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Its time to ditch the old manual and time consuming process of payroll calculation and adopt the new age payroll software.The key component of running a successful business is payroll management. Moving ahead with the rapid advancement of technology, it becomes a necessity to gear up and follow what the industry demands. Because payroll is so complex, specially for on-hire and labour hire agencies as they have staff who work at multiple locations under many different levels of pay structures and qualification types. Manually it can take hours away from your core business which might lead to costly errors and delay in payroll processing. Most businesses now need a software that decreases the need for printing and make the work entirely paperless.

Choosing the right software that suits your business requirement is a hard decision to make. The most effective software acts a backbone to your system and instantly gives advantage in terms of time, cost and accuracy.

Being an expert in software industry, the must-have features to consider while choosing payroll software:

  1. Automates payroll processing

One of the major feature is payslip generation, automated calculation of payroll tax deduction, keeping track of clock in/out. HR team no longer has to do the tedious task of manually calculating tax deductions and salaries.

  1. Boost efficiency

The great benefit of these is they are also 100% accurate as all the timesheet information comes directly from the allocations module when the shifts are created.

  1. Manage large pool of employees

Managing staff becomes easier with software.  Most businesses have difficulty in scheduling shifts, tracking time in/out, calculate wages based on number of hours worked. entireHr eradicates all this and makes the process seamless and smooth.

  1. Timesheets

Highly efficient method for maintaining timesheet. Easy tracking of staff’s clock in /clock out time to maintain accurate timesheets.

  1. Support team

Support team should always be available for any software related queries.  A team that is always happy to solve your queries at the earliest.

  1. Payroll processing

Reduce the payroll processing time with a entireHR that gives absolute power to the payroll officer. The time taken to process a 1000 timesheets reduce from 3 days to just 4 hours for 1 finance officer.

  1. Tax calculation and filling

Determining tax amounts for each employee is a basic payroll function. Any product you consider should be able to handle federal/state/local income, Social Security, Medicare

  1. Accuracy

The great benefit is 100% accuracy in timesheets and payslips. The automated process reduces the chances of any error making it an error free system.

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