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Shift Scheduling Software

Live availability from anywhere

Allow your workers to notify you when they’re available with both temporary and permanentavailability in the palm of their hand. Instantly updatable due to being in the cloud on the apps that are branded with your company logo. See the entire staff anytime anywhere and job schedule in a single view. Online booking software that quickly views the status and location of all staff. Employees can instantly notify of any changes to their schedule and update check-in/check out time.


Shift Roster

Real time personal calendar

The status of all shifts are always live updating for each member’s calendar. Scheduling software that knows the exact details from one central database rather than relying on text messages and emails for details. The scheduling software that allows users to view and edit schedules in real-time according to their availability. Check upcoming shifts, schedule availability and request time-off.

Shift scheduling software that caters solutions to labour hire industries for temporary and permanent workers. It helps workers and businesses to operate more efficiently by empowering the system to manage and track their workers, manage workers schedule, assign jobs/shifts and track everything in time. Track calendars in real-time and manage workers to perform skill based jobs.



Paperless document management software

Centralise the documentation of both your clients and your temp staff, reducing the admin hours required by internal staff. From police checks for staff to client OH&S policies to patient/childcare plans and building site checklists. You control the custom rules of documents required for compliance which workers can upload directly to your database – this will automatically notify your internal team for verification. Securely upload files and capture all pre-requisite documents at one place before appointment is confirmed. Paperless software saves time for workers and managers who otherwise manually makes rosters/schedule jobs


Online Jobs

One touch shift acceptance

Workers shift scheduling software can instantly accept shifts assigned directly to them or that fit their specific work qualification. EntireHR provides customised booking/shift scheduling platform where workers can schedule appointments, check their upcoming shifts, accept/reject shifts according to their availability. Allows business owners to manager employee work hours by tracking check-in and check-out time. Expertise with all the details coming from one cloud database with our patented matching programs this can even happen automatically.

Appointment scheduling software that enables easy scheduling and reschedule jobs in single touch. EntireHR is designed for organisation where workers and jobs are spread across multiple locations. It centralises data in a single location and constantly updates it in real-time so that everyone can view the information. This increases accuracy, accountability, transparency and visibility by letting workers select their own shifts when possible.


Sign Policies

Sign online with paperless policies

Digital policies mean your required compliance is always up to date and can be electronically signed from anywhere. And if you update any policy a worker must accept it before they can self serve any new job.



Time and attendance shift recording

Fully automate your time and attendance. Allow your business to manage work hours by tracking check-ins and check-outs. GPS check in and check out with google map integration at client location accurate and accountable payroll and billing for your workers and clients. Time attendance even includes travel claiming from location to location to automatically calculate exact pay and billing rates as per your custom settings. Online scheduling software that enables managers to track and manage activities of workers at different locations, keeps track of time-off and optimise shift efficiency.


Digital Timesheets

Auto created digital timesheets

Timesheet software that can track your workers time spend on each job at different locations. EntireHR’s integrated software automatically calculate time spend on each job and add it to your timesheets.Weekly/daily timely timesheets created from the books shift details that automatically record any discrepancies from the original shift for client approval. Managers can instantly review time logged by workers and approve billable hours. And if you’re still using paper timesheets you can upload these through the app as well.

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