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In the recent times, there has been tremendous technological growth that has transformed staffing industries in hiring and allocating shifts. The automated staffing software has helped companies to keep their calm during the increase in labour/staff and assigning them shifts. The primary aim of on-hire staffing software is to help organizations manage shifts, create roosters, create timesheets and payroll. It creates a systematic way through which information can be searched anytime and anywhere.

Entire software has rolled out entireHR the most revolutionary staffing software specifically designed for recruiting casual staff looking for agency/temporary jobs or turning temporary jobs into permanent jobs. Cloud software, the massive transformation is based on ‘always-on’ technology to empower your business. The software changes your recruitment team into a 24/7 operation. Using the flexible system, it constantly screens candidates for you. It ensures that your staff spends less time waiting for shifts to be assigned and can take actions (confirm/reject shifts) according to their availability.

Here are few ways in which investing in right staffing software improves productivity of organization and your staff :

  1. Improve search

Labour hire industries have high volume of staffing need and its becomes tremendously tiring in manually assigning shifts. In order to eradicate this time consuming task, entireHRoffers advanced and user friendly features that makes it easier for staff to check assigned shifts, numbers of shifts available for booking and accept/reject shift. Staffing software ensures that organization spends less time making shifts and concentrate more on their work. 

  1. Automated timesheet

entireHR is an automated software that tracks number of hours worked by staff. Staff can quickly submit timesheets online ,timesheet approval done by managers within few minutes and timesheets prepared without any hassles. 

  1. Push notifications

Push notification is the easiest and most convenient way in which an organization can send notification to its staff regarding shift availability, shift booked. It provides a communication platform between organisation and staff. 

  1. Paperless environment

The proactive 100% cloud based system makes the work environment paperless. The software eliminate paper directly from recruitment cycle to booking shifts, preparing timesheets and payroll. It in turn increases efficiency and productivity.

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