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How to choose ATS

Three Steps to Choosing the Best ATS

Driving an efficient recruitment process necessitates using the best recruitment software that meets all your demands. A software that allows you to generate fantastic job descriptions and submit them to different job boards and social media networks with a few clicks to attract top personnel. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the ideal solution for assisting you with all of these activities and managing large quantities of incoming applications while centralising and organising all of the candidates’ information.

Step 1 

Identify your recruitment requirements

Given the numerous ATS systems on the market, you must examine your recruitment needs before considering any alternative. Having a clear understanding of the difficulties you want to address or changes you want to make in your recruitment process will allow you to more sensibly evaluate the features and costs of any software you select to analyse and test.

Identify Your Requirements

Step 2 

Look for a tool that will help you improve your recruitment process

Look for an Applicant Tracking System that can do more than just manage your incoming applications. Your future recruitment tool must be innovative and agile to drive a successful recruitment process. So, in order to get the finest ATS for your organisation, seek software that:

Tool that improve Recruitment Process

1. Fits your company’s size and recruitment requirements

If you own a small business, your recruitment requirements will be undoubtedly different from those of a large corporation. Most likely, your small business does not require all of the same features as a larger business. This also applies in the opposite direction, and it is a critical point to consider while evaluating an ATS. You require a solution that meets your company’s requirements.

2. Provides an excellent user experience

You want software that is simple to use on a daily basis. Implementing an ATS is intended to simplify and streamline the recruitment process. You’ll save time and be more productive as a result. However, in order to generate the finest candidate experience, a fantastic user experience is also required. So, when evaluating an ATS, be sure to test the applicant side to check whether it matches your ideal experience standards. For example, is it accessible through mobile? Is it equipped with features that help to speed up the application process? These are just a few of the critical factors you must examine.

3. Has a fantastic analytics tool

An analytics tool is not included in every ATS package. However, assessing recruiting activities is critical for understanding the recruitment process and obtaining valuable data to help continuously evaluate and improve it. As a result, having a good analytics tool is essential. Choose an Applicant Tracking System that provides unique, interactive, and real-time reports so that you can easily access your figures and deliver a first-rate recruitment process.

4. Is scalable and adaptable

A successful Applicant Tracking System must allow for new features and enhancements, and it must be designed to scale smoothly as your firm grows. The optimal ATS must be adaptable to your company’s future needs. The finest solutions have modular plans that enable you to add features or upgrade packages as you go.

5. Provides the right features

You must clearly understand which elements you require to better your recruitment process. Most ATS solutions include basic functionality for automating candidate categorising and communication. However, there are additional capabilities that only a few software providers can genuinely make a difference and elevate your recruitment process: Among the many features are automated candidate screening, AI-powered ranking, personality assessments, pre-recorded video interviews, custom recruiting workflows, collaboration tools, and job posting to several job boards.

Step 3 

Rather than selecting a provider, choose a partner

When selecting an Applicant Tracking System, you must also consider the relationship you will form with its provider. It is critical to choose a business that will be there for you every step of the way so that you understand how to use and maximise your ATS. As a result, there are a few crucial questions about support and training that you should ask when looking for the best ATS for your company:

Choose a Partner
  • Will my organisation receive training throughout the implementation phase?
  • Is there any help documentation or FAQs included with the software to assist me in utilising it?
  • How does technical or customer assistance operate?
  • Will my organisation be assigned an Account Manager at the ATS company?

We understand that looking at Applicant Tracking Systems might be intimidating. So, the best thing to do is to search and compare 2 to 3 ATS that have good reviews and offer features you value. Then contact those providers and make inquiries; choose those you want to test and sign up for demo accounts; get feedback from recruiters, hiring managers, and IT; and compare usability, features, and pricing.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we’ll see you next time!

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