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Revolutionise Your Labour Hire Agency: Boost Payroll Accuracy and Compliance with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

Introduction Labour hire agencies in Australia face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their payroll and staying compliant with ever-changing labour laws. Managing payroll is a critical yet complex process for businesses of all sizes. With changing regulations and requirements, it is essential to ensure that your payroll management is both accurate as well […]

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Technology's Impact on the Labour Hire Market

Technology's Impact on the Labour Hire Market: A Comprehensive Analysis

Understanding the impact of technology on the labour hire market can be a challenging task. Although it can bring about both positive and negative changes to the hiring process, several crucial factors should be taken into account before making any decisions. To help you determine how your business can benefit from automation or AI solutions […]

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temp staffing software for Australia labour hire agency

Silver linings in the Australian cost of living crisis…? How temp staffing agencies can be the heroes in the lives of young Australians.

Australia is currently facing a daunting crisis regarding the cost of essential goods and amenities. This discomfort is being felt by just about everyone in Australia, but of course, there are always those who suffer these strains more acutely. Reports are showing that fewer young people are pursuing university degrees due to cost and are […]

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Key features of the best staffing agency softwares

Key Features of The Best Staffing Agency Softwares

Keeping up with competitive markets is a challenge. In order to stay at the top of the game, staffing companies have to hire the best talent. With the rise in the popularity of global hiring, the talent pool has become vast, and more challenging to choose the best candidate for a particular role. Finding the […]

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What are the Key Challenges Facing Australia’s On-Hire Staffing Agencies

3 Key Challenges Facing Australia’s On-Hire Staffing Agencies (and how to hack them!)

It became abundantly clear throughout the pandemic lockdowns that Australia’s casual workforce is a significant contributor to the national economy, providing temporary staffing solutions to various front-line industries. In the COVID-normal world of 2023, it’s easy for many Australians to feel that their lives have returned to business as usual. However, for those of us […]

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streamline your recruitment process with Entire OnHire

Streamlining Your Schedule: The Advantages of Automating Your Staff Scheduling Process

Introduction If you’re a labour hire agency owner or manager who still relies on manual spreadsheets for managing your workforce, your staff scheduling process is probably a mess. You’ve got a team of people who have to juggle multiple jobs and responsibilities, and you want to make sure they’re able to get everything done in […]

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Psychometric Testing

Back to Basics in Psychometric Testing 

When it comes to recruiting new employees, companies can use a variety of strategies and approaches. For example, major labour-hire consulting firms use psychometric testing, which provides important insight into a candidate’s personality, to optimise the process.  A company is only as powerful as the people that power it. A single underperformer might jeopardise even […]

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How Not Knowing What is Labour Hires Makes You a Rookie?

What is a Labour-Hire Service? Labour hire is categorised as outsourcing skilled and unskilled labour, with businesses often hiring people for short or long-term assignments/projects. The existence of agencies or companies that specialise in the supply and fulfilment of workers to business enterprises and organisations dates back to at least the 1950s. However, one of the […]

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