Nosh Hospitality’s Client Experience

Nosh Hospitality’s Client Experience

Mark Tallon

Business Owner, Nosh Hospitality

Having completed an exhaustive search over many months (years!) for a dedicated staffing agency software solution I found Entire. There were (are!) many that claim to be on-hire specialists, but in reality they are great recruitment or rostering tools but certainly not the full end to end solution I was looking for. I needed clarity and transparency, I wanted a single system that brought the main business functions of my staffing agency all into one system. Entire not only filled the gap but it has continually over delivered ever since.

Finding a system that is able to facilitate our recruitment, candidate onboarding, workforce compliance, rostering, time and attendance, payroll and invoicing all in one system has proved a revolution for our business. It’s meant we spend less (no!) time transferring data from one system to another, coordinating multiple concurrent systems to deliver the best agency outcome, and more time focused on our business, our team and our clients. Entire has been a huge part of our ongoing business growth and success over many years. Using Entire we can instantly reach our entire database of workers to alert them of new job opportunities, roster & coordinate hundreds of staff each and every day, ensure employee suitability and compliance as well as efficiently pay our team and invoice our clients accurately every week.

Our internal management team have complete oversight on all the recruitment, rostering & finance operations while our workforce have direct access to shifts, information timesheets and more in real time via the Entire MemberApp completing the circle our or transparency our clients also have direct access via portals and apps to request staff, manage bookings, confirm & verify timesheets as well as review invoices and previous shifts too.

Entire is not only about efficiency…it’s also about growth. Having Entire assisted our business to grow winning new contracts, expand into new regions sectors and markets. It assisted us to remain strong during the dark days of COVID lock-downs, but more importantly it has contributed to our ability to grow and expand our operations quickly and efficiently in the post COVID staffing boom.

If you own run or manage a staffing on-hire agency you would be mad not to look very closely at Entire.

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