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Concurrent User License Pricing

Why Concurrent License Pricing is the Most Customer-Friendly Option for Software Providers

 Concurrent License Pricing is the Most Customer-Friendly OptionIn the ever-evolving landscape of staffing agencies, technology stands as a pivotal force, reshaping operations and elevating efficiency. Yet, as agencies fight to stay current with the latest tech tools, there appears the challenge of managing software licensing costs. Traditional per-user licensing models create financial strain on business growth because they’re intrinsically tied to higher software costs. Naturally this model impedes growth and overall success.

Concurrent User Licensing: The logical alternative

Enter concurrent user licensing: a paradigm shift that puts the consumer in the driver’s seat of software spend. With this model, agencies need only purchase licenses sufficient to cover the maximum number of users accessing the software at one time. No sudden spikes when you have a great month.

Decoding Concurrent User Licensing: A Simplified Explanation

Consider a staffing agency with 60 recruiters and allocators needing access to their staffing software. Under the traditional per-user licensing model, this would require a staggering 60 licenses. However, with concurrent licensing, the agency might only need 15 licenses, understanding that not all 60 users access the software simultaneously. This equates to significant cost savings, enabling the allocation of funds towards strategic endeavours.

Unlocking a World of Benefits: Advantages of Concurrent User Licensing

The benefits of concurrent user licensing are far reaching:

  • Reduced Software Licensing Costs
  • Simplified License Management
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Scalability

Implementing Concurrent User Licensing: A Practical Guide

  1. Analyse User Activity Patterns: Conduct an assessment of your team’s processes so you can accurately determine the true user requirements.
  2. Select the Right Licensing Plan: Choose a concurrent user licensing plan that fits the agency’s needs and budget.
  3. Implement Proper User Access Controls: Setup robust access controls to ensure data security and privacy where required.
  4. Monitor Usage Patterns: Continuously track usage to ensure your software plan is optimised to your business needs.
  5. Review License Requirements Regularly: Stay compliant and aligned with changing user needs.

Riding the Trend Wave: Why the Future Belongs to Concurrent User Licensing

Advantages of Concurrent User LicensingThe staffing industry is embracing Entire OnHire’s Concurrent User Licensing with wide-open arms, fuelled by several compelling trends:

Cloud-Based Freedom: Choosing a cloud-based recruitment software such as Entire OnHire, facilitates easy license management and remote access, making concurrent user licensing an even more compelling option.

Cost-Conscious Champions: Agencies are increasingly seeking cost-effective licensing solutions that adapt to their dynamic business needs. Entire OnHire’s concurrent user licensing emerges as a clear winner in this arena.

Unlocking the Full Potential: Entire OnHire’s Key to Concurrent Licensing Success

Here’s how you can maintain control of your software spend through Entire OnHire’s concurrent license model.

  • Custom Control: Instead of just standardised user access, you get super detailed control. You can pick and choose what each licence can access, making sure they only have what they need. This removes the risk of data security breaches across teams.
  • Full Scalability: With a variety of tiered pricing packages and a range of add-on features, you can ensure the system you’re paying for is suited to your needs at the time. When you’re ready to invest in further functionality and innovation, you can do so on your terms.
  • Customer Success Support: Entire OnHire provides dedicated customer support from a team of system experts and super users. Throughout the sales process, during implementation and in your continued journey with Entire, you can count on receiving the support you need to thrive.

It’s more than a matter of software licences; you need to trust that your system provider is a partner in your business success journey. How that manifests is through a pricing structure with real ROI, so your profits don’t flatline.

Embrace the Transformation: Entire OnHire – Your Concurrent User Licensing Partner

Concurrent License Pricing is the Most Customer-Friendly Option for Staffing AgenciesDon’t let traditional software licensing models hold your agency back. Actively seek out software providers with pricing models that benefit you, the customer, and unlock a new era of cost-effectiveness and growth. If you’re interested in a quote from Entire OnHire, our dedicated team is eager to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success.

Contact Entire OnHire today and embark on your journey to licensing mastery!

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