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Benefits of Staffing Software

What Are the Key Benefits of Staffing Software for Security Labour Hire Agencies?


If you are a well-established business or a growing organisation planning to scale your staffing business, efficiency is the only way to grow. Labour hire agencies often struggle with inefficiencies as they first scale up their business which can lead to low profits, poor employee retention, and many other issues. With the introduction of staffing-specific technology, automation has brought solutions catering to some of the biggest problems security staffing agencies face. Below is an overview of how staffing software can revolutionise security labour hire agencies by maximising efficiency and delivering value to these agencies.

Challenges faced by security guard labour hire agencies

Challenges faced by security guard labour hire agenciesIn such a complicated market, there are a lot of different business types. This is true whether your business is already well-established, or you are trying to grow. The security business has a lot of the same pain points and problems. Most of the time, people who work for security labour hire services must deal with:

• Finding and keeping good employees
• Staying profitable by lowering costs
• Staying in line with rules, regulations, and wage laws

In today’s job market many businesses are facing challenges, in finding the candidates and ensuring a secure recruitment and onboarding process. The abundance of job opportunities gives candidates the freedom to switch jobs frequently in search of career growth and benefits. As an employer looking for employees it is critical to highlight qualities such as flexible working hours, minimal educational requirements, career advancement opportunities and enticing incentives for a job opportunity.

One way to enhance your employment process is by utilising a workforce management system. This system can help you streamline aspects, such as managing vacation time and other absences accurately tracking hours worked, attendance and shift schedules. It also facilitates a transition, from the employment stage to the hiring process and seamlessly integrates with payroll systems.

By implementing these strategies, you can overcome recruitment and onboarding challenges while attracting top notch candidates in a job market.

Keeping a profitable business while simultaneously lowering operating costs

Keeping a profitable business while simultaneously lowering operating costsCost-cutting methods are very important to implement in industries that are experiencing rapid growth. This is due, in part, to the possibility that expansion may result in an increase in the amount of competition for prime contracts. Therefore, how are you going to set yourself apart from the bids that your rivals have submitted without reducing the profit margins that you have for yourself?

Investigate several methods that can make your organisation more productive. If you spend less time and money on tasks that are traditionally manual and labour-intensive, such as managing shift allocation or working hours (on spreadsheets/excel sheets) you will be able to provide prospective customers with a service that is of higher quality, which will increase your business’s chances of being successful. This might look like: your customers will only be billed for timekeeping records that are accurate if you employ a time and attendance system, which will make it possible to prevent fraudulent timekeeping activities and eliminate those that occur. Using staffing tools for monitoring guard activities to identify what services were being performed, who was performing those services, and when those individuals were present onsite. Taking into account compliance standards and the specific training that is required by the SLAs of the contract, as well as using scheduling tools to reduce the amount of overtime that is worked can all help reduce unnecessary business expenses.

Maintaining compliance, with government rules and regulations can be challenging for employers in industries like security that have high turnover rates. It is crucial for employers to fulfill their responsibilities, including providing workers benefits, unemployment insurance and meeting tax obligations.

To ensure compliance it is important to stay updated with the rules and regulations. Regularly review your company’s document filing processes. Make sure they align with the standards set by government agencies at the state and federal levels. Remember that these requirements can vary across regions of the country.

Implementing a workforce management software solution Implementing a workforce management software solution can greatly assist in monitoring, tracking, and reporting compliance within your organisation. This tool will provide you with the security capabilities to effectively manage compliance. By doing so you can avoid the risk of penalties and fines.

Maintaining a consistent level of high-quality service delivery for every client

Providing consistent outstanding service for every contract is one of the larger challenges in the field of security. This requires not only the capability to monitor the whereabouts of your security team but also awareness of whether or not they are living up to the anticipations of the clients.

This requires the capability of reporting on these activities in accordance with the terms of your contracts as well as doing so in accordance with the terms of your contracts. It is general information that the security market awards the client contract to the company that submitted the offer with the lowest price. When you have a solution for guard monitoring, it is much simpler to demonstrate to your customers that the money they are investing with your business is money well spent by producing evidence to support this claim through clear reports of shift fill times and client loyalty.

mobile technology to your business advantage by empowering your guardsUse mobile technology to your business advantage by empowering your guards and event managers to input their information and streamline their placement processes. With the right tools at their disposal, guards can record their check-in and check-out times, digitally submit timesheets, and accepting or rejecting any shifts. With all of this information input by your guards, your team can focus their efforts on distilling data into impressive reports and stellar customer service over the course of time, contribute to an improvement in the quality of the security services that your business can deliver and organic business growth.

Taking on the challenges that now face security agencies

Taking on the challenges that now face security agenciesThe first thing that must be done in order to triumph over challenges facing the security is to acknowledge the issues that require resolution. Because we developed our software package for security contractors using an all-encompassing methodology, it is packed to the gills with easily available solutions to common problems.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Entire OnHire can assist your company in finding answers to problems, then get in contact with us and submit a demo request.

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