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Labour Hire Software : How your business can benefit

Companies have been looking for an efficient labour-hire software that cuts down paperwork, manual work and increases the speed of hiring the right labour for a specified job.

Willingness in using a labour-hire software solution and adopting a new hiring tool that eradicated the tedious task of manually hiring staff, time tracking and generating payroll. EntireHR – a labour-hire software that benefits making no paperwork for both HR and new candidates. The main objective of our software is to hire staff with greatest skills required that matched the right job. Being incredibility flexible, the software controls how the labour-hire system recruits, releases shifts, allocate shifts, handles payslip generation and documentation verification if required.

Benefits of Labour hire software:

Increases efficiency and productivity:

HR personnel’s are usually occupied in tasks related to recruiting, time tracking and payroll. EntireHR reduces these tasks and frees them from this time-consuming task. The result we get through labour-hire software is more accurate as compared to manual tasks done.

Covers attendance:

Leave attendance and time tracking on software. Automated software tracks time in and time out whenever staff goes for assigned shifts. Personnel simply has to punch in through mobile app while starting the shift and after completing shifts.

Saves time and money:

One of the main tasks of an HR professional creates work schedules/shift roosters for staff. Labour hire software can perform the same task faster and with more accuracy. The automated programs send out shift notification, accepted/rejected shift notification through mobile push notifications to keep the communication going.

Get the most qualified workers:

Automated labour-hire starts working directly through the initial phase of screening and recruiting the right staff for the right job.

These features make EntireHR one of the most efficient and effective labour-hire software in the Australian marketplace. Our software is specifically designed for temporary staffing agencies like nursing, teaching, hospitality and construction.

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