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Meet our team at leading industry events & conferences and interact with us in real life.

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Good Tech a Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

Blake recently sat down with the Australian Financial Review to discuss the crucial role of software in driving successful recruitment businesses forward.

See e-Paper: Download  (Source: https://bit.ly/3raZ2Ek)  

We’ve recently launched our Pricing page.

Our pricing page has now been launched, which provides all the necessary information for customers interested in acquiring a price quote. Be sure to check it out to learn about features and benefits that are specific to your business. After reading through this information, please feel free to contact us for a more personalised estimate based on your needs.


Blog Post: Impact of Technology on Recruitment

📢 Hey recruiters and hiring managers! Want to stay ahead of the game in the competitive labour hire market? Check out Entire OnHire’s latest blog post on the impact of technology on recruitment. 💻 Our comprehensive analysis covers everything from AI-powered recruitment software to mobile job applications, exploring how technology is shaping the future of hiring. Don’t miss out on the insights that could give your organization the edge – read the full post now! 👉 https://bit.ly/3Lvg9vb

#recruitment #technology #labourhire

#hiring #futureofwork

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RCSA Webinar: Hiring Outside the Box!

Join Dominic O’Hearn, Head of Customer Engagement at Entire OnHire, for an eye-opening conversation on how to expand your candidate pool beyond traditional constructs. 🤔💭👥👥👥

He will be joined by panelists Jillian Asquith from Asquith Workforce and Kurt McLachlan from Xceptional Testing, to talk about their respective experiences placing and hiring candidates from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the neurodivergent community. 🤝🏽👥🏽👥🏽

Gain valuable insights into the misconceptions and challenges surrounding hiring diverse candidates, and learn from success stories that provide a new perspective on hiring. This is your chance to discover how you can provide real opportunities for candidates who fall outside traditional definitions of a “perfect candidate”. 🌟💡👀

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Register now for the live webinar via Zoom on Thursday, 4th May 2023 at 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm AEST | 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm NZST. 📅🕐💻

Join the conversation and be a part of the change!

#rethinkingcandidatepool #diversityandinclusion

#recruitmentwebinar #EntireOnHire 🌟🌍👥💼

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Today is #WorldDayforSafetyandHealthatWork, and Entire OnHire wants to take a moment to recognise the importance of keeping our workplaces safe and healthy for everyone. 👷‍♀️👨‍💼👩‍🏭

We believe that every employee deserves to work in an environment that prioritises their physical and mental wellbeing, and we are committed to providing just that. 💪💚 From conducting regular 1-on-1s to offering recreational breaks, we strive to create a workplace culture that values the health and safety of our team above all else. 🧠💜

So on this #WorldDayforSafetyandHealthatWork, let’s all take a moment to reflect on the importance of workplace safety and health, and commit ourselves to making our workplaces safer and healthier for everyone. 🌟🙌

#WorkplaceSafety #SafetyFirst

#HealthyWorkplace #EntireOnHire

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Interstate Clients Thrilled with Entire OnHire at Talent Quarter Event: A Resounding Success!

🎉 We had an amazing time meeting with our interstate clients at Talent QuarterBlake Thomson and Dominic O’Hearn from Entire OnHire stopped by, and we had a great catch-up with them. It was wonderful to hear that our clients, who have been using Entire OnHire for several months now, are loving it!
We were so happy to see the smiles on their faces as they shared their experiences with us. It’s always a pleasure to connect with our clients and learn how we can better serve their needs.
Thank you to everyone who attended and shared this great moment with us. We appreciate your continued trust in Entire OnHire, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! 😊
#EntireOnHire #TalentQuarter #GreatClients

#HappyCustomers #TrustedService #EventHighlights

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Streamline Your Recruitment Process and Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry with Entire OnHire’s ATS!

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and hello to a streamlined recruitment process with Entire OnHire’s ATS! 🚀
Our ATS allows candidates to upload their own information, giving you more time to focus on finding the right talent for your business. Plus, our full oversight feature gives both recruiters and applicants visibility into the hiring process, while details are carried through to the platform for use in allocation and payroll. ⏰
Ready to revolutionize your recruitment process? 💻 Schedule a free demo with Entire OnHire today! ⬇️
#ATS #RecruitmentSoftware

#HiringMadeEasy #EntireOnHire

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Entire OnHire Joins Galactic Celebration: May the Fourth Be With You!

May the fourth be with you! 🌟🪐🚀

Entire OnHire is excited to celebrate Star Wars Day with all of our fellow fans across the galaxy. Whether you’re a Jedi ⚔️, Sith 😈, or just love a good lightsaber battle 🔴🟡, today is the perfect day to let your inner Star Wars nerd shine.

From Yoda 🐸 to Darth Vader 👨‍👦‍👦, Luke Skywalker 👦 to Princess Leia 👸, the Star Wars universe has captured our imaginations and inspired us to dream big. So let’s take a moment to celebrate the epic story that has brought us all together.

May the force be with you, always. 🙏

#StarWarsDay #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

#EntireOnHire #TheForce

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Introducing Nitin Nischal: The Solution Guru Behind Our Success! 💡💼

👋 Meet Nitin Nischal our Product Escalations and Solution Manager! 💻

Nitin joined our team in February 2020 and has been a valuable asset ever since. He supports our implementation team and trains our sales team to help them succeed. 🤝🏼💼

When he’s not at work, Nitin loves to spend time with his family and friends. He enjoys listening to podcasts and cooking delicious meals for his family on weekends. 🍴👨‍🍳 He’s also an avid gamer and enjoys playing on the playground with his 13-year-old son, Manik, who’s a tech-savvy kid. 🎮👨‍👦

Nitin’s wife is a teacher, and he always supports her at home and at work during the weekends. We’re lucky to have him on our team! 🤗💪🏼

#MeetTheTeam 👥 #TechnicalPreSalesManager

#ImplementationTeam 🛠️ #SalesTeamTrainer 📈

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Enhanced Communication and Seamless Scheduling: Our Client Portal Receives Rave Reviews!

Want to stay in the loop with your shifts and schedules? Our client portal has got you covered! With easy access to dates, times, and updates, you’ll never miss a beat. We’re thrilled to hear that our portal is making things easier for our clients and helping to improve communication. At Entire, we’re always striving to provide the best possible service to our clients and this testimonial reinforces our commitment to that goal. 🙌 If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our client portal and see how it can benefit your business 👉 https://lnkd.in/eq-NvyjT
#testimonial #clientportal #improvedcommunication

#bestservice #happyclients

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Celebrating the Remarkable Women who Embody Motherly Love on Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there who take on the role of a mother! 🌸👩‍👧‍👦
Whether you are a biological mom, an adoptive mom, a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, or simply a close friend who has taken on a motherly role in someone’s life, today we celebrate YOU! 🎉💐
Thank you for your unwavering support, your boundless love, and your endless patience. We also want to acknowledge that for some, Mother’s Day can be a difficult day. We appreciate those who have taken on motherhood in unconventional ways. You are all true superheroes, and we are so grateful for everything that you do! 💖🦸
Happy Mother’s Day!
#MothersDay #Mom #MotherlyLove

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Streamline Work Hours with Entire OnHire’s Digital Timesheets – Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Hassle!

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper timesheets! With Entire OnHire’s digital timesheets, managing your work hours has never been easier. This innovative solution allows you to track your time and submit your hours with just a few clicks (without having to decipher horrible handwriting).

No more lost timesheets or time-consuming manual entries! Plus, with real-time visibility, your staff can easily monitor member progress and ensure timely payments. Join the digital revolution and simplify your work life with Entire OnHire today!

To know more 👉 https://bit.ly/42X6m74

#DigitalTimesheet #EntireOnhire #WorkLifeSimplified

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Entire OnHire Revolutionises Onboarding Process with FlareHR Integration, Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy!

Just another amazing feature of Entire OnHire! Did you know that our ATS is fully integrated with FlareHR? 🎉💻🤝 This partnership has enabled us to provide you with greater efficiency and convenience in onboarding your workforce. Without ever having to leave the applicant portal, your candidate can select from existing superfunds, altogether removing the risk of data entry errors. Collecting your employee superannuation details has never been easier 🙌👨‍💼👩‍💼.

At Entire OnHire, we are committed to delivering the best possible service and support to our clients. We constantly strive to bring you innovative solutions, and our integration with FlareHR is just another step of our journey as Australia’s most complete staffing solution. 💼💻. To learn more about our partnership, please visit https://bit.ly/42L0Sgk

#HRtech #staffing #FlareHR #EntireOnHire #efficiency

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Unveiling the Secrets: Exploring the Inner Workings of Recruitment Agencies in Australia

🤝 Curious about how recruitment agencies work in Australia? Dive into our captivating blog post and uncover the inner workings of the industry. Gain insights, learn best practises, and explore future trends. Read now:

👉 https://bit.ly/3oeHSaT

📢 Share this valuable resource with friends and colleagues. Empower others in their job search or hiring journey. Stay tuned for more from Entire OnHire.

#Recruitment #Australia #Career #HRInsights #EntireOnHire

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Join the Vibrant Team at Entire OnHire and Embark on an Exciting Journey of Growth and Collaboration!

🎉 Welcome to Entire OnHire! 🎉

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to have you join our vibrant team! 🌟 Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, together we’ll achieve great things.

At Entire OnHire, we embrace collaboration, innovation, and growth. 🌈💼 Get ready to contribute your unique skills and perspectives as we work towards outstanding results. 💪

Remember, you’re not alone! Reach out, ask questions, and connect with your new colleagues. We’re here to guide and support you every step of the way. 🤝❤️

Explore our comprehensive onboarding programme for the tools and knowledge you need to excel. 📚👩‍🏫 It’s time to make a difference, forge connections, and have a blast at Entire OnHire! 🚀💼

#WelcomeToEntireOnHire #JoinTheTeam #ExcitingJourney

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Welcome Aboard Kamakshi Bhakuni: Meet Our Creative Senior Technical Writer!

👋 Say Hi to Kamakshi Bhakuni! 🌟

Introducing Kamakshi Bhakuni, our Senior Technical Writer, who joined our team in February 2023. Kamakshi is a creative soul who loves to explore the world through ✈️ travelling and ⚽ sports.

She’s also the proud parent of two beautiful children—a girl 👧 and a boy 👦. We’re thrilled to have Kamakshi on board and can’t wait to see the great things she’ll accomplish with us! 🎉

#MeetTheTeam #SeniorTechnicalWriter #NewHire

#Creativity #Travel #Sports #ProudParenting #WelcomeAboard

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Revolutionise Your Agency’s Workflow with Entire OnHire’s Mobile App

Attention agencies! Want to give your workforce and clients an unparalleled mobile experience? Look no further than Entire OnHire’s mobile app! With our user-friendly interface, your workers can easily access job details, submit timesheets, and communicate with their recruiters, all from the palm of their hands. Empower your workers with the tools they need to succeed and take their productivity to the next level. Get started with Entire OnHire today and revolutionise the way your agency works. Join the #EntireOnHire movement and see the difference for yourself! 👉 https://bit.ly/3IElq1X

#EmpoweringWorkers #MobileApp

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Come & meet our team at the TALENT X!

Hey Recruiters! Ready to step up your recruitment business?

Come & meet our team at the TALENT X event organised by RCSA Australia and New Zealand on 01 June 2023 in Sydney, Australia.

Our team will be at booth numbers 3 and 4. Held on the day of the RCSA Industry Awards, this RCSA Member event will educate and inspire to thrive in the future world of work.

🗓️ When: Thursday 01 June, 2023, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM AEST

📍 Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney

#TALENTX #RCSA #Recruitment #Labourhire

#Staffing #AllInOneSoftware #WorkforceManagement

#Saas #technology #networking #event

#recruiting #talent #recruiters #melbourne

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Say “cheers” to Entire OnHire’s LOCAL Aussie customer support team!

🇦🇺 G’day, mates! Are you tired of offshore call centres? Say “cheers” to Entire OnHire’s LOCAL Aussie customer support team! 🦘📞

We’re here to make your experience easy as! Our dedicated team is based right here in Australia, ensuring top-quality assistance and a friendly, familiar voice on the line. 🎧🐨

Oh, and the best part? Our support is ALWAYS FREE. That’s right, no hidden fees or nasty surprises – just local, insightful guidance when you need it. 🚀✅

Put your trust in Entire OnHire, where our Aussie support team is ready to lend a hand. Because nothing beats a local connection! 🇦🇺🤝

To know more about Entire OnHire 👉 https://bit.ly/3qklrSs

#EntireOnHire #LocalSupport #AustralianCustomerService

#FreeSupport #GenuineAussieHelp

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Join us at the RCSA Australia and New Zealand Industry Awards night after Talent X!

Join us at the RCSA Australia and New Zealand Industry Awards night after Talent X! Sachin NischalBlake ThomsonDominic O’HearnCozette Crimp, and Rachel Sullivan will all be in attendance, so be sure to come say hello!
We are proudly sponsoring the Safety & Wellbeing Culture Award. Congrats to the nominees: DFP RecruitmentJV Recruitment, and Protech Group.

Don’t miss the sneak preview of our brand-new platform, Xeople We’re so excited to finally share what we’ve been working on.

Let’s celebrate the best recruitment agencies in Australia with drinks, mingling, and maybe even dancing. See you there! 🥂

#TALENTX #RCSA #Recruitment

#Labourhire #Staffing #AllInOneSoftware

#WorkforceManagement #Saas #recruitmentawards

#talent #Australia #NewZealand

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Happy Pride Month, everyone!

Happy Pride Month, everyone! 🌈🎉 This month, we celebrate and uplift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community, recognizing their strength, resilience, and contributions to our society ❤️🧡. At Entire OnHire, we stand with our LGBTQ+ colleagues, clients, and partners in solidarity and support. We strive to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe, valued, and empowered to be their true selves 💚💜. Let’s continue to spread love, acceptance, and equality for all 💛💙.
#PrideMonth #LGBTQ#LoveWins 🏳️‍🌈

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Celebrate Western Australia Day with us!

🎉 Celebrate Western Australia Day with us! 🌞🌾
Join Entire OnHire in honouring the beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm-hearted people that make WA so special. From stunning beaches to stunning communities, let’s cherish this day together. Happy WA Day! 🎊

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And that’s a wrap on RCSA Australia and New Zealand’s Talent X.

And that’s a wrap on RCSA Australia and New Zealand‘s Talent X. 🎉🔥

Thank you to everyone who visited Entire OnHire. 🙏😊

A great day of learning and networking with the recruitment and staffing community in person! 🤩🤝

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you to everyone involved in organising the day!!

#TALENTX #LoveYourWork #AllInOneSoftware

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Ready to streamline your staffing process?

Ready to streamline your staffing process? 📊

Try Entire OnHire, Australia’s leading staffing software solution! Our powerful features and user-friendly interface make it easy to manage your workforce efficiently. 💼💻 Empower your workers with the tools they need to succeed and take their productivity to the next level. Get started with Entire OnHire today and revolutionise the way your agency works. Visit our website to learn more 👉 https://bit.ly/45Oiqdf

#StaffingSolutions #EfficientWorkforce

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RCSA Australia and New Zealand industry awards night

We had an absolutely incredible time at the RCSA Australia and New Zealand Industry Awards Night last week!

From cruising through Sydney Harbour and marveling at the stunning lights of VIVID, to arriving at Luna Park and immersing ourselves in an awards night filled with inspiring individuals from the recruitment industry, it was an unforgettable experience.

Congratulations to all the winners and a special shout out to Protech Group for winning the Safety & Wellbeing Culture Award sponsored by Entire!

#EntireOnHire #RCSA #LoveYourWork

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Who said work and play can’t mix?

🌄📸 Who said work and play can’t mix? We may have left the office behind, but the camaraderie and team spirit stayed strong. From breathtaking mountain views to chai sessions by the bonfire, this adventure was an absolute blast! 😄✨
While it wasn’t an official company event, few of us from the Indian sales and marketing team members decided to take some time off together to recharge and bond. Because hey, we’re not just colleagues, we’re also friends!
A huge shoutout to everyone who made this trip unforgettable! We laughed, we explored, and we even discovered hidden dance talents (we won’t name names 😜). Thanks to all who joined us for making memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. 📸❤️
Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our unbeatable team! 💼🌟

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Boost your labour hire agency’s efficiency and compliance

📢 Boost Your Labour Hire Agency’s Efficiency and Compliance with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions! 🚀

Keen to revolutionise your labour hire agency? We’ve got you covered! Our latest blog reveals how cutting-edge software solutions can transform your agency’s payroll accuracy and compliance. 📈💼

Discover the power of advanced technology in streamlining your operations and ensuring smooth payroll processes. Say goodbye to manual calculations and time-consuming paperwork. 😌✅

🔗 Read the blog here: https://bit.ly/3Nms93o

Stay ahead of the competition and take your agency to new heights of success. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity! 💪💡

👉 Visit our blog and revolutionise your labour hire agency today! 👈

#LabourHire #SoftwareSolutions #PayrollAccuracy

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Happy King’s birthday

👑 Happy King’s Birthday! 👑
Today, we celebrate not only the birth of a king but also a well-deserved day off for all of us!
So, as you relax and indulge in this day off, let’s raise a toast to all the front line heroes and the thriving industries they represent! 🥂 Cheers to their invaluable contributions and the seamless functioning of our great nation.
Enjoy your day, everyone! 😄 Remember to make the most of this break and come back refreshed to conquer new challenges. And to our hardworking clients and their staff, we’re always here to support you.

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📣 Meet Meetu Jain! 🌟

📣 Meet meetu jain! 🌟

We are thrilled to introduce Meetu Jain, our incredible Senior Recruitment Manager, who joined our team in July 2021! 🎉

Not only does Meetu excel at finding top talent, but she also brings a unique passion to our workplace. When she’s not matching great candidates with the perfect opportunities, Meetu enjoys immersing herself in the serene world of religious mantras and exploring beautiful temples around the world. 🙏🕌

And that’s not all! We’re overjoyed to share that Meetu recently welcomed a precious addition to her family—a lovely baby girl! 💖👶

Join us in congratulating Meetu on her accomplishments and sending warm wishes to her and her growing family! 🎊

Stay tuned for more exciting team introductions as we showcase the incredible individuals behind our success. 🤝

To know more about our team 👉 https://bit.ly/3Co6UYn

#MeetTheTeam #WorkplacePassions #CongratulationsMeetu

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Discover the world of recruitment agencies

📢 Discover the world of recruitment agencies! Our new blog post provides valuable insights into their services, starting a recruitment agency in Australia, how they benefit employers, and industry-specific expertise. Don’t miss out on this must-read resource to unlock career opportunities or enhance your hiring strategies.
Read it now: https://bit.ly/3Nermju
#RecruitmentAgency #CareerGrowth #HiringSolutions

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Staff testimonial: Dion

⭐️👏🌟 Employee Spotlight 🌟👏⭐️

At Entire OnHire, we believe that our true strength lies in our exceptional team. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our inspiring employees and share their story.

Introducing Dion Hatziladas, a Client Growth Consultant who brings enthusiasm and expertise to our dynamic organization. Dion’s passion for creating a thriving work culture and achieving success is truly commendable.

If you’re looking to be part of a growing and vibrant team, keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities at Entire OnHire. Visit https://bit.ly/42QrjAr to take the first step towards joining a team that values teamwork, innovation, and a supportive work culture.

#WorkinTech 💻 #StaffingSoftware 📊 #PeopleofEntire 🙌 #EntireOnHire 🌟

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Entire OnHire: Your ultimate end-to-end solution

🌟 Introducing Entire OnHire: Your Ultimate End-to-End Solution! 📱💼💰

Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems! Entire OnHire is here to revolutionise your business operations with its integrated platform. 🎉

Key features:
🔀 Streamlined Allocations
🗓️ Simplified Rostering
💸 Hassle-free Finance
📲 Mobile Apps on the Go

✅ Improved efficiency and productivity
✅ Seamless resource allocation
✅ Easy shift and schedule management
✅ Effortless financial tracking and payroll
✅ Real-time access via mobile apps

Stay ahead of the competition and transform your business today! Request a demo of Entire OnHire and experience the power of integration. 💼💪
Learn more at https://bit.ly/3NjKRqT.
#EntireOnHire #StreamlineOperations

#BoostProductivity #MobileApps

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Unlock your business potential

As we look to the future, flexibility will be the key to unlocking your business’s potential, especially in the vibrant, ever-evolving staffing landscape of Australia. 🇦🇺🌏

That’s where we step in! 💼💡Our cutting-edge staffing software is designed to empower companies with the flexibility needed to attract, retain, and manage top talent. From intuitive scheduling to seamless payroll management, we provide the tools you need to streamline your hiring process, ensuring that your business always stays one step ahead. 🚀

Are you ready to embrace the future of staffing? Dive into the world of #EntireOnHire and experience the edge in staffing solutions. 🎯 To know more 👉 https://bit.ly/3NwNHJe

#FutureofWork #HiringExcellence

#Flexibility #AustraliaStaffingSoftware

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Harnessing technology to elevate your staffing agency

📣Discover the power of technology in transforming your staffing agency!

In our latest blog, “Harnessing Technology to Elevate Your Staffing Agency: A Strategic Approach to Revenue Growth,” you’ll uncover how tools like invoicing software, payroll systems, workforce apps, and recruitment software can boost your revenue across diverse sectors.

💼Get tips on streamlining financial processes, managing your dispersed workforce, recruiting top talent, and more. Plus, get introduced to Entire OnHire, an all-in-one solution for your staffing needs.

Don’t miss out on this game-changer! Start reading today ➡️ (https://bit.ly/3NBiDs3…)

#StaffingAgency #Technology #EntireOnHire #RevenueGrowth

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🌟🏆 Star performers announcement 🏆🌟

🌟🏆 Star Performers Announcement! 🏆🌟
Join us in applauding our team members whose efforts have shone brightly in this quarter!
⭐ April:
🔹 Outstanding Performers: Vinay Raj Nehra & Shubham Kumar Singh. Your dedication sets the bar! 🏅
🔹 Budding Star: Oscar Jeffrey. Your potential lights the way! 🌟
⭐ May:
🔹 Outstanding Performer: Cozette Crimp. Your commitment boosts our success! 🏅
🔹 Budding Star: Dion Hatziladas. Your progress is awe-inspiring! 🌟

Stay tuned for the announcement of our June winners in the coming weeks, which will be unveiled alongside our Annual awards.

Congratulations to our shining stars! Your hard work motivates us all.

#OutstandingPerformer #BuddingStar #EmployeeRecognition

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Hour of power Diversity & Inclusion

📸 Here’s a little #throwback to our latest Hour of Power session! A hearty conversation about the importance of #Diversity and #Inclusivity resonated through our virtual walls.

In this vibrant gathering, we dove deep into the enriching aspects of embracing different perspectives, cultures, and ideas within our organisation. We reminded ourselves that our strength truly lies in our diversity and that each one of us contributes to the unique tapestry that is our team.

Here’s to building a more inclusive environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Remember, we are not just a team; we are a global family united by shared values and objectives. 🌍🌈💪

Stay tuned for more insights from our Hour of Power sessions!
#InclusionMatters #WeAreOne

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Streamline your hiring process with healthcare recruitment software

📢 Attention Labour Hire Agencies in Healthcare! 🏥💼

Struggling to meet the demand for skilled professionals? Traditional hiring methods giving you headaches? We have the solution for you! Check out our latest blog: “Streamline Your Hiring Process with Healthcare Recruitment Software.”

🔗 Discover how healthcare recruitment software is revolutionising the industry and optimising the hiring process for agencies like yours. From applicant tracking to staff scheduling, this software is a game-changer. Join the wave of modernisation in healthcare staffing. Visit our blog and unlock the potential of healthcare recruitment software for your agency’s success.

🔗 https://bit.ly/3XUBBi9

Together, let’s build a stronger workforce for a healthier future! 💪🌍

#HealthcareRecruitment #StaffingSolutions
#LabourHireAgencies #RecruitmentSoftware

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Meet the team (Himanshu Verma)

🚀Meet Himanshu Verma, the creative brain behind the sleek and intuitive design at Entire OnHire. Joined us in November 2021, his touch of magic 🎨has transformed the way our platform looks and feels!

In his free time, Himanshu loves to explore the world 🌍, bike through scenic routes 🚴‍♂️, enjoy a good movie 🎬, and cheer for his favorite sports teams 🏈. His passion for travel and adventure translates into his work, bringing a breath of fresh air into every project he touches.

Cheers to Himanshu 🥂- making the complex simple, the ordinary extraordinary, and our user experience unbeatable!

#TeamSpotlight #EntireOnHire

#UIUXDesigner #EmployeeSpotlight

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Tips to streamline your recruitment process

💼💡 Hiring efficiently is crucial to the growth of your business! Here are some top tips to streamline your recruitment process.

Clarity is Key 🔑: Before posting a job, outline a clear and detailed job description, including key skills and expectations. This helps attract the right candidates.
Leverage Technology 🖥️: Utilise HR technology for applicant tracking, skill assessment, and streamlined communication. This helps save time and resources.
Culture Fit 👥: Skills are important, but don’t forget to consider how well a candidate fits within your company’s culture.
Speed is Essential ⚡: The best candidates are often off the market quickly. So, speed up your hiring process to secure top talent.
Feedback Loop 🔄: Always seek feedback from your candidates and new hires. Their input can help you optimise your hiring process.
By following these tips, you can hire effectively and ensure your team is equipped with the best talent! 💥 Click the link below👇 to dive deep into efficient hiring strategies and become a hiring hero today! 🦸‍♂️

#TipTuesday #HiringTips #RecruitmentAdvice #EfficientHiring

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Congratulations to our amazing employees on reaching significant work milestones

🎉🎉 Congratulations to our amazing employees on reaching significant work milestones! 🎉🎉

We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Rikesh Pathak and Animesh Matiman on completing 3 years with us, and Ashwani Kumar Vishwakarma on reaching the 5-year milestone!

Your dedication, hard work, and commitment have contributed immensely to our growth and success. On behalf of the entire company, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to you all. 🎉🌟

To know more about our team 👉 https://bit.ly/3JQCUZg

#WorkAnniversary #EmployeeAppreciation

#Teamwork #Achievement

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🎉 Welcome to our new team members at Entire OnHire 🌟

🎉 Welcome to our new team members at Entire OnHire! 🌟
At Entire, we value teamwork, creativity, and growth. 🌈💼 We’re excited to see how your unique abilities will contribute to our success. 💪
Join our supportive community and make an impact at Entire OnHire! 🚀💼 We’re here to help you every step of the way. 🤝❤️
To know about our career opportunities 👉 https://lnkd.in/eQNQhAe
#WelcomeNewMembers #JoinUsAtOnHire #MakeAnImpact

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🌟 Empowering Australian youth for a bright future 🌟

🌟 Empowering Australian Youth for a Bright Future! 🌟

On World Youth Skills Day, July 15th, we recognise the crucial role of skilled youth in driving Australia’s economic progress. At Entire OnHire, we’re dedicated to supporting our Australian youth in achieving their career dreams, making a positive impact on tomorrow’s society. Let’s prioritise soft skills, upskilling, and reskilling to equip them for success. Join us in celebrating and empowering our youth!

#WYSD #YouthSkills #Upskilling

#Reskilling #EntireOnHire

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Western Australia’s ‘job vacancy crunch rate’

🤔 Did you know that Western Australia currently has approximately 53,000 job vacancies? This fascinating statistic reveals that Australian businesses are actively seeking staff but encountering challenges in filling these positions.

🧐 Interestingly, does WA face the highest job vacancy rate among all states and territories in Australia? Western Australia’s ‘Job Vacancy Crunch Rate,’ which measures the number of job vacancies as a proportion of the working-age population not in the labor force, stands at 10%. To learn more, check out the article by the Institute of Public Affairs here: https://bit.ly/3OjF8TX

🌎 In light of this situation, could it be worth considering recruitment efforts from both the local and international pool of top talent?

👥 If you are looking for hiring and managing staff, would you be interested in the support provided by Entire OnHire as your recruitment and staffing software?

💁‍♀️ Feel free to reach out to us for more information or assistance 👉 https://bit.ly/3XYahQ2

🌐 #TipTuesday #recruitment #Australia #WA

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🌟 Exciting updates for those working in the hospitality industry ✨

🌟 Exciting Updates for Those Working in the Hospitality Industry! ✨

Come explore our latest blog post, where we uncover the bright prospects of hospitality staffing. 📚🌟

Examine technology-driven solutions that can elevate customer service standards, simplify hiring procedures, and enable effective employee management techniques. 🤝💼

Employ AI assistance along with automation tools and explore other technological advancements that facilitate improved efficiency measures while simultaneously cutting costs, all aimed at delighting your valued customers. 🚀

Make sure you head over to our blog [https://bit.ly/46Swva5…] to enjoy an enlightening read on this subject matter. 📖✨

And here’s wishing continuous triumphs for this rewarding industry! ☕🎉

#HospitalityIndustryInsights #TechnologyDrivenHospitality #RevolutionisingStaffing

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Revolutionising Hospitality Staffing

🌟 Exciting Updates for Those Working in the Hospitality Industry! ✨

Come explore our latest blog post, where we uncover the bright prospects of hospitality staffing. 📚🌟

Examine technology-driven solutions that can elevate customer service standards, simplify hiring procedures, and enable effective employee management techniques. 🤝💼

Employ AI assistance along with automation tools and explore other technological advancements that facilitate improved efficiency measures while simultaneously cutting costs, all aimed at delighting your valued customers. 🚀

Make sure you head over to our blog [https://bit.ly/46Swva5…] to enjoy an enlightening read on this subject matter. 📖✨

And here’s wishing continuous triumphs for this rewarding industry! ☕🎉

#HospitalityIndustryInsights #TechnologyDrivenHospitality


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Meet Varun Rawat, our Client Growth Operations Lead!

👋 Meet Varun Rawat, our Client Growth Operations Lead! 🚀

Varun joined our team in March 2021, and has been crushing it ever since. When he’s not driving growth for our clients, you can find him indulging in his many hobbies. He’s a poet at heart and loves reciting his work to anyone who’ll listen. 🎤📝

Not only is Varun an incredibly talented poet and artist, but he’s also a pro at driving growth for our clients. 🔍💼 With his sharp analytical skills and strategic mindset, he’s able to identify opportunities and create customized solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals.

We’re lucky to have Varun on our team, and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things he’ll accomplish in the future! 🌟

#MeetTheTeam #ClientGrowth

#OperationsLead #VarunRawat

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Lest we forget. Today, we remember and honor the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. We are forever grateful for their courage, dedication, and service to our country. Let’s take a moment to reflect on their sacrifices and the legacy they left behind. Learn more 👉 Anzac Day Services in Australia | Department of Veterans’ Affairs (https://bit.ly/41Cbm0Q)

#AnzacDay #LestWeForget #EntireOnHire

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! At Entire, we believe in doing our part to protect the planet and promote sustainability. That’s why we’re proud to be a staffing software company that follows a hybrid model of work, combining the benefits of remote work with the value of in-person collaboration.
But that’s not all! Our staffing software solutions help labour hire companies reduce waste and optimize operations for efficiency.

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Witness the Power of Our Onboarding Tool: 12,450 New Recruits Onboarded in 2023 So Far!

👀 Attention everyone!

We have some exciting news to share 🎉! Our latest data shows that our onboarding tool has helped onboard 4,340 new workers for our clients in the month of March alone 🙌. That’s a total of 12,450 new recruits onboarded so far this year 💪!

By using our onboarding tool, our clients are accessing the widest range of candidates and onboarding them more efficiently than their competition 😎. It’s clear that our tool is making a huge impact, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share these incredible results with you all! Stay tuned for more updates and keep onboarding those new recruits like champs 💪!

To book a demo visit: https://bit.ly/41nrCTj

#EntireOnHire #Recruitment

#Hiring #Efficiency

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Core Value Award Winners

Staff Appreciation 🏆!

Yay, it’s time to celebrate our amazing staff 🎉! Give it up for our fantastic team members who have won the quarterly core value awards 🏆. These folks are always going above and beyond to deliver outstanding work and reach for the stars 🚀. We even had some rockstar nominees who made it difficult to choose a single winner, so we decided to award them with joint honors 🤝. Well done to all the nominees; it’s a wonderful achievement in itself to be recognized by your peers and managers. Keep up the fantastic work everyone as we ramp up toward the Annual Awards🔥.

The winners are…

Ashwani Vishwakarma 💚 X Factor

Varun Rawat 💜 Elastic

Priyanka Nischal (CSM) 💚 Ownership

Vikas Dubey 💜 Peak

Rajesh kumar 💚 Loyalty

Subhojit Chakravorty & Hannah Hutchinson 💜 Enjoy

#EntireOnHire #EntireOnHireRewards #EntireOnHireRecognition

#TeamEntireOnHire #LifeAtEntireOnHire

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New Blog Post: Silver linings in the Australian cost of living crisis…?

Looking for ways to make a positive impact on the lives of young Australians during the cost of living crisis? 🤔 Our latest blog post explores how temp staffing agencies can be the heroes in this situation. 💪 Discover unique opportunities to combat the candidate shortage and reach out to potential candidates by partnering with local TAFEs and universities. 🎓 Spruce up your social media presence to connect with technology natives and empower your workforce with mobile tools like Entire OnHire. 📱 Check out the full post on our blog 👉 https://bit.ly/3mI7egv and be the knight in shining armor that young people need. ⚔️

#labourhire #costoflivingcrisis

#youngaustralians #staffingsoftware #mobiletools

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Hiring Outside the Box-RCSA Webinar

Looking to expand your candidate pool beyond traditional constructs? Join Dominic O’Hearn, Head of Customer Engagement at Entire OnHire, for a thought-provoking conversation about rethinking the cookie-cutter candidate. 🤔💭👥👥👥

He will be joined by panelists Jillian Asquith from Asquith Workforce and Kurt McLachlan from Xceptional, to talk about their respective experiences placing and hiring candidates from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and the neurodivergent community. 🤝🏽👥🏽👥🏽

The session will explore misconceptions, challenges, success stories and provide a new perspective on hiring. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can provide real opportunities for candidates who fall outside traditional definitions of a “perfect candidate”. 🌟💡👀

Register now 👉 Hiring Outside the Box (https://bit.ly/43xObpY) for the live webinar via Zoom on Thursday, 4th May 2023 at 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm AEST | 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm NZST. 📅🕐💻
Thank you to the RCSA Australia and New Zealand for hosting!

#rethinkingcandidatepool #diversityandinclusion

#recruitmentwebinar #EntireOnHire 🌟🌍👥💼

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Client Testimonial: Connect Staffing Group (Paul Morrison)

Being mentioned as a key player in the success story of a client is truly priceless. 🙌 We developed Entire OnHire as the ultimate platform for on-hire staffing agencies to maintain the quality of their service to clients and workers as they grow. 💼 We wholeheartedly believe in our software and hear stories just like these every day, but to see it in print is the cherry on top. 🍒 We are proud to be the tech partner to Paul John Morrison MAICD and the Connect Staffing Group. 👨‍💼👩‍💼
If you’re looking for a software solution to grow your staffing agency just like Paul, be sure to book a demo 👉 https://lnkd.in/eq-NvyjT of Entire OnHire today! 💻
To read the full article, click here 👉 https://lnkd.in/dE7bszwK
#staffingsoftware #recruitmentaustralia

#temprecruitment #EntireOnHire

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Meet Georgie, Our Customer Success Hero: Providing Expert Guidance for Your Business

👋🏼 Meet Georgina Ganson!

At Entire OnHire, we’re committed to providing top-notch customer service with the help of our Senior Account Manager, Georgie. 🤝💼💡

When she’s not being a customer success hero, Georgie enjoys spending time with her husband and fur babies at her beautiful country home, attending concerts, and playing footy. ⚽️🐾🏠🎵

This stunning photo captures Georgie on her special day in 2022. 💍💕

Don’t forget, account management is available for customers on silver and above packages. Contact our support team to learn more! 📞💻👩🏼‍💻

#entireonhire #recruitmentsoftware #staffingsoftwareaustralia

#meettheteam #customersuccess #labourhire

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Blog Post: Temporary Staffing Challenges

Attention all business owners in Australia! 📢 Are you struggling with temporary staffing challenges? 🤔 Look no further! The experts at Entire OnHire 🤝 have shared their insights on overcoming key challenges for effective workforce management. From managing multiple agencies to ensuring compliance, their blog post has got you covered. 🙌 Check it out now 👉 https://bit.ly/3GvBiT4 and take your temporary staffing game to the next level! 💼🚀
#workforcemanagement #temporarystaffing

#EntireOnHire #Australia 🇦🇺

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the team at Entire OnHire! 🐣🍫🐰

To our baristas, nurses, labourers, allocators and all those in between who are working through the public holidays, we are grateful for the work you do. Thank you for keeping Australia running. 🙌

Follow our page for more updates.

#easter #happyeaster #easteraustralia #EntireOnHire

#staffingaustralia #casualrecruitment #labourhireaustralia

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Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday from the Entire OnHire team! 🎉🐰🍫

Our Australia office will be closed for the long weekend, but fear not – our support team will be running as usual to ensure that all of our clients receive the assistance they need. 💪👍

If you’re taking time off, we hope you enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. And don’t forget to indulge in some delicious chocolate treats! 🍫🐣

#HappyEaster #GoodFriday #LongWeekend #

EntireOnHire #LabourHireSoftware #EmployeeOnboarding

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Conquer Your Staff Scheduling and Management Monsters with Entire OnHire

Struggling to fill your shifts and managing your staff?
Workforce management can be a monster task – but fear not, there is a silver bullet.

Entire OnHire’s all-in-one labour hire software solution slays the staff scheduling and management monster with one stroke, enabling labour hire agencies to scale quickly and easily.

See – not so scary after all.

To book a demo 👉 https://lnkd.in/eq-NvyjT

#WorkforceManagement #ShiftScheduling

#StaffManagement #LabourHire #LabourHireSoftware

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Meet Our New Mascot!

Meet our new mascot! 👋

You may have noticed this little guy zooming ⚡ across our home page and starting to appear in other corners of our branding. As the most powerful vehicle for growth in the Australian labour hire staffing landscape, Entire OnHire delivers security and scalability. 🦺⛰️

We are the secret weapon 😉 behind Australia’s best staffing agencies. 🇦🇺 If you’re ready to gain new ground and win the war for talent, hop aboard!

#EntireOnHire #RecruitmentSoftware #WorkforceManagement #StaffingAustralia #LabourHireAustralia #StaffingAgenciesAustralia

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Blog Post: Create a Stress-free Onboarding Experience

Are you struggling to retain top talent in your organization? One key factor that may be hindering your employee retention efforts is a stressful onboarding experience. 😩

Check out our latest blog post on how to create a stress-free onboarding experience that sets your employees up for success and keeps them engaged in the long run 👉📖💻 https://lnkd.in/dAWMpgcF

Investing in your employees’ onboarding experience can pay dividends in terms of employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Start improving your onboarding process today with Entire OnHire. 💪🚀

#EmployeeRetention #OnboardingExperience 

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Get to Know Jo Wilson: Our Enthusiastic People and Operations Manager.

Meet Jo Wilson! 👋

Having joined our team in July 2022 as People and Operations Manager for Australia, we’ve been so impressed with her enthusiasm and dedication to our company.

When Jo’s not busy keeping our team organised and on track, you can find her exploring the theatre 🎭 and art exhibits 🖼️, reading biographies 📚, practicing yoga 🧘, or spending time with her family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. Speaking of which, Jo has three children, Kate, Braden, and Alana, with a 20-year age gap between the eldest and youngest.

Jo’s adventurous spirit has taken her to some incredible places, like the North Pole 🎅 for Christmas 🎄 and a garden party 🎉 at Buckingham Palace.

We feel incredibly lucky to have Jo on our team and can’t wait to see all the amazing things she’ll continue doing here. 🤗
#MeetTheTeam #PeopleAndOperationsManager

#Australia #OfficeCulture #EntireOnHire #HR

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Revolutionise Your Labour Hire Business with Entire OnHire’s Industry-Leading Software

Looking for an efficient solution to manage your labour hire business? Look no further than Entire OnHire’s industry-leading labour hire software! 💻🚀

Our software is designed to streamline your business operations and optimise your recruitment process. With features such as automated onboarding, shift scheduling, and real-time reporting, you can easily manage your workforce and focus on growing your business. ⏰📊

Our software is specifically tailored to the needs of the labour hire industry, providing you with the tools you need to manage your business effectively. Plus, our team of experts is always on hand to provide support and ensure that you get the most out of our software 👉 https://bit.ly/40D4oaU

Don’t let outdated systems slow you down. Upgrade to Entire OnHire’s labour hire software today and take your business to the next level! Visit our website to learn more. 💪🏽💼

#LabourHireSoftware #StreamlineYourHiring #WorkforceOptimization

#RecruitmentAutomation #EfficientBusinessOperations #RecruitmentAustralia

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Revamp Your Australian Staffing Agency with Entire OnHire: Efficiency at its Best

Imagine paying more money for less efficiency… couldn’t be us. 🤑💸

With Entire OnHire, you can bring all the different facets of your Australian staffing agency into a single system. Improve your business operations with the most powerful software for casual labour hire in Australia. 💪🏽📈

It’s time to trim the fat and reap the benefits! 🌟👌🏼

#EntireOnHire #staffingsoftware #labourhire

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Join Us in Celebrating Earth Hour: Let’s Unite for a Sustainable Future

The Earth is our only home, and it’s time we take responsibility for its well-being. Earth Hour isn’t just about turning off the lights for an hour. It’s a symbolic reminder that we need to make changes in our everyday lives to protect the planet. Let’s pledge to do our part in ensuring a sustainable future! Join us at 8:30 pm AEDT for #EarthHour2023 ! 🌍 🌱 🌿 💚
#EntireOnHire #GreenFuture #Sustainability

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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

#EndRacialDiscrimination 🚫🤝🏼🤝🏾🤝🏿

Entire OnHire has racial and ethnic diversity at its core. 🌍🧑🏽‍🦱👩🏻‍🦳🧔🏿‍♂️Spread across two countries, and servicing a diverse client base, racial awareness and acceptance is in our bones. 💪🏽🌈❤️

As part of our weekly Hour of Power, a mandatory session where our whole company comes together, we have spent several sessions on the topic of our diversity. Covering the wonderful differences between language, daily life, customs, foods, holidays, and much more, Entire OnHire is committed to celebrating the unique people behind the product. 🎉👥🎊🌶️🥮🎁

Entire OnHire is committed as always to empowering people, and we see no place for racial discrimination in the workplaces of today or tomorrow. 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏾‍♂️🌟🌍

#EntireOnHire #endracism 🚫🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏼 #justiceforall ⚖️👥

#diversityandinclusion 🌈❤️👥 #endracialbias 🚫👥💔

#unityoverhate 🤝💕

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Happy International Day of Happiness!

🌟 Happy International Day of Happiness! 🌟
At Entire OnHire, we’re all about creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture that allows our employees to thrive and be their best selves.
The UN has put forward a goal to create “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all people.” We are happy to play our part in that dream.💕
Take a few moments out of your day to send an email or text message with some kind words. 💌 Bring flowers to work for someone who deserves them. 🌸 If you run a business, take pause to consider how your work environment plays into the happiness of your staff. We all spend a large percentage of our lives at work so it’s important that we create positive spaces with mental and physical wellbeing at their core. 😄
Let’s work together to create a happier world. 🌍
#InternationalDayOfHappiness #SpreadJoy


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Feature Update: Custom Form Builder

Are you tired of chasing workers and clients for incomplete information or approvals? Say goodbye to that hassle with Entire OnHire’s Form Builder feature! Our templated and custom forms are designed to help you standardize your data collection from clients and workers.
Our Form Builder feature allows for a variety of layouts, questions, sections, signatures, and declarations for your unique needs. You can create new forms from scratch or duplicate and edit them to save time.
Streamline your data collection with Entire OnHire’s new Custom Form Builder. Contact support today for a demo! 😊👍
#formbuilder #customisableforms

#streamlineprocess #timesaver


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Meet Sanjeev Kumar: Senior Software Engineer

Meet Sanjeev Kumar!👋

This friendly face joined Entire OnHire back in September of 2018. As the Senior Software Engineer in our marketing team, Sanjiv is the wizard behind everything that happens on our website. Whatever creative vision the team comes up with is masterfully developed and coded by Sanjiv.🖥️

When he’s not making the marketing team look great, Sanjiv spends his downtime swimming 🏊 and playing cricket 🏏. He is a core member of our company cricket team over in India and helped win the championship last year 🏆. Bonus fact: 🐕 he loves dogs and hopes to one day have a pup of his own.

#meettheteam #workintech #staffingsoftware

#staffappreciation #peopleofentire #entireonhire

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Happy Labour Day to All Our Hardworking Victorians and Tasmanians!

🎉 Happy Labour Day to all our hardworking Victorians and Tasmanians! 💪

Today, we’re celebrating the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to keep our society running smoothly. 🏃‍♀️ Whether you’re a nurse, a teacher, a barista, or a plumber, we salute you! 👏

So… let’s take a break from the daily grind, put our feet up, and enjoy a well-deserved day off. 🛋️ And don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work you do! 💆‍♂️

As usual, regardless of the local public holiday, our support team will be on deck to assist clients as needed.

#LabourDay #WorkersUnited #Australia

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Automate Your Onboarding Process

👀 How much are you relying on tech in your candidate onboarding?

Check out our latest blog to learn how to automate your onboarding process, choose the best software, and configure your employees’ accounts. 🌟 Read up on these game-changing tips and tricks today! 📖 👉 A revolution is on the way. Will technological advancements lead to a safer onboarding process? (https://bit.ly/3ZHJhEw)

#OnboardingProcess #OnboardingSoftware

#PayrollManagement #HRManagement #GameChangingTipsAndTricks

#HumanResources #casualstaffingagencies #tempstaffing


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Happy Holi From Entire OnHire

Happy Holi everyone! 🎉🎊
Today, our friends and colleagues in the Entire OnHire India office are taking the day off to celebrate Holi. This festival of colours is a celebration of the victory of good over evil.

As a business, we use this day to acknowledge our choice to work together in unity across international borders and different cultures. Amid the vibrant hues of gulal, we show gratitude for our colleagues and the willingness to learn from each other’s unique perspectives and enrich our professional lives.

We hope this Holi brings new colours to your life and strengthens the bond of love and friendship with your near and dear ones. Happy Holi to all those who celebrate! 🌈🌸🌺

#HappyHoli #FestivalOfColours #UnityInDiversity

#CrossCulturalBonding #AustraliaIndiaFriendship

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Women at Entire OnHire on International Women’s Day!

Women in STEM.📱🖥️

At Entire OnHire, we often talk about the beautiful diversity at the core of business with a team that spans across two nations. Something I think we sometimes take for granted is the huge role that women play in our business, which is unfortunately still uncommon in Tech. 🌏Entire OnHire is made stronger every day by the women working in step with men, across departments and even oceans. We are so proud of the team we continue to build, and we know that our future success depends on maintaining a space where all people regardless of gender identity can succeed and thrive.💜💚

Pictured here are just some of the lovely women behind Entire OnHire.💪✌️

Happy International Women’s Day!

#IWD2023 #InternationalWomensDay #EntireOnHire

#PeopleofEntire #WomeninSTEM #WomeninTech

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Hour of Power at Entire OnHire!

🌟 Hour of Power at Entire OnHire! 🌟
Our whole team gets together online for an hour of learning every Friday afternoon, with a different colleague leading each session. 💻📈 With our unique spread across Australia and India, it’s easy to get caught up in our own work and lose sight of the company’s greater mission, or even what peers are working on.

By taking a moment to peek into other departments inner workings, we are all expanding our appreciation for each other’s strengths and working more effectively as a team. From tech, to marketing, to pop quizzes on Australian and Hindi expressions, we’re all growing together in line with our Core Value of Peak 🤝💪

A big shoutout to every staff member for their commitment to making these sessions a success! 🙌

#VirtualTeamwork #HourOfPower

#EntireOnhire #TeamSuccess

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Welcome to Our Newest Members of the Entire OnHire Team!

🎉 Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest members of the Entire OnHire team! 🎉

We are thrilled to have you onboard and look forward to working with you. We hope you have a great experience with us, learn new skills and build valuable connections. 🌟👨‍💻👩‍💻

At Entire OnHire, we encourage all team members to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate with your peers to make the most out of your internship. 💡💬🤝

Let’s make this a successful and fulfilling journey together. Welcome to Entire OnHire! 🎉👋

#Welcome #NewJoiners #EntireOnhire

#Teamwork #LearningOpportunities

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Zero Discrimination Day

Today, on Zero Discrimination Day, we at Entire OnHire stand with the global community in promoting equality and inclusiveness in the workplace. 💪 We are so proud to have created a staffing software that levels the playing field. 💜 Let’s create a more inclusive and diverse workforce together. 🌈
#ZeroDiscriminationDay #DiversityInclusionEquality

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Feature Alert: Advanced Infection Control

🚨 New feature alert! 🚨
From flu season to global pandemics, businesses need to be extra vigilant to protect their workforce from infection and stop the spread in its tracks. 😷 That’s why we’re excited to announce Advanced Infection Control, a cutting edge feature available today, helping our clients keep their worksites safe. 🛡️ Protect your team and your business with the best software on the market. 💪 Contact us today to learn more 👉 https://lnkd.in/d_MqEHc8
#COVID19 #workplacesafety #software

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How Automated Staff Scheduling Boosts Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Struggling with staff scheduling? 🤔 Automating the process can save you time and reduce errors. 😎 Our latest blog post explains how automation can improve employee satisfaction too! 😍 Check it out here 👉 https://lnkd.in/d3wsH-ji

#staffscheduling ⏰ #automation 🤖

#workforcemanagement 👥 #productivity 💪

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Celebrating World Day of Social Justice

Today on World Day of Social Justice 🌎🤝, we recognize the importance of ensuring that all workers 👨‍🔧👩‍💼👨‍🏭, no matter their gender 🚻, sexual orientation 🏳️‍🌈 or ethnicity 🌍👥, have access to opportunities and resources. With Entire OnHire’s staffing software 💻, we strive to level the playing field and empower all job seekers 👥💪 to reach their full potential.
#WorldDayOfSocialJustice #EmpoweringJobSeekers

#LevelThePlayingField #SocialJusticeMatters


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Client Testimonial-Complete Staff Solutions

We are so grateful for the positive feedback from our client, Complete Staff Solutions! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Entire OnHire’s staffing software, Stephen. 💯 It means the world to us that our software has helped streamline your staffing process and made a difference in your business. 🙏🏼 Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we will continue to work hard to provide exceptional service. 🌟
#EntireOnHire #StaffingSoftware

#ClientTestimonial #CustomerSatisfaction

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Get to Know Anas Siddiqui, the Client Growth Adviser!

Meet Anas Siddiqui! 🤝👋

This friendly face joined our Client Growth team back in June of 2022. When he’s not working with prospective clients to take their businesses to new heights, Anas is enjoying the finer things in life. 🍫☕️🌃

Dark chocolate, espresso, and evening vibes are some of his favourites, but the romantic flare doesn’t stop there. Anas had a former career as a writer and poet. 🖋️📝💕 To top it all off, his favourite colour is black. 🖤

Anyone who has met Anas will tell you that he is friendly and thoughtful, which suits him very well for his career with us at Entire OnHire. Keen for a demo of the system? Book one with him today! 📈💼

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!
At Entire, we believe the right software should feel like a partner, not a burden. If your recruitment software is making you do all the heavy lifting, it might be time to break up with it. Show yourself and your business some love this Valentine’s Day and switch to Entire OnHire’s staffing software.

#ValentinesDay #LoveAndStaffing #EfficientHiring

#StreamlineYourProcess #HappyHeartsHappyHiring



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Fall in Love with Entire OnHire this Valentine’s Day

Are you in love with your current staffing software? At Entire, we believe that finding the right tools to streamline and optimize your hiring process should be a love affair. With Entire OnHire’s automated staff scheduling, you can say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more efficient and effective way to schedule staff. So why settle for just okay when you can have the love of your life? Switch to Entire OnHire today 👉 https://bit.ly/3Yoe7B7

#StaffingSoftwareLove #OptimizeYourHiring

#EfficiencyWins #StreamlineYourProcess

#StaffingMadeSimple #StaffingRevolution


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International Day of Women & Girls in Science!

Today, on the International Day of Women & Girls in Science, we celebrate the incredible contributions and achievements of female scientists around the world. At Entire, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including the STEM fields. Everyone, regardless of gender, should have equal opportunities to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world. Here’s to all the women and girls breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation of women!

#WomenInSTEM #InternationalDayOfWomenAndGirlsInScience

#WomenInScience #ScienceForWomen



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Get to Know Dr. Geetanjali Chauhan, Senior Content Marketer!

Meet Dr. Geettanjali Chauhan, aka Dr. G!
It’s not every day you come across a copywriter with a PhD in microbiology 👓, but it’s just one of many things that make her special.

Geetanjali loves spending time with her husband, their adorable son Viraj, and their Labrador Retriever, Sasha. She’s passionate about driving and loves any excuse to dance 💃. She came to us in October 2021 and has been an integral part of the marketing team, writing blog posts, social copy, and heaps of other content.

#meettheteam #behindthebrand

#marketingteam #entireonhire #peopleofentire


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Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with Resume Parsing

Resume Parsing can take your recruitment process to new heights. At the click of a button, you can convert unstructured data into a structured format. Store, organize, and analyze resume data automatically – all without the risk of human error.

To see a live demo of this feature in action 👉 https://bit.ly/3l08wlY
#resumeparsing #productfeature

#growthmodule #entireonhire



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From Newbie to Nurturer: Gaurav Gupta’s Journey with Our Team

⭐Employee Spotlight ⭐

Entire OnHire is only as powerful as the people behind it. We love hearing what inspires our team. If you’re interested in joining a growing, dynamic organization, be sure to keep an eye on upcoming opportunities.

To learn more: https://lnkd.in/eQNQhAe

#employeesuccess #teamwork #workculture

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Welcome to the Team

Welcome aboard 🚀 to our newest member of the Entire OnHire family!
Himanshu Gogia has joined us as a senior business analyst in the product team and is looking forward to helping us continue to deliver the most complete and powerful platform on the market 📈. It’s so exciting to watch our team grow, and we can’t wait to see what Himanshu will accomplish with us 😃.
#entireonhire #peopleofentire #MeetTheTeam

#BehindTheBrand #techjobs #workintech


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How Staffing Firms Are Using Software to Address Their Biggest Recruitment Challenges in 2023

Are you investing in the business you’ve been running or in the business it could be in 5 years? Our latest blog post looks at how staffing firms are using software to navigate the biggest recruitment challenges of 2023. Learn how 👉 https://bit.ly/3jcXB7J
#technology #BusinessGrowth #EntireOnHire

#LabourHireSoftware #LabourHire


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Quarterly Core Value Winner Post

Staff Appreciation 🏆!

A big congratulations 👏 to the winners of our quarterly core value awards. Everyday, our team members are going above and beyond to deliver exceptional work and strive for new heights. Some of our staff received nominations across multiple categories, so we took the liberty of giving out a few joint awards. We applaud all the nominees who will no doubt have their time in the spotlight in quarters ahead for the amazing work they do.👍

The winners are…

Sanjeev Kumar 💚 X Factor & Ownership

Chetan Upadhyay 💜 Elastic & Ownership

Rob Wren 💚 Elastic & Ownership

Kamal Sunaria 💜 Enjoy

Vikas Rana 💚 Enjoy & Peak

Tony Lin 💜 Loyalty, Peak & Ownership

Lovneesh Goyal 💚 Ownership

Abhishek kumar Singh💜 Ownership & Peak

#EntireOnHire #EntireOnHireRewards

#EntireOnHireRecognition #TeamEntireOnHire



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India Republic + Australia Day

Did you know that India’s Republic Day is on the same day as Australia Day?
Entire OnHire is enjoying a day of rest on both sides of the pond today.

For those of you observing the public holiday, we hope it’s safe and restful.

As always, our support team is running business as usual and will be available to help you with any system queries today.

#australiaday #indianrepublicday #publicholiday


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Industry Report: Recruitment in the Education Sector

Do you work in the casual relief teacher staffing industry?
Read our free, detailed industry report 📄 on recruitment in the education sector. Download the report to learn about labour-hire staffing trends in the Australian education industry. 👩‍🏫🧑‍🏫
To learn more: https://bit.ly/3H1nrni

#industryreport #education #entireonhire

#recruitmentsoftware #labourhiresoftware #educationaustralia




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Have You Tried Our Talent Search

Search your ENTIRE database 🔎

Our Talent Search feature allows you to search, filter, and contact members, candidates, and applicants across your ENTIRE system. Filter by up to 28 properties to find the best possible people from within your records. View, email or SMS your workforce with ultimate efficiency using Talent Search. To find out more about this and other awesome features, visit 👉 https://bit.ly/3DxEZqf

Pro tip: used in conjunction with our Broadbean/Seek integrations and our CV parsing tool, your business will be unstoppable!

#TalentSearch #productfeature #growthmodule

#entireonhire #recruitment #allocations



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Happy Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)

The year of rabbit🐇 is coming!

Happy lunar new year 🧧🎉to all those who celebrate. It is said that the Year of the Rabbit will reward sacrifices of the past.

If you’ve had to suffer bad software in the past, maybe this year is the time to reward yourself with the most powerful tool in the recruitment market. 👀

#chinesenewyear #lunarnewyear #yearoftherabbit #cny2023

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Free Government Initiative

Did you know you can access FREE support to help you in hiring, recruiting, and training your staff❓

As a little Friday afternoon gift 🎁, we thought we’d point out this free government initiative.

Workforce Australia provides hiring assistance, assistance with trialling and training individuals, recruitment tips and guidance, and more. To learn more
👉 https://bit.ly/3XMg1uy

#hiring #recruiting #training #workforce


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Welcome to the Team

A big Entire OnHire welcome to the newest members of our team 👏. Dion and Oscar have joined us in the sales team, and are looking forward to helping you grow your business with the most complete and powerful platform on the market 📈.

It’s always exciting to see our team grow, and we can’t wait to see what Oscar and Dion will accomplish with us 😃.

#entireonhire #peopleofentire #salesteam #businessdevelopment #meettheteam



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Client Testimonial-Mark Tallon

We love reading your reviews on how #EntireOnHire makes your life easier – keep ’em coming!!! Customer satisfaction is our main focus, and helping clients achieve their business goals is what it’s we’re all about 🌱🌳.
We are grateful to our clients when they take the time to share their success stories ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

To find out what Entire OnHire can do for your business, check out our website: https://bit.ly/3w6yMgA

#Clienttestimonial #reviews #clientreview

#businessgrowth #clientappreciation


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New Boardroom in Action

New boardroom check!!
Our India office recently got a brand new boardroom, which of course calls for a group lunch and a photo op.

#entireonhire #peopleofentire #behindthebrand



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Xeople Sign!

Manage the digital document workflow and generate, submit, receive, and e-sign online documents using Xeople Sign. Save time with flexible workflow capabilities that allow you to automate and standardize critical processes with the ability to set the order of steps and recipients of documents.
Directly integrating into your Entire OnHire system, Xeople Sign helps make the process simpler by tracking and reminding the user of the status of the document until it is completed. No more follow-up emails!


To add Xeople Sign to your Entire OnHire system, contact our friendly support team today!

#XeopleSign #EntireSoftware #digitization

#documentmanagement #esign



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Industry Report on Recruitment in the Hospitality Sector

Are you working in the hospitality labour-hire industry?

Read our free, detailed industry report on recruitment in the hospitality sector. Download the report to learn about labour-hire staffing trends in the Australian hospitality industry, based on an extensive research-based analysis.
To learn more: https://bit.ly/3GvNXEU

#industryreport #hospitality #entireonhire

#recruitmentsoftware #labourhiresoftware



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How to Deal With a Candidate Shortage: A Recruitment Consultant’s Handbook

Many people in the contractual recruitment industry and the business world as a whole are worried about the lack of candidates. This is why they want to do something about it. There is a shortage of skills for Australian employers to choose from, so this blog will provide details on how recruitment agencies can successfully deal with a candidate shortage. Read on: https://lnkd.in/dzCwAqam

#candidateshortage #recruitment

#skillshortage #entireonhire #recruitmentsoftware



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Welcome to the Team

𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝑨𝒃𝒐𝒂𝒓𝒅 🚀 to the newest members of the Entire OnHire family 😊

It’s so exciting to watch our team grow as we take the company to new peaks. Wishing you all a great journey ahead & looking forward to working with you!! 👏

➣ Neelam Singh (Business Analyst)
➣ Nikhil Sharma (IT Recruiter)
➣ Srinidhi Krishnaswamy (Senior Business Analyst)
➣ Rishabh Verma (Associate Customer Support Lead)
➣ Bantee Kumar (Associate Software Engineer)
➣ Saroj Singh (Senior Business Analyst)
➣ Ankit Khanna (Associate Application Lead)

#NewHires #WelcomeTotheTeam

#Onboard #MeetTheTeam #BehindTheBrand


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Meet Robert Wren

👋🏻 Meet Robert!

Giving a shout-out today to our Project Implementation Consultant, Robert Wren. He joined the Entire OnHire team in June 2022. You might have come across him as your Entire OnHire system was being set up for your business. He enjoys most sports ⚽, the English Premier League, and music from the 1970s and 1980s 🎶. He has a caravan on Phillip Island and just recently passed his 37th wedding anniversary 🥂. His favorite memory is when he played Santa 🎅 for his eldest daughter, who was about 18 months old at the time, and it made her burst into tears (she knew nothing about Santa at that time).

#meettheteam #entireonhire #behindthebrand #team


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Happy New Year 2023

The new year brings 12 new chapters ⭐ and 365 new chances of beginning fresh and with a bang. Let the adventure begin… Entire OnHire wishes you all a very Happy New Year 🤩.
We wish you a warm and healthy holiday! 🍾⛄️

#ByeBye2022 🤟👋 #HELLO2023 #HappyHolidays🎅 #EntireSoftware #EntireOnHire


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