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risks of outdated software

What are the Risks of Having Outdated Software Post COVID-19

Just as plants must be watered and nurtured over their entire lifespan similarly when it is about the software lifecycle, it must be updated at regular intervals to keep it healthy and efficient. Now is as good a time as any to mitigate the risks of outdated software in a post-COVID world eventually.     Several ways in which software need […]

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Work from home covid 19

How to Run a Productive & Happy COVID-19 Daily Huddle

With the devastating Covid-19 causing Chaos and the “WFH advice flying around”. We’re not seeing a lot of practical advice from a leadership point of view that continues running the business but also keeping a check on everyone’s mental health, which should be a priority for every business right now because we don’t know how […]

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Entire Software : COVID-19 Emergency Response

COVID-19 Emergency Response As the COVID-19 virus increases its impact upon the world we wanted to reassure you that Entire Software & Entire OnHire remains 100% operational in both staff and capacity. All Entire staff transitioned to working from the home model and will continue, as recommended by the WHO and Australian DOH. This is part of […]

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