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Hospitality Staffing Software


Staffing software that manages your staff. Fill multiple openings instantly.

Open jobs will find great candidates for you - see how
Dominic O'Hearn

Push Notification is awesome, I thought it was a handy but didn't realise just how much, we were spending $2,000 a month just on SMS, confirming and notifying staff.
Now it's less than $300

Dominic O'Hearn

Nosh Hospitality - General Manager

GPS check-in

Check-in to locations with GPS

Hospitality moves fast. You need confirmation that your staff are in right place at the right time.And if they’re not you need to know about it so you can do something about it. With employees working in multiple work schedules and different locations, it is necessary to have GPS enabled mobile app that helps business to schedule shifts. Create a shifts with ease and be in control. Automate your bookings so staff can notify you when they’re onsite or if they’re running late. Workers check-in and check-out with their mobile app. With GPS enabled mobile app, EntireHR gives you the advantage to know the the exact start time and end time of a shift. They no longer need managers to manually enter shift timings. And clock time.

Show me how!

Visa Tracking

Visa hours Tracking, Automatically

For every job, for every staff member. Never be understaffed again. Automatically track allowed hours of visa work with the ability to include exclusion periods. Filters out unsuitable candidates based on number of hours automatically. EntireHR ensures hospitality staff is paid up-to-minute and instantly create timesheets for effective payroll processing. The powerful mobile app creates roster, provides leave management and send push notifications to staff. Because you need to focus on getting staff out, not on paperwork.

Enjoy fully automated scheduling software to manage your most controllable wages and ensure regulatory compliance withVisa hoursof each employee. Stay in control with rostering and shift swapping. Create your perfect roster in minutes, see staff availability as you go, and manage shift changes easily with our hospitality staffing software. Just what you need, all in one platform.


Streamlined, Paperless Onboarding

Getting new staff has never been easier and faster! Scheduling software that gives the power to complete anything online from anywhere! Including any documentation and automatic ID cards, all stored in the cloud for easy access. It has the ability to capture and automate important documents electronically throughout the recruitment and onboarding process. It reduces the need for manual document submission, data entry and saves time by streamlining the entire process. Allows you to recruit on scale from anywhere, at anytime. Get people out to work faster whilst ticking all boxes. The best part? You’ll know the performance of recruitment sources as well allowing exponential growth.

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