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Homecare Staffing Software

How does it work?

Paperless Compliance

EntireHR offers a completely integrated software for homecare staffing industry. Compliance that’s automatically transparent. The flexible system includes features like easy access through mobile apps, shift scheduling, booking shifts and payroll generation. Never chase up paperwork again. Centralise all documentation and expiry dates in one paperless system. Experience peace of mind as every Police check, certificate and compliance document is automatically computer screened everyday. Nursing software that includes patient care plans and policies that can be viewed through the app, downloaded anytime and uploaded once completed. EntireHR accessibility from mobile devices – specially designed iOS and Android mobile apps provides convenient access to patient data and staff nurses available from mobile devices. This improves your efficiency and reduces paperwork. The software improves efficiency and reduced operating cost. Everything is digital, traceable and accountable. Healthcare market grows as hospital shifts to homecare. Automated software designed to allocated highly qualified and professional nurses at your home and provides point of care to patients. No more paperwork required, simply log in to system and fill in your requirement and shift will be allocated to the most qualified nurse available.

Overtime Tracking

Log hours direct to payroll

Every shift and every timesheet is a digital record in EntireHR. No more paper timesheets or chasing up start and end times. Even includes customisable overtime tracking and automatic shift splitting protocols. Guarantees billing accuracy and reduces your time theft by digitalising your payroll. Time tracker that saves your time. Easily log time on daily basis and the system automatically records the time worked on each job. Timesheets can be viewed by managers and actual overtime hours are approved by managers. Keeping a track of overtime has been this easy. The cloud based platform provide your organisation a safe, secure and reliable environment to record overtime and calculate payroll.

Integrated appraisals

Empower your clients to book, request,rate and review your staff. Staffing software that directly manage appraisals and staff performance all through digital appraisal in the cloud. All digital, traceable and accountable. Finallya professional and accredited way of handling your client feedback. Create a pay for performance culture that motivates your staff and reward them with regular appraisal. Streamline your appraisal process from start to end with EntireHR which has inbuilt performance appraisal system that evaluates performance and enriches your HR managers with excellent tool. Spend less time in manually doing appraisal and opt for automated process. Give your managers full access to ensure speedy appraisal process and spending less time over system. Automated process that calculates appraisals on the basis of performance. Appraisal software designed to solve issues in employee performance process. Efficient and effective way to track and assign tasks. Managers can focus on creating measurable goals for their employees and the tool evaluates individual performance. With a brand new “priority system” in the background, you can be guaranteed your best homecare workers and nurses only go to your best clients. Even GPS tracking and client specific privacy settings for total accountability and patient’s safety.

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