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Super fast payroll processing

With one database, Payroll is simplified. Take care of your employees while helping your business.Automatically apply custom rates as per any combination of client, industry, skillset or unique pay level. Includes automated time tracking attendance that generates direct payslip and include allowances custom rules and full overhead calculations.

Payroll processing softwarethat can handle paid time off, keep up-to-date with tax laws, printing checks and paying employees on time every time. Create multiple pay levels for your employees that matches their experience. EntireHR automates reimbursements, loans, generate and distribute payslips to each employee.

Payroll Software


Invoices that help you get paid

100% automated, autogenerated and with your company logo. Include as much or as little information as you need and bill clients accurately as per your own custom rate charts. Invoices can even be collated with timesheets and sent directly to clients for their own recording keeping purposes.


split shifts

Automatic protocols to save your time

Shift splitting allows you to apply several different rates to a single shift, these can even be configured to apply automatically as per your custom pre set conditions, saving your finance team huge hours of manual and repititve shift editing.


daylight saving

Built for Aussie staffing companies

Daylight savings is a unique pain in the backside for your staffing payroll and invoicing team twice every year. A huge timesaver with EntireHR is that you can automatically adds or deduct the required hours and have it apply differently as per every state.


custom rates

Export. Manipulate. Import.

EntireHR gives you the power to set your own custom award interpreter as per your clients and workers needs. Set yourself apart from the competition by beating industry awards, with the ability to see live margins, calculate overheads, additional allowances and more. Build incredibly competitive yet profitable rate charts directly in payroll software, or export direct to excel, manipulate and re-import, the choice is yours!



Automatic overtime tracking and splitting

Properly record and correctly paying overtime can be one of the most time consuming time for labour hire companies. Save time and reduce payroll errors. Overtime is directly linked to salaries and all calculations are automatically done by software during payroll processing. With time tracking software, you can automate this process, automatically applying up to 2 different rates of overtime on the top of shifts. These can even be calculated by week or day depending on your needs.

HR managers can customise and set up overtime rules for shifts. EntireHR’ssingle touch payroll software is easy to use and cost effective software that ensures you get value for each money you send on it.


ATO integration

Including Single Touch Payroll

Turnkey integration with the Australian Tax Office database means when new applicants enter their TFN’s they are automatically correlated directly with the ATO and the proper tax scale is automatically applied. This function even works for ABN subcontractors. Single Touch Payroll also comes as standard with EntireHR Payroll to streamline your government reporting requirements.


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