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All parties involve benefit from using Entire OnHire. It reduces workload, minimises mistakes and speeds up communication. Clients will see how easy your company is to deal with compared to the competition, workers will enjoy accepting your jobs and see how much easier it is to work with you compared to other companies, and your internal staff will be empowered with the latest tools and technology to efficiently manage their workload. It is a win/win for everyone.

Recruitment and labour hire businesses face the complexity of having two customers: Your clients and your workforce. If you don’t have a positive relationship with both you’ll be out of business in no time.

Clients Benefits

Peace of mind (transparency) 

Visibility of inductions and compliances.
History of shifts and past rosters.
Timesheet features such as changes, GEO locations,
and e-signing.
Accurate, clear, and customised invoicing .

Confidence in your service (reliability)

Only appropriately matched staff will be supplied.
See live status of all orders.
Fill shifts quicker than your competitors. 

Effortless Service (easy to work with)

Add online requests quicker than by phone.
Personalised app and portal for each client:
  •   Enter shifts remotely.
  •   View, modify and confirm live shifts 
  •   View, approve and dispute timesheets 
Workforce Benefits

Workforce Benefits

Easily accept all relevant and available work on app. 
Availability can be updated in seconds, there is no need to call agency with changes.
Choose shifts based on their experience, skills and qualifications.
  •   Not being thrown into the deep end.
Transparency regarding what they are doing, where they are going and what they will earn.
Stay informed regarding directions, inductions, contacts, and other information via an easy to use app.

Internal Staff Benefits

As a result of all the above features and benefits provided to your clients and workforce, your internal staff will spend less time fighting fires and last-minute emergencies and more time focused on building your business.

Less noise in the workspace
Less confusion
Less mistakes
Less stress
More clarity
More freedom – they can work from anywhere 
Their job becomes more positive, more productive, and proactive. The result is they are much happier with their employment at your firm.
All these benefits contribute to the business growth Entire OnHire customer experience. 
Internal Staff Benefits
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