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How to Research the Best Recruitment Software for Your Staffing Business

How to Research the Best Recruitment Software for Your Staffing Business

As the economy recovers, recruitment software is becoming more and more essential for many businesses.  In January 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that the number of unemployed people had dropped 3.8% monthly. Although the rate was still higher than in January 2020, mainly due to COVID-19, it showed a continued downward trend. Recruitment […]

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Entire Recruit Integration with Ratescalc

Entire Recruit is Now Integrated With Ratescalc

Entire Recruit is excited to announce a first-class integration with the RatesCalc system, taking your recruitment and labour-hire business all the way from quote to pay, using one platform. The integration allows you to configure your pay codes in RatesCalc & then automatically have those rates update directly into the Entire Recruit payroll software, saving […]

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How 2020 forced us to Digital time sheets

How 2020 Forced us to Digital Timesheets

Social distancing is the new norm during the pandemic and work from home is a synonym for office. As a result, digital timesheets have redefined how we validate and verify our work as professionals. Time keeping and attendance systems have removed the need for manual processes for time sheets and are a blessing in disguise.   Whether it is the staff, client or workforce […]

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things recruitment software must have

The 3 Most Important Things Your Recruitment Software Must Have in 2021

Recruitment and Labour-Hire businesses go a long way to satiate the wants and desires of the powers that be through their perception versus perspective. A lot of it is lost in translation and government guidelines, pun intended.   What if there is an all-encompassing software in the market that looks at the recruitment process right from the advertisement or the […]

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risks of outdated software

What are the Risks of Having Outdated Software Post COVID-19

Just as plants must be watered and nurtured over their entire lifespan similarly when it is about the software lifecycle, it must be updated at regular intervals to keep it healthy and efficient. Now is as good a time as any to mitigate the risks of outdated software in a post-COVID world eventually.     Several ways in which software need […]

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what covid change in recruitment software

What COVID Changed in Recruitment Software?

With 2020 being one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory ending soon, recruitment software has come up with leaps and bounds with a plethora of options due to COVID and the advent of cutting-edge technology in the mainstream to add to the processes and workflows.    This in turn has enabled start-ups, scale-ups, small, medium […]

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How to measure the ROI of software

How to Measure the ROI of Your Software Solution

As the world plunges into the digital age, businesses are scrambling to get the best software solutions that could help improve their operations. However, there is no such thing as limitless spending. It would help if you were smart about which software solution to invest in.   Before you fully commit to one, you must […]

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Human Element Of Software Implementation

The Human Element of Software Implementation

When it comes to adopting and implementing new software for your labour hire business, there are a lot of critical factors you need to consider and account for.  The more of these critical factors you neglect, the higher the probability of failure and inability to get buy-in from your team. One critical factor that many […]

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