Customer Satisfaction Story for Toi Toi Recruitment

Customer Satisfaction Story for Toi Toi Recruitment

Mairin Best

Director at Toi Toi Recruitment

I have been using Entire OnHire now for approximately 5 years now, first with Tradewind Australia, and I have now set up my own business in New Zealand (Toi Toi Recruitment), where I am very proudly Entire OnHire’s first international customer. The system is easy to use, it allows us to make multiple bookings with ease for our clients and our candidates. The onboarding and compliance functionality is second to none. I couldn’t be happier with this software and recommend it to everyone!“. – Mairin Best, Director at Toi Toi Recruitment, New Zealand (Source)

About Toi Toi Recruitment : Toi Toi Recruitment provides quality relievers to Hawkes Bay community childcare centres, schools and out of school hours care programmes in New Zealand. They pride themselves on their efficient and easy to use service to partner centres and schools and supply the technology and Apps to make the whole process simple and quick (Source)

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