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Silver linings in the Australian cost of living crisis…? How temp staffing agencies can be the heroes in the lives of young Australians.

Australia is currently facing a daunting crisis regarding the cost of essential goods and amenities. This discomfort is being felt by just about everyone in Australia, but of course, there are always those who suffer these strains more acutely. Reports are showing that fewer young people are pursuing university degrees due to cost and are opting for vocations that allow them to earn money straight away. Those choosing to pursue tertiary education are looking to casual employment as a more financially viable way forward. For better or worse, this creates a unique opportunity for casual labour hire agencies to capitalize on.

Finding the right avenues to reach these young people could help combat the candidate shortage and allow your business to make a positive impact on the lives of so many people.

  • Reach out to local TAFEs and universities

Casual work and students are a match made in heaven. With class and exam schedules changing on aWorkforce Management Software for Temp Staffing Agencies regular basis, most students struggle to commit to part-time or full-time jobs as they typically don’t allow the necessary flexibility. Students may have a lighter week of study and be keen to work more hours one week and then need to scale back on a week where they’re preparing a major assignment. While there are some obvious avenues for students to pursue casual work with direct companies, they may not be aware of the opportunities available via staffing agencies.

By making your agency known to local tertiary institutions, you could open up a whole new pool of candidates.

  • Make the most of social media

Gen Z and Millennials are technology natives. This shouldn’t be ground-breaking information to anyone, however something often overlooked by businesses is the importance of establishing an authentic presence on social media. Having a modern and engaging website is a great first step, but taking the time to spruce up your socials could really help seal the deal with your younger recruits. Posting relatable content and sharing photos and videos of daily life at your company can also keep your younger workforce engaged with your agency outside their working hours, subconsciously keeping them more committed and local to your brand.

  • Empower these candidates with mobile tools

If you really want to recruit and keep young workers from looking to your competitors, you need to empower them with their tool of choice: the mobile phone. Staffing management software in 2023 needs to be providing mobile friendly solutions to workers, or young people will look to more accessible options. At a time when young people are more anxious than ever about financial security and career prospects, providing these workers with the power to set their own schedule and work on their terms is a very seductive opportunity. By using a workforce management software like Entire OnHire in your Australian staffing agency, you can provide an amazing mobile experience that will keep your workforce engaged and empowered.

Crisis Creates Opportunity for Temp Staffing Agencies in AustraliaWhen “candidate shortage” are the words on everyone’s lips across the recruitment sector, it’s more important than ever to create opportunities when they can be found. While news sources are feeding young people endless headlines about corporate greed and record profits by supermarkets, your Australian labour hire agency could be uniquely positioned to be the knight in shining armour that young people need. Using the right staffing software solution is a great place to start. We are of course hopeful that this crisis will eventually flatline and the community stress levels can be lowered on the whole but if you play your cards right in this hard time, you will find yourself with a loyal and committed workforce on the other side. As Albert Einstein once said, “in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.” We certainly agree..

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