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Entire Onhire: End-to-End Solution for Your Labour Hire Business

Speed | Accuracy | Compliance

For labour hire companies to remain profitable and seamless; smooth operations are the key to success. With so many moving parts, a piecemealed operating system and legacy software cause more inefficiency than you realize and cause profits to leak out of your business like a sieve.

The Entire OnHire ERP system efficiently and effectively manages the complexity of a mobile temporary labour hire business, while maintaining compliance and most important: profitability.

Entire OnHire seamlessly integrates all aspects of labour hire business in one end-to-end staffing system

Advertising – Sourcing new/best candidates.
Recruitment – Screening and interviewing.
Onboarding – Getting people fit for work.
Compliance – Managing, certifications, expiry dates, awards and more.
Placement – Orders and rostering. (right people, place, and time).
Time sheeting – Managing submissions, variations, and approvals.
Payroll – Multiple awards, taxes, super, allowances (high volume, lots of staff) time consuming.
Invoicing – Accurately, quickly, and formatted to customer expectations.
Government compliance – Report all the above to relevant authorities.

Entire OnHire was specifically built to do more with less. It is the end-to-end solution your labour hire business needs to automate your business and grow your bottom line.


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