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Key features of the best staffing agency softwares

Key Features of The Best Staffing Agency Softwares

Best staffing agency softwareKeeping up with competitive markets is a challenge. In order to stay at the top of the game, staffing companies have to hire the best talent. With the rise in the popularity of global hiring, the talent pool has become vast, and more challenging to choose the best candidate for a particular role.

Finding the right fit for an open job position is an extensive process. According to the Undercover Recruiter, 46% of talent leaders claim that finding high-talent candidates itself is challenging. This is where the process can be simplified by using software or other digital hiring tools.

Jobscan research found that up to 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to hire candidates. A Kelly OCG survey estimated that 66% of large companies and 35% of small businesses rely on staffing software.

So, What is Staffing Agency Software?

Staffing agency software is a cloud-based HR tool that labour-hire agencies (or any other business) use tostaffing agency software in Australia manage the hiring process. It offers an end-to-end solution that provides a holistic solution right from the pre-recruiting stage to the post-hiring phase to find the best candidates.

Staffing software is used to automate staffing workflow, manage candidate data and use it efficiently. It is meant for recruiters to automate and streamline the recruitment process and keep the candidates engaged. Some important features offered by Staffing agency software include resume parsing, social media recruiting, job posting, and recruitment-related analytics and reporting.

Pricing of staffing software usually varies based on the number of features provided by the software, their complexity, and the scope of the features required by the users.

Features to Consider When Selecting The Right Staffing Agency Software

Right Staffing Agency SoftwareScalability and flexibility

It is important to select a staff scheduling software that is flexible to customization, and that can be tweaked as per requirements. The software should be able to adapt to minor changes as per your business requirements.

A good staffing agency software should grow along with your company. It is a good idea to understand the different pricing plans offered by the staffing agency software and the ease of switching between them.


staffing softwareStaffing professionals, team leaders, HR representatives, and recruiters should be able to use the staffing software intuitively. It is vital that the software is user-friendly. The software should be easy to navigate to make processes like sorting candidate profiles and resume data, maintaining candidate databases, and managing hiring workflows seamless.

Value for Money

temporary staffing softwareAs a business, there are several inevitable expenses. It is essential to select recruiting software that is within the budget set aside for recruitment purposes and provides good ROI. It is helpful to use staff scheduling software that can set up  a budget for each recruiter to prevent overspending. Staffing agency software should help you reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire to optimize cost.

Look out for staffing agency software that balances the features offered for a fair price. Software that offers sliding scale price ranges usually offers more flexibility with costs and features and allows you to select a price based on the type of features that you require.


Ease of Integration

Applicant tracking software for staffing agency The staffing software will likely have to be connected to other software in the workplace, such as enterprise workforce management software, communication software, customer relationship management software, and applicant tracking software. Ensure that you pick staffing software that can be easily integrated with existing workplace software.


Staffing agency software ReviewsHave a close look at the kind of feedback that other businesses have provided for staffing software. Consistent negative feedback is a red flag and is probably a sign to pick another staffing agency software.

It is also important to look at the kind of responses that a business providing staffing software has given its customers. Accidents happen even with top-tier software, but it is important to assess how a company responds to feedback. Untimely responses or a lack of response is likely a sign that you might experience something similar.


Most Comprehensive, 360-degree Labour Hire Platform in Australia

Entire OnHire is an employee scheduling software that has streamlined the entire recruitment process. Using Entire OnHire as your business’ staffing agency software can help your company’s workforce management by reducing manual inputs and redundant data entry by more than 75%.

staffing agency software features We offer a one-point dashboard that enables you to manage the entire recruitment process on a single screen. Using our staff scheduling software can help you easily track follow-ups, schedule interviews for potential candidates, and monitor statuses and compliances that are still pending. With Entire OnHire, you can customize job boards in accordance with specific requirements.

Entire OnHire is a cloud-based solution, which allows all the information to be stored in one place, that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Our workforce mobile app makes accessibility easy for both internal and external employees while providing robust privacy and security. Employees can upload documents and record details from any device.

Unlock your full potential by leveraging an end-to-end staffing software that’s trusted by the best. Contact us now.

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