Phoenix Specialised Youth

Phoenix Specialised Youth

Jaqueline Kennedy

Company Director at Phoenix Specialised Youth and Disability Services Pty Ltd

Entire OnHire has made growing our business extremely easy from hiring to staff allocations. The service and support from Entire OnHire has helped my team improve our service provision by increasing fill rates along with being able to fill shifts expediently.” – Jaqueline Kennedy, Company Director at Phoenix Specialised Youth and Disability Services Pty Ltd, Australia (Source)

About Phoenix Specialised Youth and Disability Services : They have extensive experience providing personnel to residential care services who are, for whatever reason, unable to fill rostered shifts. They provide qualified staff who receive ongoing work force development and training including clinical supervision, reflective practice and contemporary training specifically geared towards working with children and young people residing in residential out of home care settings as well as people with disabilities in various settings (Source)

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“My personal favourite feature is the [client] portal. It allows for our clients to have an understanding of what we’ve done with the shifts, and a bit of a schedule. They can see the dates, time and everything and it makes the communication between us and our clients a lot easier.” – Leah Distefano

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