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No more phone calls! EntireHR gives you the power to manage your clients effectively. The cloud based software helps companies schedule appointments and contact management. Client software that gives authority to request, manage and approve their own shifts.CRM software is highly customisable and allows businesses to manage employees, business contacts and clients. Cloud technology based software makes it easy to records clock-in and clock-out in single click and confirm shifts. These shifts can be as detailed, or as simple as you wish and can be accessed on Apple, Android and computer portal.

Features of cloud based CRM software

Manage bookings and schedule
Easily manage your clients and their staff availability
Send push notifications
Syncs your clients and staff calendars
Manage payroll, check-in and check-out
Booking software that is build upon your specifications


Live rosters

Client friendly roster management

With simple interface clients can manage their current roster or export/print as they need. Our customer relationship software makes rostering simple and is hassle free system that that eases HR and managers work load. This impacts in increasing efficiency, productivity and customer service. These roster are live so clients always know the status of what’s happening with their request, reducing repeat phone calls to you for check-ups. Roster management software eliminates difficultly related with building roster, shift availability and allocating shift to the most qualified staff. EntireHR is client friendly software that efficiently builds roster, automatically requests availability and manages shifts.



Digitalise your feedback process

After bookings, clients can complete performance rating of your staff, based on KPI’s which you create. Automated feedback and alerts can help in streamlining your business. This opens a HR appraisal ticket which can be managed entirely through the system, including documentation and further communication.


Online invoices

Live invoice tracking and reporting

Give clients a reason to use your staffing business. With invoice tracking, get organised and create invoices that stand out. Easily track time and bill against timesheets submitted and shifts they have booked. The invoice tracker shows you the hours you’ve already billed, helps streamline your invoicing process and makes it easier for clients to pay for your work. EntireHR provides 360 degree accountability for all parties and reduced debtor days.


Booking history

Full log of all shift history

Clients have access to a basic shift log history that tracks records all shift requests and their end point. Shift history shows when the shift was created, who created the shift, who was assigned to actual shift andshift timings.As an all in one staffing system this is invaluable for your clients peace of mind and your protection.


Approve timesheets

Superfast timesheet approval

Staffing software that can authorise timesheets in one click (on finger tap). We have simplified timesheet approval system. It is a one step review process. After successfully completing the assigned job, employees update clock-in and clock-out time. This automatically updates their timesheets and sends notifications to managers for instant approval. Clients can also view notes, alternations of shifts and the exact clock in/clock out logs created by staff and even raise queries against a timesheet. These come through as pre approved for your financial team, ready for instant payroll verification.


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