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How to Hire the Right People

What (Really) Goes Into Hire Right People That Works

Introduction  Regardless of the service or product you provide, the ideal team can make or break a business’s success. Hiring highly motivated and skilled employees can have a big impact on your potential to expand. However, recruiting these people and evaluating whether they are a good fit for your company and team can be challenging.  […]

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Entire Recruit Integration with Ratescalc

Entire Recruit is Now Integrated With Ratescalc

Entire Recruit is excited to announce a first-class integration with the RatesCalc system, taking your recruitment and labour-hire business all the way from quote to pay, using one platform. The integration allows you to configure your pay codes in RatesCalc & then automatically have those rates update directly into the Entire Recruit payroll software, saving […]

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what covid change in recruitment software

What COVID Changed in Recruitment Software?

With 2020 being one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory ending soon, recruitment software has come up with leaps and bounds with a plethora of options due to COVID and the advent of cutting-edge technology in the mainstream to add to the processes and workflows.    This in turn has enabled start-ups, scale-ups, small, medium […]

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buy-in for new software

The Simple Way How to Get Buy-In for Your New Software Launch

So, you’ve made the correct decision and purchased the best fit software for your business well done!! Since you made the right choice in software based on your business needs, it should all be smooth from here right? Sorry, wrong! In-fact, research shows that 50% of projects that fail, do not fail because the requirements were done incorrectly, rather, “lack […]

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RCSA & DOH choose Entire Recruit

RCSA & DOH Choose Entire Recruit to Power Surge Workforce Response

In an important move to assist aged care facilities in the current Covid-19 environment, the RCSA in partnership with Department of Health has created a program to provide urgent workforce assistance and help manage the Covid-19 outbreaks. Entire Recruit is proud to be the platform now powering this program. We strongly urge all healthcare agencies […]

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New opportunities post covid 19

New Opportunities Post COVID: Who Suffered, Who Prospered, and What Happens Next in Recruitment & Labour-Hire Now?

“How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the Australian employment and recruitment markets?” The feedback from our clients is that it has actually been very different per industry and even the type of recruitment, which has been surprising. Permanent recruitment for the most part completely dropped across the board, except for high-level healthcare positions. The reason for […]

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