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Why Do You Need in-built Infection Control in Workforce Software

What is infection control?

Infection control automatically tracks any facility marked as infected to ensure full compliance and proper management of on-site staff members.  

Health experts claim that tracing contacts is one of the tools needed to deal with pandemics. This disease control measure, which has been used by public health authorities worldwide for many decades, is an important step towards preventing the spread of communicable diseases in the Community. 

The mission of contact tracing is to ensure that people who are exposed to an infectious person are informed of the stated possibilities for carrying out the tests. The tracing of contacts, helps to identify people who may have been in contact with an infected person. 

The benefit of tracing contacts is to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. 

Below, is a short video that explains, how Entire OnHire’s compliance automation works and why it’s more important than ever. 

Entire OnHire’s inbuilt digital infection control feature automates bio-security in every shift. This is already becoming a frequent requirement on tenders and government contracts for our clients.  

Automatic infection control tracking, makes client’s locations GO RED. Your BIO-security practices are going to be important to clients in future. 


Private and public organizations both should consider this feature when you are looking for software for your healthcare industry or any other industry. This will help to limit the spread of illness throughout their company. To learn more about that how infection control works, book a free demo with our industry experts or give us a call on 1300 552 088 to discuss your company’s requirements. 

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