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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Recruitment Software

Labour hire business owners, this is for you!  If you’re tired of running around with your hair on fire, letting important things fall through the cracks, and spending extra time and effort on processes and tasks that could easily be automated then

Recruitment software is designed to help with hiring and recruiting.

Recruitment software includes:

  • Aggregators that explore social media for possible applicants, filling a valuable sourcing niche.
  • Resume spiders, which search the internet for resumes, are also useful for sourcing.
  • CRMs, or candidate relationship management systems, store resumes and recommends them for current and prospective positions.
  • ATSs, or Applicant tracking systems, are software programmes that improve the acquisition and management of resumes.
  • Interviewing software for managing and conducting interviews, including video interviews.

Research the “Best Recruitment Software” for Your Staffing Business..

The goal of every recruiting software is to automate and optimise the recruiting process. They aren’t meant to accomplish the recruiting manager’s work for them; instead, they are intended to assist them in working more efficiently by removing pointless chores and organising their time.

Chances are you need to upgrade your recruitment software.  (Or get some if you’re in the dark ages!)

But if we haven’t completely convinced you yet,  

Here are 5 reasons you should look into recruitment CRM software

1.    Enhance the candidate experience      

Recruitment software starts your candidates off on the right foot by using pre-hire assessments. By answering questions or by testing themselves on different exercises or projects, candidates have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their capabilities and better know how they will perform in various positions and situations.  They receive real-time feedback after completing the assessment, and therefore, have a better understanding of how to grow and succeed.

Additionally, these assessments can reduce biased-recruiting decisions.  Recruiters are not machines; they’re human beings.  And as humans, they often are vulnerable to biased decisions. Sometimes we look for candidates who are “like us,” and at other times we use our intuition (sixth sense) based on experiences, feelings, and intellect to make a decision while preparing the shortlist.  The problem with that is it’s not always accurate and consistent.  By using standard pre-hire assessments, you can reduce this bias, hire better people and ensure a better overall hiring experience for everyone involved.

2.   Secure sensitive data

When you’re in the business of hiring individuals, you gain access to extremely personal details. Using a recruitment software solution, you can be sure they are all stored in one secured and encrypted place that can only be accessed by you and your team.

The last thing you want is for personal information to be stored in multiple excel documents that can accidentally be shared or even worse hacked.  With one secure database, you can ensure information is never shared with the wrong people.

3.   Eco-Friendly

Sounds kind of strange, we know, but recruiting software is actually good for mother earth! With a cloud bases system, you can reduce energy costs and paper printing.  With more traditional software services, they run constantly on-premise. Not only does this skyrocket your energy bill, but it also requires you to run cool-down procedures to avoid overheating – eating away even more energy and money.  And for the paper, there’s no need to print out massive reports to share with management or clients.  It’s all online and they can access it any time anywhere.

4.    Anytime, Anywhere

With recruitment software, you’re no longer limited by location or geography.  Everyone, no matter where they are can gain access to information, reports and tools needed to do their job.

Recruiters can be more productive by having a smartphone, tablet or any internet-connected device access, companies can increase their global presence with social media integrations, and the majority of applicants interact on the social media platforms and use mobile job search applications. It’s a win/win for everyone when we can all have access from any device and location.

5.   Money saved is Money Invested

Last, but not least is the fact that recruiting software allows you to automate processes and systems, so you save time!  This means you can do more with less.  Your staff has the time to focus on growing the business instead of performing menial tasks. Just let the system process payments and calculate accommodation reimbursements!  Your staff can focus on better things.

So, there you have it; 5 great reasons you should consider implementing recruitment CRM software into your labour-hire business.  If you’re doing it the old way, you’re losing valuable time and money. It may seem like a headache to upgrade, but if you take a step back and look at all the benefits – it’s an investment well worth making.  And it will pay for itself almost immediately!

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