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A full ERP for the cost of a SAAS

Fully integrated and end-to-end system that empowers your leaders to make strategic decisions based on real-time staffing information that is in front of them. EntireHR was designed for staffing business owners who couldn’t properly manage their business, as it was spread across several different databases.EntireHR is the labour hire solution to that problem. It improves scheduling and management of your workforce.

Labour hire management software that seamlessly integrates into the system and reduces job costing, improves human resource management, calculates payroll, generates payslips, calculates overtime, tracks attendance and time-off. An ERP software solution, the best asset that any business should hire to reduce the workload for HR managers and improve productivity of employees.



From bookings to payroll

With the ability to create custom rates for your staff and clients you can track margins to live in the system. When paired with the sales dashboard you can see exactly where you are spending money, put safeguards against who is past their debtors days and where you need to be focusing big on new business.


Custom KPI’s

Custom labour hire specific KPI’s

EntireHR provides companies with a complete view of your business from a single location. Use your manager’s dashboard to record, evaluate and track the KPI’s you create for the work output of your team. Custom dashboards is one of the most powerful feature that enable managers to choose and select the exact KPI they want to look. Managed to close a deal by calling the CEO directly? Make that 50 points. Just a short email to a generic address. Sorry that’s only 1 point. A powerful way to discover and reward your high performance.

Custom KPI's


Protect your company with auto-compliance

With multiple custom frameworks to create industry specific compliance standards and regulations, EntireHR will handle your compliance in the background. This saves your staff from repetitive data entry and record checking, as you can guarantee your clients all required compliances are always automatically verified and up to date.



One database for every document

With a complete and user-customisable document management system for all user types, there isn’t a document that you can’t store in EntireHR.From clients, to new applicants, external staff and new prospects. All documents can be stored in appropriate locations with custom access authorisations as per your requirements.

EntireHR designed to helps in drastically reducing time related to tasks that needed approvals from managers. Paperless software that electronically distributed documents to appropriate personnel for approval. It improves quality of control and improves management.



Our platform, your custom approach

EntireHR gives you user controlled customisation. From the skills and types of industry you supply to the specific rules and operations governing each client. This empowers you to run your business the way you want it to, without calling your software company to try and change something that doesn’t work for your staffing needs. EntireHR provides enormous flexibility and market adaptability.


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