A CRM driven by your data

A CRM driven by your data

Finally an integrated Recruitment CRM for the Australian staffing industry. With one integrated system, all your financial and operational data can be used as tracking metrics, everything from last booking date to overdue invoices, total margins and recent outstanding complaints can all be viewed on one screen.

Take your company’s sales to the next level with our powerful CRM software! Streamline your sales processes, boost productivity, and close more deals.

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Experience 360 degrees of accountability

Every single contact from your company logged with the outside world. The contact log is a one-stop shop where you can track and report on any contact made through Entire OnHire. From shift confirmations, recruitment emails, payslips, invoices, or even ad hoc messages the contact log tracks SMS, Push Notification and Email all in one.

Turn leads into paying customers in seconds

As all in one staffing system, every new lead created by your sales team is automatically created as a ready-made client entry, for bookings and payroll. Once the client comes onboard as a live customer, it’s a simple one-click process to activate them, meaning your booking staff instantly know all the special needs and priority of the new client, and can immediately start sourcing appropriate staff.

Experience 360 degrees of accountability
Powered by GPS check-in attendance

Powered by GPS check-in attendance

All meetings, information, and location details of the client can be logged by sales staff through their internal manager’s apps or a tablet with GPS Check-in once they are on-site with the client. This allows your managers to track the workload of your sales team as every meeting logs automatically to the contact log for reporting and performance management.

As you link each function of your business with Entire OnHire, wasted time and effort disappear and efficiency grows exponentially. Many labour hire companies experience this “compounding effect” as they streamline their business with Entire OnHire and are able to 2-3X their profits with the same staff!.

Reward output that’s important to you

With custom KPI’s you set the rules and values for the work output of your team. Managed to close a deal by calling the CEO directly? Make that 50 points. Just a short email to a generic address? Sorry, that’s only 1 point. Whatever KPI’s are important to your business that requires contacting any 3rd party, you can control, create and track with Entire OnHire.

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  • Create new prospects via mobile or web
  • Search & filter clients via contacts, jobs, location & more
  • Manage contacts, view agreements, record notes and log calls
  • Schedule client visits via mobile or web
  • View margins against any shift, job or client
  • Follow up task checklists & dashboard
  • In-built SMS & Email templates
  • NDIS reporting & exporting
  • Bulk contact client contacts immediately via SMS & Email
  • Personalise your SMS & Email marketing templates with merge fields
  • Create, edit, update clients from the Mobile App
  • Automatically log visits on-site via GPS clock-in
  • Easily log meeting notes with in-built "voice-to-text" App
  • Perform site visits & even OHS meetings via App


  • Central Dashboard of all activities & communication
  • Manage Custom CRM activities, reasons, tasks and outcomes
  • Create your own custom KPI metrics for every activity
  • Automatically log every outgoing email, sms, push notification
  • Automatically track tasks, visits & activities
  • Full client feedback management with complaints & appraisals
  • Reporting on activities, previous visits, activity history & more
  • Job / Shift Fill Percentages & Speed
  • Job / Shift Financial Aspects Reporting
  • Job / Shift Margins & Profitability
  • See individual, region, groups performance in one system
  • Slice & dice system exports into your own dashboards
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