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Louise Thomson

CEO, Caring For You Nursing Agency

“Entire OnHire is what’s given us an edge on growth. The people in my business love this technology. It’s the ease of using it.”

Louise Thomson - Caring for you customer storyIn the early days, we had different software systems that were really pretty useless, and we would spend all Sunday night, me and my husband, doing the shifts, we fill about two and a half thousand shifts a week. Managing even that workload, and being able to run the reports and things that we do, it’s intensive.

And, then we started to search for a product which is where we got to Entire OnHire.

I think it’s always hard going to new software. I’m not one of them really, “let’s grab this technology and run with it” but I think it’s what’s given us an edge on the growth. The people in my business love this technology. It’s the ease of using it and we put all of our requirements that the client needs in and then we put the nurses in and they match up together and it ticks the boxes of are these the right people for the job today. All of their nurses have an app they can use. They can say no to shifts. Our clients also have a login. Our clients love to look at how many shifts they’ve got ordered for the week. “Oh, no I don’t want that nurse”, “I’d like to have this nurse instead.” It’s given the nurses and the clients the ability to make their own choices. A lot of my managers in my Caring 4 you business is actually very impressed with the support system that they have from the Entire OnHire. Like, a lot of other companies they’ve been with there’d be things that go wrong and they just wouldn’t get fixed. We were looking at further developing the system and we work with Entire. I believe it can help anybody’s business to grow, especially in this healthcare industry, and give them control over their business.

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