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How Entire OnHire is Empowering Temp Agencies with the Most Specialised Workforce Management System in Australia

How Entire OnHire is Empowering Temp Agencies with the Most Specialised Workforce Management System in Australia


Australia’s recruitment landscape is booming. Agencies across healthcare, hospitality, and various sectors are striving to connect top talent with ideal opportunities. However, many are bogged down by manual processes, compliance challenges, and inefficiencies. Entire OnHire is here to change that.

Introducing Entire OnHire’s Workforce Management System (WMS)

Entire OnHire's Workforce Management System Let’s imagine a scenario your agency knows all too well: you’ve received urgent request for 3 nurses from a client. With Entire OnHire’s fully integrated design, your system will search your database for staff whose qualifications, location and availability match the request. With the click of a button, your agency can push those available shifts straight to the Workforce App of your shortlisted candidates. Due to the pre-vetting done by Entire, the shifts are a perfect match for the nurses and your shifts will be covered within a few minutes. This efficiency means fewer missed opportunities, delighted clients and a more engaged remote workforce.

Designed by Recruitment Experts, for Recruitment Experts

Workforce Management Software in AustraliaEntire OnHire was first built by recruiters working in the fast-paced medical sector. Over the years, its development team has worked closely with staffing experts across Australia’s front line industries to ensure its features and infrastructure address the unique needs of this often overlooked niche. Our system simplifies operations, ensures compliance, and empowers you to focus on matching the right talent with the right opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits:

Matchmaking Made Easy

  • Resume Parsing: From recruitment through to allocations, ensure all the candidate information is accurate and searchable.
  • Powerful Search Tools: Quickly find the ideal candidate with advanced search and filtering capabilities.

Workforce Mobile AppHappy Candidates, Happy Clients

  • User-Friendly Mobile App: Keep your talent pool engaged and in control with a seamless mobile experience.
  • Staff request in seconds: Using Entire’s mobile-friendly Client Portal, clients can put in staff requests with their choice of preferences from anywhere and at anytime.

In-Built Compliance

  • Automated Compliance Checks: Ensure adherence to industry regulations effortlessly.
  • Integrated Timesheet Tracking: Simplify timesheet management and reporting.

Scalability for Growth

Your agency is built to scale, and so is our Workforce Management System. Manage a large and diverse workforce across multiple locations with ease, knowing your system can grow with you.

Here’s a glimpse at a real customer success story:

Entire OnHire is Empowering Temp Agencies Contract Care leveraged our Workforce Management System to streamline operations, scale their workforce, and achieve rapid growth.

  • Bespoke candidate experience: Advanced search functions mean staff are only sent relevant opportunities. No notification fatigue!
  • Compliance Management: Ensured 100% adherence to industry regulations.
  • Scalable Growth: expanded the workforce by 50% within six months.

Chloe Muyesser started Contract Care with a vision to positively influence the aged care sector. Entire OnHire’s system enabled maximum efficiency and allowed her to grow her workforce, client base and internal team in record time without sacrificing quality.

Fuel your growth with valuable resources.

  • Entire OnHire Infographic: A visual breakdown of how our WMS can empower your agency. View the infographic.

Partner with Entire OnHire and Unleash Your Agency’s Potential

Don’t let outdated systems hold you back. Entire OnHire is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving sustainable success in the competitive Australian market.

Ready to Transform Your Staffing Agency? Partner with Entire OnHire Today!

To learn more about our onboarding process, you can access a step-through guide here.

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