining job details over the phone.

Shift allocation software
Shift Booking software

Inbuilt & custom API integrations

Although comprehensive, Entire OnHire can be integrated with other tools as part of our special customisation program, empowering you with all the data still in one central location, tools as needed. Additionally, to see our already integrated partners list please go here.

Reach out today to schedule a demo and see how powerful Entire OnHire can be for growing your labour-hire business!


Control & Communicate
Customisable placement screen layout
Customisable booking status codes
Configure per industry, clients, regions and more
In-built client & candidate app integrations
Communicate with candidates through SMS, Email, Push templates
Communicate with clients through SMS, Email templates
Attach documents to emails, candiates, shifts & clients
In-built live quoting and margins
Live add, view and edit pay & charge rates
Live CRM updates & preference updates
Track candidate GPS clock-on/off location
Search & Match
Complete placements with shifts, jobs, contracts & events
Live client order processing screen
Live available candidate placement screen
Massive job view capacity of over 1500 at once.
Enjoy over 20+ automatic candidate matching options
Search candidate skills, distance, availability, history and more
Reverse match your best candidates with open shifts
Create, search, manage and edit ad-hoc shifts
Create, search, manage and edit contracts
Create, search, manage and edit rosters
Create, search, manage and edit events/groups & projects
Safety Automation
Visa hours automatic rostering safety net
Immediate contact logging of clients & candidates
Automatically match candidates with your open orders
Client compliance per site automatic verification
Automatic user interaction tracking log
In-built shift processing workflows
Automatic note updating based on user interactions
In-built safety nets for Visa, police checks, compliances and more
In-built warnings for double bookings, expiries or shift changes
Automatic feeds with third party shift tools like Shift match
Automatic filtering of client restrictions and preferences
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