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How to Speed Up Your Onboarding Process?

Onboarding your Workforce is such a pain, right?  

With the right software, it really should not be. 

Gone are the days where your internal admin or HR teams should be painstakingly inputting information into databases. May be your team are still trying to keep track of member documentation in desktop folders… yikes.  

The solution comes down to a few key factors: streamlining, candidate empowerment, and learning when to delegate to tech.  

Holistic View 

By consolidating the recruitment and onboarding of your members into a single database, you are removing siloes from your workflow. Any member of your internal staff can refer to Entire OnHire to see immediately how a candidate is progressing through the funnel. Have they uploaded all but one document? You do not need to cross-check folders or spreadsheets to know exactly what needs to be followed up.  

From the candidate’s standpoint, streamlined technology and systems translates to a positive user experience. Learning to navigate one recruitment software, only to get moved onto a new system for onboarding, scheduling and so on, opens the door for candidates to feel frustrated and look to greener pastures. 

Supercharged Efficiency 

Imagine being able to complete reference checks, visa checks and lodge tax file information without ever needing to leave your database. Our workforce management system is fully integrated with VEVO and the ATO because we have seen that fewer clicks means increased efficiency.  

We have built the reference checking process into your main recruitment dashboard, meaning you can check references in real time (you guessed it) without leaving the system. You can add new referees, update their contact information, email the referees, and see the feedback in one centralized place. 

What About Client Onboarding? 

Growing your business is about building your workforce. It is also about growing your client base. With Entire OnHire, we have streamlined the onboarding process for your clients, so your tech stack does not delay your ability to get staff to new venues. Every new lead created within the system is automatically linked to the back office, meaning that in a single click, you can activate them for bookings, payroll and invoicing. If a client is ready to work with your members, do not let spreadsheets and clunky software create unnecessary hurdles for your company’s growth. 

The Real X-Factor: Empowering your Candidates 

Today’s workforce wants to be in control of their career. Having a user-friendly portal for your candidates means they can take the reins on how quickly they get to work. They can easily upload their documents and fill out relevant details at their own pace. Bonus points if the portal is mobile; they can then do so from anywhere. If the portal is not user-friendly enough, your team will find themselves losing valuable time holding the candidate’s hand through the process, cancelling out the benefits of the portal altogether.  

Placing the onus on the candidate removes the inherent potential for human error in manual data entry, particularly if the same data must be entered into several different systems.   

Empowering your workforce to manage their records and providing an agile onboarding experience means they can be up and running in no time. As compliance or client requirements change, you can automate prompts for your workforce to make the necessary updates themselves. Your system should allow you to be as fluid as the industries you navigate. 

Pro tip: Entire OnHire also provides your candidates with the option to input document expiry dates. You can immediately set up prompts in the system via our Document Expiry Program to remind your members and responsible managers to update documents within the timeframe of your choice. Any members with lapsed documentation will be unable to pick up shifts until the required updates are uploaded to the system. Major compliance win!  

A Job for the Robots 

Data management is a job we should all happily give to technology. In doing so, your staff can focus their energy on the part of the job no computer will ever do better: developing meaningful relationships with your members and clients and building a company culture that makes people resist the trend of looking elsewhere. First impressions matter. 


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