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Accurate Availability

Fill last minute requests automatically. Watch as clients fully self-book qualified, compliant and available personnel through your database.

Learn how to instantly book staff

Accurate Availability

EntireHR’s Healthcare software easily matches the most qualified candidate for the right job. Fill last minute request automatically. Watch our clients fully self-book qualified, compliant and available personnel through your database. Recruitment tool that helps to find staff faster and efficiently. Handle strict requirements of clients that matches pre defined criteria for particular job available. It is the only system that electronically manages the complete healthcare organization and management system. Easily monitor your employees work hours. With EntireHR, you get a flexible system that manages all your HR tasks and you can focus on your people.

Healthcare Staffing Software

Attract and retain your existing staff. Customised staffing software that tells clients when nurses are available and prioritise shift scheduling. EntireHR’s cloud software is a centralised software that works together to put best qualified nurses on board. Capture and manage business content through EntireHR software that is highly configurable. The most innovative software that supports hospitals, health professionals and nurses to fill the gap of getting jobs and filling shifts without any hassle. A healthcare software is highly crucial for healthcare industries because of the most important reason being making nurses available 24*7. The best software that makes it easier to access healthcare data and focus on enhancing IT solutions that optimises operations. Cut placement time in half and fill jobs faster than it was ever possible.

EntireHR provides a single software platform for clients and staff. The power of cloud based technology allows real time access to patients records and medical staff/nurses available for specific shift. The software tool is specifically designed to chose the most qualified and experienced staff for patient care.


Client Bookings

Professional Client Bookings

The most innovative staffing solution that integrates office and staff. EntireHR is specifically designed to meet the need of large staffing companies. Immediately and consistently respond to what staff and clients needs. Give clients the access and unparalleled control they want. They can book staff through your customised Apps and Portals. Client management software that delivers real time reporting and monitors all activities centrally.

The most powerful business tool that reviews exact spend and approves timesheets directly themselves. Case studies show this leads to a 40% increase in bookings. Technology can change the way healthcare organizations are currently operating. The cloud based centralised software helps clients/users work more efficiently and reducing the operating cost.

Being the most secured and protected way, the software protects patient data and staff/nurse data. The standardised workflow process makes it easier for clients and staff to accept/reject a shift they are available for.

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100% Compliance Automated

Never chase up paperwork again. Centralise all documentation and expiry dates in one paperless system. Designed to speed up the data processing and increase operational efficiency. Experience peace of mind as every Police check, VISA and compliance document is automatically reviewed every day as per your client compliance needs.

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Your phone will go silent

EntireHR perfectly paired with shift allocation that empowers your staff to provide their instant availability. Listen as your call centre goes silent, as your staff book themselves for shifts that fit only their specific jobs expertise and availability. Managing shifts is the biggest challenge for heathcare organizations, Our EHR software makes it easy to create shifts, roosters and give the power in hands of medical staff to accept/reject shifts from remote location through mobile apps.

Healthcare software that highlights shifts available and automates booking shifts. Optimise shift booking real-time and faster than before. Get your entire organisation and staff working regularly and around the clock.

Double your business

We were able to grow our total shifts by 20% whilst reducing our back end staffing needs by 30%.

The system has been amazing for our business.

- Danielle Poole Medic Oncall

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