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Entire OnHire knows that our nation is only as strong as its front line workers. That’s why we’ve dedicated years of service and development to creating a unique product catered to these specialised industries. We know that to provide quality care you need great staff, and to provide a lot of great nurses quickly you need powerful, robust systems supporting that service delivery. Our world-class agency software is the preferred choice for agencies and providers filling short-term contracts across aged care facilities, hospitals, private residences and clinics throughout Australia. Offering the only true end-to-end workforce management solution in the market, Entire OnHire redefines collaboration and customer engagement.

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Mobile Engagement

With native mobile apps for your medical workforce and clients, you can say goodbye to chasing real-time shift and availability information. It’s easy for your nurses can provide live availability, update their documentation, pick up vacant shifts in seconds, and set preferences all from their mobile device. With our client portal, your hospitals and clinics can input their staff preferences and shift details so vacancies can be posted and filled in under 3 seconds, with all the compliance automated in the background. Redefine your customer experience!


Optimised Recruitment

Streamline your healthcare recruitment process with Entire OnHire. Like a fresh pair of scrubs, our ATS will keep your health workers’ data clean and accurate, automatically building their profile as they progress through the recruitment process with you. Save time and reduce data entry errors by having up to 100% of applicant information input into your workforce management system by the candidate themselves – all from the moment they first apply.


Built-In Compliance

Looking to keep up with the highly complex, fast-moving and ever-expanding compliance requirements of the medical industry? We know now more than ever that compliance is time sensitive, critical and harder to track as your workforce grows. With Entire OnHire’s in-built compliance automations which can be set on a global or client-based level, you can rest easy knowing your workforce will only ever work in accordance with legal standards. The quality of your health staff is underpinned by the credentials they have. With tailored features like Xeople Sign, Fatigue and Overtime Management, Advanced Infection Control and more, you can protect your front line workers by ensuring they are appropriately qualified, healthy and paid appropriately every time.


Competitive Pricing

At Entire OnHire, we are all about helping your business grow. Our concurrent license model provides you with Enterprise functionality for SME pricing. Unlike competitors charging per shift or per worker, Entire provides you with the tools you need to grow your workforce and client base without sacrificing your profits. Whether you’re a small healthcare agency or a large healthcare recruitment agency in Australia, our competitive pricing model ensures your healthcare staffing software includes only the features you need, at a price that suits the scale of your operation. If you’re looking to work across both the temp and permanent sides of recruitment, talk to our team today about the brand new Xeople Recruit integration – available to Entire OnHire customers from January 2024.

Why choose Entire OnHire?

Our healthcare operations software is more than just a growth engine; it’s a complete game-changer for the healthcare, pharmacy, and dental industries. With Entire OnHire, temp personnel providers have access to deeply specialised features designed to address the unique challenges of staffing the medical and nursing industry. With hero features such as advanced infection control, fatigue management and a compliance-driven intelligent nurse matching system – you can fill shifts faster and with complete confidence.

Entire OnHire has earned its reputation as the best on-hire healthcare staffing software in the country. The system was originally built within a family-owned boutique nursing agency so we’ve been living and breathing the needs of your industry since we wrote the first line of its code. Trusted by the best in the healthcare industry to recruit, roster and pay Australia’s casual and contract workforce.

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We take pride in being a workforce management provider that truly understands the needs of our agency clients. Entire is used by hundreds of facilities to request and book shifts through our famous client portal. Thousands of nurses and carers use our mobile apps to take control of their employment story. Our software provides innovative solutions that streamline data and document management, automates compliance, and empowers your nurses and carers to work on their terms.

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When it comes to filling shifts within the medical field, we know how quickly things need to happen. Whether you’re a healthcare nursing agency or a provider of aged care, dental or pharmaceutical workers, Entire was created to power a health workforce at scale, with configuration options allowing you to expand to multiple medical industries in the one database, from doctors, to nurses to carers. Our staff scheduling software for healthcare is the industry leader when it comes to workforce engagement and automation. Entire OnHire helps you manage your workforce with ease,whether you’re a brand new startup or an established labour hire agency. With the right system running your operations, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best fit workers servicing your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare staffing software is a tool designed to help healthcare staffing agencies streamline their operational processes, from recruiting and hiring to scheduling and compliance tracking. Entire OnHire’s healthcare staffing software works by centralising all staffing-related activities in one place, providing real-time insights, and automating time-consuming tasks.

Where Entire OnHire takes staffing software to the next level is by having a fully integrated finance module that covers invoicing and payroll.

Entire OnHire was designed with compliance at its core. We know that as healthcare providers, you need to make sure that your nurses and doctors are up-to-date and compliant with all regulations.

With features like fatigue management, infection control, document expiry tracking and more, Entire OnHire lets you keep track of workers’ compliance levels.

The system is designed to filter out non-compliant workers during rostering and allocation, so you can say goodbye to manual checks!

Yes! We have an app that’s available both for Android and iOS. The member workforce app is optimised for mobile use, so you can manage your availability, apply for shifts, and get notifications right from your phone.

Yes, absolutely. The Entire OnHire platform was designed with the needs of the healthcare business in mind. While we have expanded into several other industries, the healthcare industry remains the largest portion of our client base.

Yes, Entire OnHire is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The platform offers a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. All platform users in your business will also receive training during the implementation period to ensure your team is comfortable. Additionally, the software is available on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that users can access and manage their workforce anytime, anywhere.

For information on pricing and subscription options for Entire OnHire’s healthcare staffing software, please visit our pricing page and submit an enquiry, or contact Entire OnHire’s sales team directly.

Yes, Entire OnHire’s healthcare recruitment software includes a staff onboarding and training management module that streamlines the entire process. The platform allows for the tracking of staff training requirements, scheduling of training sessions, and monitoring of training progress, ensuring that staff members are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for their roles.

Yes, Entire OnHire offers free demos of their healthcare software to help potential clients evaluate the platform’s features and benefits. To request a demo, visit our healthcare workforce management solutions page and submit an enquiry, or contact Entire OnHire’s sales team directly.

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