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Streamlining Your Schedule: The Advantages of Automating Your Staff Scheduling Process

Introduction If you’re a labour hire agency owner or manager who still relies on manual spreadsheets for managing your workforce, your staff scheduling process is probably a mess. You’ve got a team of people who have to juggle multiple jobs and responsibilities, and you want to make sure they’re able to get everything done in […]

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Staffing Firms Are Using Software To Address Their Biggest Challenges in 2023

How Staffing Firms Are Using Software to Address Their Biggest Challenges in 2023

When it comes to hiring and recruitment, you must stay ahead of the curve as a business executive or hiring manager. It’s 2023, and there are interesting developments that you might want to be aware of. The recruiting environment is rapidly changing due to the advent of remote hiring and the use of artificial intelligence […]

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Candidate Shortage

How to Deal with a Candidate Shortage: A Recruitment Consultant’s Handbook

Candidate shortage is described as a lack of skilled workers to fill job opportunities in the labour market (be it nursing staffing agency, recruitment agency, healthcare agency, etc.). Indeed, it is a big source of concern for many in the contractual staffing industry and the business world at large, hence the desire to combat it. […]

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Staffing Agency Software for staffing agencies

Tips for Retaining Good Workers

“Candidate shortage” may be the new “unprecedented times”. Whether you run a labour hire business or you’re just watching your favourite restaurants close their doors, the issue is impacting every Australian. If you own a business or manage a team of people, staying afloat through the candidate shortage might feel like mission impossible. Shifting your […]

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How to choose ATS

Three Steps to Choosing the Best ATS

Driving an efficient recruitment process necessitates using the best recruitment software that meets all your demands. A software that allows you to generate fantastic job descriptions and submit them to different job boards and social media networks with a few clicks to attract top personnel. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the ideal solution for assisting you […]

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Psychometric Testing

Back to Basics in Psychometric Testing 

When it comes to recruiting new employees, companies can use a variety of strategies and approaches. For example, major labour-hire consulting firms use psychometric testing, which provides important insight into a candidate’s personality, to optimise the process.  A company is only as powerful as the people that power it. A single underperformer might jeopardise even […]

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Video Interview Blog

What is Video Interview? And Why Should You Care?

For many years, the hiring process consisted of phone interviews, emails, and, most importantly, face-to-face job interviews. However, as technology has advanced, video interviews, or virtual interviews, conducted via Skype or Zoom, have grown in popularity, altering the face and future of recruitment.  A video interview is a more remote option than a face-to-face interview. […]

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How Do Recruitment Agencies Work: Step-by-Step Explained

Introduction All across the world, businesses are struggling to adjust to the COVID-19 epidemic. A recruitment agency can help your business get its footing, whether it’s resizing, reshuffling, or simply trying to stay afloat. The important question is whether they’re worth it. In early 2020, 54% of businesses reported a lack of unqualified candidates, and […]

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