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Labour Hire Software : How your business can benefit

This is a question a lot of labour-hire business owners ask themselves:  Is software worth the investment?  The short answer is yes. 

Think about it this way.  Efficient labour-hire software outperforms humans in just about every facet of your business.  It cuts down paperwork, manual work and time-consuming research and increases the speed of identifying, contacting and hiring the right person for a specified job.

Labour hire software solution takes manual and error-prone processes that humans do such as time tracking, generating payroll and assigning tasks and automates it all.  How could this not help your business??!!

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And it’s not just your staff that it helps.  Entire OnHire reduces paperwork and hassle for clients and workers too.  With the latest technology, it gives them the flexibility to get work and fill shifts on their own time and in their own way. It’s a win/win solution for everyone involved.

Benefits of Labour hire software

By making it easier to communicate data (such as timesheets, health and safety forms, and equipment locations) between projects, clients, and business departments, labour-hire software helps you better comprehend your company’s many activities and processes. In addition, labour-hire software allows an integrated operational strategy by automating laborious tasks and boosting data collection from the field.
The bulk of labour-hire contractors schedule using whiteboards and collect information from the field using paper forms. Furthermore, contractors can use labour-hire software to digitise the process and automatically log data for access by the entire team.

Increases efficiency and productivity:

You know that a good chunk of time for your staff is occupied with tasks related to recruiting, time tracking and payroll. Entire OnHire reduces these tasks and frees your staff from these time-consuming responsibilities.  And even better, the result we get through Entire OnHire labour-hire software is more accurate as compared to manual tasks performed by a person.

Easy attendance:

Entire OnHire makes tracking hours and leaves easy for everyone.  For some jobs, there is GPS tracking that can auto-track everything as long as they have their phone with them.  And with the mobile app, it’s easy for workers to clock in and out, and their entries are automatically and immediately live in the system for everyone to see and verify.  NO more manual punch cards!

Saves time and money:

One of the main your staff is working on each day is work schedules and shift rosters for workers. Entire OnHire labour-hire software can perform the same task faster and with more accuracy. The automated programs send out shift notifications and let the qualified candidates quickly accept or reject the job on their app.  Ongoing communication is easy and efficient.  It saves everyone money and time!

Get the most qualified workers:

A big mistake labour-hire agencies often make is sending unqualified or underqualified people out on jobs.  With Entire OnHire, that’s not a problem.  Our system automatically pre-screens and filters based on qualifications so only the right people are listed as options to fill a job. 

The Best Labour Hire Software Option in Australia

These features make Entire OnHire the most efficient and effective labour-hire software in the Australian marketplace. Our software is specifically designed for temporary staffing agencies like nursing, teaching, hospitality and construction.  Contact us today for a free demo.  Let’s see how our software can help your business grow!

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