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The 3 Most Important Things Your Recruitment Software Must Have in 2021

Recruitment and Labour-Hire businesses go a long way to satiate the wants and desires of the powers that be through their perception versus perspective. A lot of it is lost in translation and government guidelines, pun intended.  

What if there is an all-encompassing software in the market that looks at the recruitment process right from the advertisement or the job post till the invoicing and payroll. This would be a win-win situation not just for the workforce but also for the client and staff alike.  

With most business transactions happening virtually, whether it is paying bills or attending a meeting with your colleagues, there are a lot of recruitment challenges that are faced by one and all. Some of these challenges are: – 

  1. Whether the shift is a day shift, managed shift or block booking  
  1. There is no duplication where a person is available for concurrent shifts as an oversight 
  1. Checklist for prospects which could include visa check, police check, working with children approval etc. 
  1. Whether the qualifications of the worker match according to the experience 
  1. Onboarding employees in an orderly manner irrespective of the number, 50 or 1000 
  1. Effective and efficient technology relevant to the times 

Recruitment Software not only streamlines the process but also makes it easier to do business. It is essential to find a vendor that white labels the product tailored to the needs of the client because the branding of the employer is as important as the job for the prospective employee. 

 Customization according to the client is also necessary because no two businesses are the same even if they cater to the same market. Cost per hire is also reduced considerably if the employer works on the branding. 

Some of the key differentiators for recruitment software in 2021 would be

  1. Mobile Automation –Businesses are increasingly being driven towards the automation of workflows for recruitment as a function. In contrast, firms that are ignoring this aspect are lagging. According to a survey by careerbuilder.com, 72% of employers feel that automation would play a major role in talent acquisition by the year 2027. Vendors are offering seamless integration and implementation for the staffing industry software as a solution. Different processes such as onboarding and recruiting, allocation and booking, sales management, compliance and report generation and payroll and invoicing are just some of the ways in which staff management could be automated as functions.  
  1. Talent Pool – Having recruiting data could be a tedious and cumbersome exercise. Whether it is workforce management or a labour hire company, data disposal and disbursement contribute valuable insights about prospects and existing workforce. It is imperative that a singular software enables the extraction of data and utilizes the power of analytics to increase the talent pool and utilizes the workforce towards more productive tasks. Irrespective of the industry such as hospitality, healthcare, industrial mining, education, labour hire, etc need a single software for their needs. 
  1. CRM – CRM or Candidate Relationship Management is playing an increasingly effective role in the recruitment space. A single dashboard to glance over a variety of topics such as outstanding complaints, booking date, overdue invoices, total margin all on a single screen. A contact log that encapsulates communication through email, push notifications and SMS to make it a more cost-effective proposition. Through a dedicated CRM, leads could be converted to paying customers in a fast and accountable manner. Geolocation capabilities would also enable attendance through the mobile, check-in and check-out times whilst on site.  

All this is not wishful thinking. Instead, make the right informed decision to keep in step with the times with things looking up now that there are talks about the COVID vaccine. It is easy to complicate matters by employing software that might not integrate or might not have the API or the right set of parameters. Boxing Day and festivities are around the corner, make hay while the sun shines in the southern hemisphere. 

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