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Entire Recruit was built to make you money, not save you money. Sounds like a seemingly small distinction, but this philosophy is what truly sets Entire Recruit apart from any other software on the market.

Designed to profitably grow your casual labour force business in Australia, its purpose is to add speed, efficiency, and value to every process, procedure, and function. It is a true end-to-end ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system created for your specific needs.

The benefits

Single Data Base - All modules share a single database, leading to massive time saving and increased accuracy.

One Point Entry - All data such as names, shifts, and pay rates is entered one time, significantly reducing manual errors from multiple input points.
Synchronization – No need to transfer data between programs. Each function is connected and synchronized and current.
Transparency – Every action is time stamped and immediately visible to assist with transparency, tracking and accountability.
Increased security – With all data connected, monitored and tracked in one system, security and accuracy is second to none.
Flexibility – Easily edit, correct, change information as needed and have the ability to configure features to meet your needs.
Masters Easily customise all terminology, documentation, and applications

Masters - Easily customise all terminology, documentation, and applications.

User controlled.

Complete and Comprehensive – From posting a job to sending out invoices and everything in between, Entire Recruit is an end-to-end system for your business.

Mobile Apps – User friendly mobile app functionality streamlines your business. (click for full details).

Workforce App – Enter availability in seconds, accept shifts, submit and view timesheets, receive push notifications and more.
Client App – Request shifts, approve timesheets, review invoices and more
Staff App – Record client interactions, upload applicant documents, automatically record KPI’s and more

Simplifies and Automates – the time taken for many labour-intensive activities like credentialing, searching through the workforce for shift placements, entering availability, completing payroll and invoicing runs has all been greatly reduced.

Integrates  - Entire Recruit empowers all users, workforce, clients, and internal staff to be effective and efficient, lowering cost, driving growth and increasing the bottom line.  Our philosophy is to empower and support businesses to grow and we back this up through our brand promises.

Entire Recruit was specifically built to do more with less. It’s the end-to-end solution your labour hire business needs to automate your business and grow your bottom line.

Simplifies and Automates
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