Hiring Outside the Box: RCSA x Entire OnHire

Hiring Outside the Box
* Any mention of Entire Recruit or EntireHR refers to the product currently known as Entire OnHire

Join Dom O’Hearn, Head of Customer Engagement at Entire OnHire as he spearheads a thought-provoking conversation about rethinking the cookie-cutter candidate. Agencies across Australia are feeling the pain of a candidate shortage as national unemployment rates are at record lows. Somehow, the unemployment rates across a variety of groups within our community remain high. Dom will be joined by Jillian Asquith (Asquith Workforce) and Kurt McLachlan (Xceptional Testing) to talk about their respective lived experience placing and hiring candidates from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the neurodivergent community. The session will look at misconceptions, challenges, success stories and hopefully will get you thinking about a new approach to the candidate shortage you’re feeling.

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Learning Outcomes:

The key learning outcome from this session will be a new perspective on hiring outside of traditional constructs. We will explore benefits, challenges, major considerations of what your business and your clients could do to provide real opportunities for candidates who may fall outside traditional definitions of a “perfect candidate.”

What People Say
About Us?

Stephen Jolly
Was there a doubt about moving to a centralized integrated HR system? The doubt was, will it work for us in terms of the way we have been working since the last 20+ years. Entire OnHire software was able to work with us closely, those solid training that went out to all our branches, we had online help as well, we've got helpdesk support readily available for us to actually utilize. Entire OnHire have been very focussed on giving us what we need to succeed, we are part of the Entire OnHire family.

Stephen Jolly

Megan Tunmer
"We don’t have to look at Excel sheets anymore! Finance used to be constantly involved in checking the data to make sure it matched across systems, and chasing clients and employees. We needed to find a solution that would improve efficiency – that’s when we found Entire OnHire. Special mention to Rob and Poonam who gave a lot of their time and effort helping me feel comfortable. It’s going to make such a big difference for our business to be able to look at all the finance data on one screen as opposed to checking various software systems and trying to match back and forth."

Megan Tunmer

Paul Morrison
"Overall the onboarding process was good and the staff we have dealt with during the process have been very professional and very understanding of our requirements and timeframes, especially as we only had 6-8 weeks to get everything implemented.
The team at Entire OnHire have gone above and beyond with us during the implementation process so well done to all."

Paul Morrison

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