Tradewind Australia’s Customer Experience

Tradewind Australia’s Customer Experience

George Richard

Managing Director, Tradewind Australia

“Entire OnHire is the most powerful system that we came across.”                         

Entire OnHire enables 40% growth year after year for Tradewind Australia
With advanced Allocations/ Booking features in Entire OnHire, organizations immediately notice the competitive advantage they have while assigning work.  Because of the intuitiveness of software not only do organizations effectively utilize worker hours but also have workers gravitate to the business as the work is accurately assigned, much faster than any of the competitors.

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Still running your business on spreadsheets? Beware…

Tradewind worked off spreadsheets and it didn’t work for them. In their words, “it’s just impossible via a spreadsheet“. Fast forward, Entire OnHire has helped Tradewind to conduct business with much simplicity while providing them the much needed power and flexibility at a great cost. So many of the solutions that they had been looking for, were already up and available in Entire OnHire.

Learn more about the Entire OnHires workforce management system

Customer satisfaction is first priority at Entire OnHire

Every business is unique. We understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why at Entire OnHire we closely interact with our customers to understand their needs and help them all the way to achieve higher growth and revenue. Here is how Tradewind succeeded.

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