Why do business with Entire Recruit?

Great question, we’re glad you asked!

Our Story

Entire software was founded through a frustration with standard software that was inflexible, ugly and just plain difficult to work with, despite how much we tried to adapt our business around it. Our belief is that that sophisticated software development and products should be accessible, affordable and simple for any company, large or small. Entire’s philosophy was born through an international investment which leads to our Indian office in New Delhi.

Our international team is lead by intelligent business analysts who work with your ideas and needs, coordinating your business strategies into simple, accessible technology applications for your clients and staff. We provide software project management, business analysis, software development, testing and specialist technological innovation, delivering secure, successful software solutions for all business sizes and industries.

Core Values

What we stand for and how we do business


Integrity: always do the right thing

We are hold ourselves to a higher moral standard. We treat our employees like family. We don’t tolerate lying, cheating or stealing to get ahead or for selfish interests. We speak to others with respect, regardless of their status or position. We stand up to bullies and protect the “little guy” if we can. We do not gossip but instead are open and honest with our feedback to each other, our clients and our suppliers, to help each other grow.


Powered by learning and innovation

We are always looking for new ideas to improve ourselves, our products or our industry. We love seeking out new efficiencies and are always looking for faster, cooler and better ways of operation. We open to try new things and make mistakes because we know this helps us learn, grow and develop. We place immense value on training, education and we prioritise time spent to educating ourselves, and then applying that knowledge.


Perfect in preparation, flexible in reality

Failure to prepare is absolutely preparing to fail. Whether for a presentation, a support ticket, a new feature development, every role requires effort and planning if you want the best result, there is no exception to this. However, we are also realistic and know that you can’t be rigid in today’s world where things rarely go to plan! That’s why we stay calm, breathe deep and adapt when s*** hits the fan.


Accountable and proactive problem solvers

We take responsibility for our mistakes, or those of others on our team. Rather than blame others or look for excuses, we instead “own” the problem and solve it by taking massive, decisive action to the best we can, rather that sitting idle waiting for help. Our best people are those that proactively solve issues before they escalate, without needing to be told.


Enjoy the journey

We believe having fun and being serious about our work are not mutually exclusive. Success is most rewarding when it’s in a positive environment, supported by great friends.  Whilst not always easy, we believe in practicing positive enthusiasm wherever possible. Attitude is everything.


Dominate, as a team

Make no mistake, Entire are ultra-competitive and play not just to win, but to dominate. However, we believe the best achievements come when as a team, we set a goal, strive and achieve it. This is regardless if you’re a client, employee or partner, we believe in sharing the rewards when those goals are achieved. Our belief is a a champion team beats team of champions, every time and selfishness is not tolerated.


Fanatical care and commitment

We are intensely dedicated to our people, our clients and our products. We are deeply invested in our customer’s success, and want to be a big part in their wins. Most companies care about the what and when but we also care about the how, the why and especially the who. This commitment means high quality effort is mandatory and we will not accept laziness, apathy or shortcuts in any form.


Don’t #@!% the customer

Always thinking from the customers point of view. Whilst this is written tongue in cheek, we take having a customer centric approach very seriously. Many companies start off with great service, then slowly fail because they lose their customer focus, and start to make it all about themselves. Yes, we would all be much more productive without customers getting in the way, asking us dumb questions, wasting our time, but that’s kind of the point! Our careers, income, amazing products and ideas only get to exist because of the customer. Don’t forget it, and if you are unsure of any decision, stop and remember “think like a customer”.


Entire are always looking for amazing undiscovered talent in the software and business industry.
If you want to work on exciting projects in a fun and challenging environment then apply with us now.



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