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Still Running Your Labour Hire Business on Spreadsheets?

Recruitment is a long conversation between existing teams and potential new hires in its most basic form. Historically, the email inbox has been the go-to tool for online discussions, and it is where most interactions with candidates begin. So it’s simple to see why many businesses rely on email to distribute information and contact applicants. Likewise, spreadsheets have become the default mechanism for logging candidate data for similar reasons. It’s recognisable, gives shape and structure, and is installed by default on most corporate computers.

Both email and spreadsheets address important parts of hiring, such as communication and candidate information. However, neither was created with recruitment in mind. They may eventually lead to a string of successful hiring — more by chance than purpose. However, utilising them out of habit has a cost.

Don’t get us wrong… Spreadsheets are great for a lot of things.  Unfortunately, running an efficient and scalable labour-hire business isn’t one of them.  If you’re an engineer or a financial analyst keep doing what you’re doing.  But if you’re trying to find, hire and track candidates, process payroll, assign jobs, track timesheets, create rosters and so on, then you should consider switching from cumbersome and unreliable spreadsheets to cloud-based and comprehensive labour-hire software.  There are fewer manual errors, more security, easier accessibility and increased efficiency.

Entire OnHire is a labour-hire software powered by the latest and greatest cloud-based technology that streamlines the process of hiring labour, assigning them shifts, tracking timesheets, calculating payrolls, and so much more!

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The software is always live and updated, incredibly powerful, 100% accurate, and even offers multiple mobile applications for clients, staff and workers.  

Staff can search, view and accept shifts directly through their mobile devices, computer and tablets. Unique logins are given to staff to keep the system extremely secure, and shifts will be visible only to the person who is properly qualified for any shift created.

Whether you’re in labour-hire for construction, healthcare, education or any other industry, Entire OnHire labour-hire software is massively more effective for recruiting the right person at the right time for the right job compared to spreadsheets!

Industries like construction, healthcare, and education rely on labour-hire software for recruiting the right person at the right time for the right location.

Save time and get the right worker for the right job:

Hiring the right skilled labour is a highly tedious task especially when it is for huge projects or companies that require skilled staff on a regular basis. Entire OnHire gets you away from managing multiple spreadsheets in multiple locations and helps you streamline this process.  It efficiently and quickly helps select the candidates that fulfil the predefined requirements set in the system.  The fact that this is automated means less manual screening and work for your internal staff and more accurate and skilled workers for your clients.

Automate staffing and allocating shifts:

With Entire OnHire, the process of selecting the right personnel, creating shifts, assigning jobs and allocating shifts has never been easier. With our shift allocation software module, you simply send instant push notifications to qualified workers for them to accept or reject shifts according to their availability.  They can do this through an app on their phone and you’ll quickly know whether you have the job filled or not.  It’s seamless!

Watch this video to learn more about allocating shifts.

Automated and accurate timesheets:

Another great feature of Entire OnHire is its ability to ensure leave management, time tracking of shifts and payroll processing are accurate and live in the system as soon as it’s completed.  By automating all of this with technology, you have an accurate picture of what’s going on at all times.

In conclusion:

When it comes to reasons you should switch from spreadsheets to an automated and comprehensive labour-hire software like Entire OnHire, the list goes on and on.  But the bottom line is by upgrading it won’t take long for you to see how much money and time you can save.  So, let’s send your spreadsheets out to pasture.  It’s time for them to enjoy their retirement years in peace! Schedule a free demo today with our industry experts and learn more about our staffing software.

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